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  1. The extra DB does give the defense a bit more flexibility. I would say that the Jack does that too. These two “hybrid” positions allow them to do a variety of things as far as looks and pressures are concerned.
  2. I didn’t mention who I think could be the Jack and Star on Oregon’s current roster, but DJ Johnson and Bassa could do really well in those roles. Bassa has already done well at LB and his natural position is safety. It’s seems like a perfect fit. And Johnson has played a role similar to the Jack in Coach Avalos’ defense.
  3. But, I think Coach Locklyn is going to be an awesome RB coach for Oregon.
  4. Some of the complete disrespect for Travis Dye and CJ Verdell in the comments kind of surprises me. I get that it’s fashionable right now to disagree with all things Coach Cristobal, but you don’t become #5 and 6 on Oregon’s all-time leading rushers list by just cruising along. Not to mention, Verdell has done so while dealing with injuries each season.
  5. I think anyone who looks at the film can see there’s more to the story than purely stats at FSU.
  6. I picked Ohio State in a pick ‘‘em. I just think their downfield threats are clicking at this point.
  7. I’d just go with the QBs that Oregon has on the roster. They need the development at some point, might as well start now.
  8. Love the counter. Should see a good amount of it in a Oregon vs USC game now.
  9. It’s a sweet scheme. I’m pretty excited for it. I also used to watch ASU and really enjoy what they were doing, but I’ve always been a fan of those power spread offenses that came down from Coach Malzahn. I would also say that there were some issues that hampered Coach Moorhead’s offense in his time with Oregon. I don’t think it was vanilla, but it was a bit unbalanced at times.
  10. Definitely Memphis 2018. I’m hearing that Coach Dillingham had a big hand in playcalling for Memphis that year.
  11. I think you can rest assured knowing we have the better roster. I’m also pretty biased, so take that for what it’s worth haha. But really, I think we have more than enough roster talent to make the offense hum.
  12. Thanks! I don’t know how much different the offense will look, from a design standpoint, from Norvell’s since that’s the scheme Dillingham has worked with his whole career. But if it’s any reassurance at all, the scheme is a damn good one.
  13. I haven’t doubted the Wildcat since Baylor rode it to 600 yards rushing in a bowl game a few years ago lol. Norvell and Dillingham have used it pretty well too. As far as stats at FSU go, I’m only about halfway through their games from last year, but it looks like an offense that improved as the year went on. I know there were some recruiting issues before they got there, so that could play a role. The FSU fans didn’t want to lose this guy, so they were optimistic about things they saw too. I would maybe look at Memphis 2018 film, as I’m hearing he may have also been calling the plays that season. You can look at Auburn 2019, a lot of people will talk about most points put on Saban, but Coach Malzahn called the plays. Coach Dillingham did work directly with the QBs though.
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