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  1. By the time Taggart comes back to the Power 5, football will look like it did in Starship Troopers (maybe the most ridiculous part of that movie). He might just end his career coaching Pop Warner in Alaska. He burned the equivalent of Golden Gate Bridge with that stunt he pulled on the way out of Oregon. This is not lost on ADs around the country looking to replace P5 head coaches.
  2. Harsin makes the most sense IMHO. Auburn is a meat grinder for all coaches who don't immediately place them in CFP contention. He is a great coach with about as many west coast ties as all the governors of the Pac 12 states combined. and he'd make ASU immediately dangerous again. They'd give him Jonathan Smith-style carte blanche for the football program.
  3. Kenny Dillingham is one name ASU will look at in its coaching search DUCKSWIRE.USATODAY.COM ASU will look across the country for its next head football coach, and Oregon’s Kenny Dillingham could be among the top candidates. The coaching carousel is off and running for the year in the PAC with Arizona State looking for a new head coach. This article includes Kenny Dillingham, as it is his alma mater. Does it make sense? Avalos did it, Crist-no-ball did it. Does he become another Ducks coach to answer the call of his former school if offered?
  4. If Bo does THAT and we win then our defense is clearly taking us to a Rose Bowl!
  5. BYU has always been my measuring stick for what happens at QB going forward for the season. I wanted to see the starter take care of the ball and not make huge mistakes against a Georgia team I expected we'd lose to. And then against BYU I want to see a QB who built off of Georgia and takes the next step in efficiency, accuracy, and all around performance. I think if we see Bo do bad Bo things in this game then it is time to make a change. I have seen the comments about how Ty looked robotic and lacking leadership qualities last week. Those can be developed. That'll come with comfortability in playing with the starters. Lanning needs to be ready to roll the dice.
  6. It's clear Bo thinks he as a stronger arm than he really does. Just because Justin Herbert regularly displays this nation's hypersonic missile program on Sundays doesn't mean everyone can. He is accurate and has good placement. Those need to be his focus. He needs to take what the defense gives him rather than try and force throws into rapidly deteriorating conditions.
  7. Looks like I'll be wearing my same #8 jersey two weekends in a row! A friend of mine is coming over the mountains with me and he loves the blackout games.
  8. I am trying to find any sort of update on the color scheme for the BYU game. I am assuming it will be black since BYU was originally yellow, but I am just looking for a confirmation somewhere on this.
  9. We live in Bend and I can see the smoke plume from the fire headed west. Hopefully by kick-off it'll switch directions and we can have a mostly clear game with a little bit of a breeze!
  10. We might be getting hit with the smoke from the Cedar Creek Fire. But it looks like the wind is supposed to move back to a more West to East direction later in the evening. Could be a lot like the Fresno State game.
  11. It isn't boos for a coach I am foreseeing happening. It is the frustration that fans may collectively feel seeing something NOT happen that they believe most people are wanting. I was at the Cal game and the boos happened at one point but the "Ty Thompson" chants happened in a completely different part of the game. I am a Dan Lanning supporter and stated my backing for him in the post about "our thoughts from the Georgia game now that time has passed". I just whole-heartedly believe a guy can only wait so long for his shot in college football today. I respect the hell out of Ty for staying as long as he has. Maybe he does and I have to eat this post at the end of the season. But I think he's a smart guy and seeing the writing on the wall with Dante (hopefully) coming on next year. I'll hate to see him go as much as anyone else, but I do think its an uncomfortable reality that is approaching.
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