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  1. I can't believe Leach said those things! Well, I can, but I don't want to.
  2. Charles, you are amazing the way you have worked so hard to produce and monitor such a wonderful site! I hope you realize how much you and all your efforts are appreciated. Every once in a great while I check an un-named site consisting of persons who were not content to obey the rules here, and I can say that now they seem to have very little to say, as not much at all goes on there. So, it would seem, polite actually wins out over rude.
  3. In addition to an improved defense next year (and a good-to-great qb), I'm hoping to see an improved special teams unit. A kicker with the power and distance of Gus the Mule would be nice for starters. Improvements on kickoff and punt coverages, and kickoff and punt returns (though I'm fine with a fair catch, when it applies, that gets us to the 25 yard line) would be great too.
  4. Have the boosters agreed to cough up the promised $5 million a year for Sanders yet?
  5. Do players who come to a team through the transfer portal have to wait until signing day, or can they join a new team as soon as player and team agree?
  6. While SEC schools don't get criticized for scheduling cupcakes, for whatever reason the PAC-12 does. Thus, Oregon scheduled Georgia. (Of course, last year the Ducks played Ohio State there, and that turned out all right.) And SEC can beat the cupcakes and not get dinged for lack of strength of schedule, but the PAC-12 teams get denounced for it. At least it seems that way.
  7. For some reason, Nix strikes me as a guy who will play in the Holiday Bowl if his ankle/leg has healed completely before then.
  8. Well, Brady is denying it. Oregon Football: Joe Brady denies rumor that he will be next Oregon OC DUCKSWIRE.USATODAY.COM Joe Brady denied the rumors that he would be the next OC for the Ducks, according to a report from Bruce Feldman.
  9. Lots of speculation on local call-in talk radio.
  10. Then there are what I would call Reverse Bandwagon fans. That is, they don't say anything or post anything until the Ducks have a loss or two. Then they seem to come out of the woodwork to complain and criticize.
  11. I am trying to remember--what was the general opinion of the Oregon defensive players before the season started? I'm thinking there was some concern, but really don't recall for sure.
  12. I have to say, that while I like the Rose Bowl tradition, I do not like the stadium itself. The steps, at least where I've sat, are worn, uneven, bordering on dangerous, and the bathrooms and concession stands are old and inconveniently located. Not sure what exactly what sort of status the Rose Bowl game will have in the future with the RB being left out of the CFP.
  13. Since the Holiday Bowl is in San Diego, that, to me, makes it a fun, worthwhile bowl.
  14. Just a gut feeling on my part, but I don't see that happening. I think they trust DL to find a new OC, who I am guessing will be younger, not older.
  15. I yearn for the day that special teams are indeed positively special.
  16. And so it goes: Willie Taggart fired after 3 seasons at Florida Atlantic WWW.WPTV.COM Willie Taggart has been fired as head coach at Florida Atlantic, just hours after the Owls capped their third consecutive five-win...
  17. Lanning did talk about watering the bamboo and it taking five years to grow. Ducks have started out with a pretty good record for his first year, so growth and improvement from that watering should yield good results.
  18. I think that's been true in the recent past, but losing to uw and osu this year, not so much. They both have winning records, 10-2 and 9-3. Different than losing, in the past, to a 3-9 Stanford team last year or to a 1-3 Cal team (2020).
  19. Could be. I was just surprised at how long the delay was, at least in this instance. I walked from one end of the house where the radio was on to the other end of the house where the TV was on, and the TV was still behind quite a bit. If there had been anyone else in the room at the moment I could have looked like a genius in "predicting" what would happen on the next play.
  20. I know that radio is usually a few seconds ahead of the TV in the games, but I had the radio on in the bedroom and when I went back out into the living room the TV coverage was still behind by about 30 seconds. I know they had some power supply problems in Corvallis and at the stadium, so maybe that was it, but I'm sure the time difference is usually not that much.
  21. And yet, the platypus trophy keeps getting "lost." Someone doesn't want it found, either, I suspect. Have to say, I'm not a fan of the platypus trophy or name for the game.
  22. In another thread, EZDucksIt suggested the Rally in the Valley. I like that one!
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