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  1. Also, this list is in no particular order. It was also a bit longer until I shaved it down right before writing. Mack Leftwich’s Incarnate Word offense is scoring 53 points per game. Andy Kotelnicki’s Kansas offense is very creative, but he’s not a QB coach. Whether that last part matters or not depends on who you ask.
  2. I think Morris is an exceptional OC, and the fact that his offense is from the same tree as Dillingham’s would make the transition smoother. And I don’t know what the chances of Brady going to Oregon would be, but it’s worth the call.
  3. My one nitpick with Brady’s offense is the run game. It’s predominantly inside zone, and after Dillingham, I’d like to stay with the larger variety of run concepts. He could always implement the run game that’s already here into his offense, but what he did at LSU worked. And if it works, it works.
  4. You could be right, I don’t know what the relationship between the two was like. But I do find it difficult to place the blame on Morris. He was only OC for a year during the Covid season, under a HC who is in full control of the offense. But there’s always the possibility that there are issues that I’m unaware of.
  5. Out of the guy’s on this list, I’d go with Brennan Marion. Did really nice things as the OC at Howard and William & Mary. The GoGo is also only a portion of what he does offensively. His offense is a version of the Malzahn/Norvell offense and uses the same verbiage. I also believe that the choice will be Coach Lanning’s alone.
  6. While I understand the disappointment to the end of the season, but some of the sentiment floating around out there is insane. So I took a look at some older articles, and some similarities popped up that were pretty interesting. Anyway, I think it was pretty good first season for Coach Lanning, and I’m very optimistic about the future. Kirby Smart's 1st Season at Georgia a Mix of Frustration and Cautious Optimism SYNDICATION.BLEACHERREPORT.COM The first season for head coach Kirby Smart at Georgia was like a roller coaster that comes to a screeching...
  7. I think you’re exactly right. Defense was always going to take some time with the new scheme.
  8. There are a few trips to the red zone where I think they’d rather have TDs than FG, but it’s hard for me to say it’s been difficult for them. They’re currently ranked 13th in the nation in red zone offense and 1st in the Pac-12. 94% of their RZ trips have ended with points. They have 25 TDs and 7 FGs. I think what you’re pointing to is some of the FGs they’ve had to settle for due to penalties. I completely agree that it’d be great to clean that up and turn those into TDs. But I do believe in Oregon’s ability to score often in this game.
  9. That’s right, they’re two separate plays. Throw it in the dirt. That’s what QBs are taught to do on busted screen passes. I was just looking back, and WSU ran this play against Oregon. It was the pick six.
  10. Oh I see what they meant now. That must have been a mistake on my end.
  11. And to run them back to back within 12 seconds of each other at the end of a quarter. That’s a lot of stress on the defense.
  12. Exactly. Constraints aren’t used as frequently as the staple plays, but they’re designed to look like the staples to keep a defense off balance.
  13. If my memory serves me, this was the first time we’ve run it this season. I’d have to go back and watch the other games to be sure. I’m also not in the camp that thinks WSU was just so fast that we couldn’t get a handle on the perimeter. A lot of our early red zone woes were poor blocking and penalties, not necessarily that they were too fast. The Ducks’ first touchdown was on the perimeter.
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