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  1. I really like your idea of going bold. That’d really be something if they could pull that off. Either way, I would still go after SDSU and UNLV. SDSU because of the obvious southern Cali reach, and they’re an ascending program, and UNLV because I think you have to lock down all things Vegas. I’ll beat that horse to death. Quickly growing in the sports world and the Pac should lock it up with the former MGM exec as commissioner.
  2. I would rather the Pac 12 survive and expand with Oregon as the premiere program. The more I hear of USC actively trying to weaken the Pac while also looking to leave just because they have hurt feelings, makes me think it’d be a bigger badge staying than following them. GK has to have something cooking. Look at where he came from. The fastest growing sports city in the world. I’d have to think that his connections in Vegas help.
  3. I’m glad someone wrote an article on the coaching tree behind the offense that Coach Dillingham is going to run. I briefly mentioned the offense being descendent of the Malzahn offense in a previous article, but this really digs deeper into that. I’ll add that Morris started using the Malzahn offense when he was still coaching high school — even had Coach Malzahn come in and teach it to his staff. And then seemed to meet with Kelly before his first season at Clemson to learn a few wrinkles.
  4. Dowdell is recruiting him to come to Oregon. Yeah, I can imagine it!
  5. Restoring the PAC-12: One Interesting Possibility MWWIRE.COM Saving the PAC-12: One Interesting Possibility Can the PAC-12 rebuild itself without lowering standards... This article has some interesting choices, though I’m not too keen on the last one.
  6. Maybe with that plan in the fold, you could get a lucrative deal from ESPN that would allow you to grab a couple Big 12 programs. But again, who knows what will happen at this point.
  7. I’d invite SDSU and Fresno State. Keeps them in that Southern Cali TV market, and I think the on-field product could be pretty good.
  8. Thank you for the kind words, Charles! I’m excited to get back to play analysis, and talking scheme with all of you here in the forum!
  9. I think it’s possible that they reach the goal of 80 plays per game. I definitely think tempo will be a key part of the offense, as it has been stretching back to Gus Malzahn. I think the important thing is alway efficiency. Does the offense score in 12 plays or 6. If they score, they score. If they play efficiently on offense and they score big points in half the goal plays, I don’t think anyone will care all that much.
  10. LeSean McCoy carried it in a similar fashion! It just seems to work for some guys!
  11. I think you’re correct there. Will probably be seeing some departures announced that coaches had already been made aware of.
  12. We’ll also have Jordan James on scholarship. And I’m cool with five. That seems around the number we typically keep.
  13. He’ll give us five scholarship backs now, so I believe we sit at the same number as last year now.
  14. The Ducks have landed Minnesota transfer RB, Mar’Keise Irving. It’s amazing that the two positions that were thin when the new staff arrived, RB and WR, now seem to be pretty loaded. Minnesota running back Mar'Keise Irving announces transfer to Oregon 247SPORTS.COM Oregon's running back room added another player on Sunday morning when Minnesota running back Mar'Keise Irving...
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