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  1. When Lanning first got here he said something along the lines of the bamboo plant, and how over time you'll water that plant every single day, and at times you don't see the growth. It hasn't come out of the ground. But at some point that plant breaks ground and it grows exponentially. And I think 5 years was mentioned as the time it would break the ground and grow.


    Take away the GA game, and the Ducks started off exceeding that kind of expectation. I'm certainly hoping we'll still see good Duck football and more victories this year, but, really, I think the hope/expectation that the Ducks would make the playoffs Lanning's first year was always a bit over-optimistic.

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  2. Despite the loss, I still think that was an exciting game to watch. The lead changed hands several times and I don't think anyone left the stadium early. Oh, there was the usual must-get-to-my-car-before-everyone else crew, but they all stopped on the stairs and the landing to watch the last several plays (and blocking the view of and irritating most of the people who sat across the aisle from me). It really wasn't until the very end that fans left the stadium, and how often does that happen?

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  3. On 11/5/2022 at 3:59 PM, Mic said:

    Well, Oregon finally gave up another sack, with Ty Thompson at QB.  I don't know if I've ever seen a team that could look SO good with one QB and then so ...differently ...  with the backup in.


     I'll repeat what I said a couple weeks ago about Ty (and I like this kid).  Ty looks like he's either afraid to be out there or is absolutely not interested in being the QB anymore. Has he shown any flash of excellence this year?  What do you guys think?


    It's important because Bo Nix is just one tackle away from getting hurt and it looks like if that should happen Oregon is done!  This is not meant to be a knock on Ty, just an honest inquiry.

    He looks overwhelmed to me, as if he still hasn't made the adjustment emotionally from playing in high school to playing in college. I may be reading that wrong, of course. Hope that sooner rather than later everything just clicks for him so that he would be comfortable managing playing time.

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  4. On 10/19/2022 at 9:40 AM, Mic said:

    I thought it never rained in Autzen? !  Maybe some sun shades 😎.


    (I think they can, but don't know for sure.  They'll probably come prepared, tho).  Or ... do they seat the recruits and family upstairs in the VIP box?

    The families can sit inside the Moshofsky and watch (and maybe the recruits, if they want to, I'm not sure), but usually the recruits are seated together near the field next to the student section.

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  5. I don't have a pink jacket or sweatshirt and it will probably be a little too chilly for a T-shirt, so I may wear little pink ribbon or something like that. I think instead of creating some sort of pink uniform for the game, put a pink sticker on the helmets and donate the money saved by not creating new uniforms go to the cause.

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