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Coach Eric Boles

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  1. I've heard that he's no longer in the running from a few places. But, he's still on other lists of still being in consideration. I wonder what's going on there because he interviewed with LSU and Texas too.
  2. Bruce Feldman is reporting three new names that are in consideration for the Ducks' DC position. -Louisiana DC Patrick Toney -Wofford HC Josh Conklin -Oregon LB Coach Ken Wilson
  3. I am intrigued by Coach Arnett. I'm a big fan of the 3-3-5 scheme, and the guys from Coach Long's coaching tree are masterful at running it. Though, a buddy and I were just talking, and Coach Schumann is a really nice candidate. Georgia only allowed 69.3 rushing yards per game. There does seem to be a common factor among the coaches on the list. Most of them run an odd front.
  4. On top of being on my 10 candidates list, he also came incredibly close to being on my top 5 list. Came down to Coach Arnett and Coach Lupoi for the last spot, and I gave it to Coach Lupoi based on his existing relationship with Coach Cristobal. I really really like Coach Arnett's 3-3-5 scheme.
  5. If by sound familiar we're talking about speculation among fans, then yeah it does lol. But, I'm going to be honest, I don't think there's interference by Coach Cristobal on offense. After watching all the tape I did on Coach Moorhead's offense I did in the off-season, watching Oregon and watching some of Coach Arroyo's offense at UNLV, I'm fairly confident that they're calling their own plays.
  6. I've had this idea of an 8 team playoff that is all about making it to the conference championship. In fact, it would be mandatory. The playoff would consist of all five power 5 champions, the two highest ranked group of 5 champions and an independent school. The independent school would be selected by the two highest ranked independent schools playing each other on conference championship weekend. I don't have room for at large teams, because like I said, in this format you have to be a conference champion. the conference championship games would pretty much be the first round of the playoff.
  7. An awesome fact that I found out about Coach Mastro, from our friends at Duck Territory, is that he was the playcaller when Oregon scored 77 against Nevada last season.
  8. I also see a little bit of an idea that we can't get a coach not from the west coast to come to Oregon. Out of the nine position coaches on the staff and Coach Cristobal, four of them are from the west coast. The rest are from the south and mid-west.
  9. This is only true if the coach is only rushing the three DL, and that's usually not the case. There is almost always pressure coming from another part of the field. Very few situations where they'll only be rushing three. Its also been said that recruiting good LBs is easier than recruiting elite DL. I also don't think that Wisconsin would agree that odd fronts are poor against the run! This season the held opponents to 93 yards a game on the ground, with a 3-4 defense.
  10. Typically, teams that can recruit the DL at a high level run a four man front. It allows them to get to the QB without having to bring extra pressure. That of course doesn't mean that they don't blitz at all. And honestly, it comes down to what scheme the coaching staff favors. Though it has been said that it's easier to recruit LBs vs elite DL. DL are different between even and odd fronts also, in terms of body types. In odd fronts, the DL are usually bigger and take up block to free the LBs.
  11. I don't know that really guarantees a long term DC though. Coach Heyward wants to be a HC and is on record as acknowledging that the way there is to become a DC. His defenses could ballout for a year or two and he's moving on to be a HC. But, that's also not something that I think should be worrisome. The larger Coach Cristobal's coaching tree becomes, the more attractive an opportunity it is to coach for him.
  12. You know if we do hire from within, Coach Wilson and Coach Chance are the ones with playcalling experience. I'm not at all saying that that the other two wouldn't be good choices though. I also have a coaching friend from Oklahoma that informed me that Heacock interviewed for the Ok St job when it was open, so I don't know that he wouldn't leave.
  13. Just heard something that hurts. Coach Marcus Freeman had interest in Oregon, but the uncertainty of whether Coach Avalos was going to Boise or not played out too long. Notre Dame has since hired him.
  14. I believe both will be a lot better after a full off-season, and I think there'll be an actual QB competition.
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