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  1. It's the known versus the unknown.  By the end of the year, we'll know exactly what we have in Nix.  Unless TT or Butterfield gets to play, they'll remain total unknowns.


    So if Nix implodes, then we'll probably be ready to move on as fans.  If he continues to play like he did against WSU, we'll want him back.


    Unfortunately, if he implodes, he's probably back; if he plays great, he may be gone.

  2. Oh, HELL YES!!!


    Living overseas, there's basically no way to watch the NFL without streaming.  I share a subscription to NFL Game Pass with my niece and her husband - can watch any NFL game live, or see the whole thing after the fact without commercials, or even watch a 40-minute telescoped version of the game.  Plus I can watch previous Super Bowls, classic games, NFL shows, or anything else they have on there, commercial free.


    Would freaking LOVE to do the same thing with the Ducks, with Pepperdine basketball, etc.


    As for the "I'm too old to do this" issue, I simply refuse to let that stop me.  If I can't understand something the first time, I'll study it or ask someone who knows what they're doing.  We have cable for my elderly MIL who lives with us, but I haven't watched it in two years - everything is Netflix or Disney+.  No ads, can watch it whenever I want (not whenever the network programs it), can pause it, rewind to catch something I missed, etc.  It's just a much better way to watch TV.


    Now Prime specifically is a bit of a hassle, because we can't get most of the programming in Europe - but that's why smart people invented VPN and Apple Air Play!

  3. I love great, heated rivalries in any sport.  Steelers/Ravens.  RedskinsCommanders/Cowboys.  The old Celtics/Lakers and Celtics/Pistons. 


    That's one of the great things about college sports - rivalries tend to stay around forever.  Michigan/Ohio State and Alabama/Auburn have hated each other forever.  On the other hand, the biggest rivalry in the NFL used to be Steelers/Raiders, and now the two teams couldn't care less about each other.


    Even the small schools have great rivalries.  When I was at Pepperdine, it was Pepperdine/Loyola Marymount in hoops.  Man, that got ugly - some of the crowd shenanigans I led during a particularly heated game made the front page of the LA Times sports section.  (Nothing destructive or soccer-hooligan-like, just loud and obnoxious.)


    There's nothing like beating your big rival.

  4. No, not in general, but which would you rather have happen to the Ducks:


    • Get embarrassingly rolled 49 - 3 by one of the best teams in the nation
    • Lose a close game to a lower-level program like Appalachian State or Georgia Southern (or Eastern Washington)?


    In other words, just given these factors, would you rather be Dan Lanning or Jimbo Fisher/Scott Frost?

  5. This statement alone tells us the current state of college football:


    "Georgia...has more five-stars than the Pac-12 conference combined."


    It's essentially the SEC, the B1G, and then everyone else - and even in those two conferences, more than half the teams are mostly lousy and/or occasional pretenders. 


    Not sure what's worse - the be a bigwig in an also-ran conference, or to be Vanderbilt, Mississippi State, Missouri, Rutgers, Maryland, etc. on the big stage but never getting a speaking role.

  6. I've seen a lot of posts of utter disappointment on here, which is entirely understandable.  I haven't seen a lot of "buyers' remorse" posts on here, which is laudable.  Unless a coach does something idiotic like punch a player or start throwing equipment onto the field, there should be no buyers' remorse after one game.  


    Just like had we won 49 - 3, we couldn't exactly crown him as the next Bear Bryant.


    Smart loves him, UGA fans love him, so far his players seem to love him, and certainly a lot of recruits love him.  He'll need time to get his feet under him, get all the assistants onto the same page, recruit his kind of players, and install his team culture and schemes.  


    The sun actually came out this morning - probably even in Eugene.

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  7. If it were just "better players," there would be no upsets in college football.  Appalachian State would never have beaten Michigan; Boise State would never have beaten Oklahoma.  It's a lot more than just that, although I have no doubt that plays a major role.


    Oregon had much better players than Stanford last year, but look what happened.


    Is it scheme?  Coaching?  Lack of effort/heart?  Lack of football IQ?  Transitioning to a new system?  Lack of leadership?  Maturity?  No idea.  Maybe even the guys who coach and play on the team don't know right now.  And if they do, I'm sure no coach or player is going to come out and say, "Yeah, that defensive scheme sucked" or "Yeah, that position group is seriously overrated."  So we fans will stay in the dark until we get to see some more games and get a sense of what's happening on a regular basis.  

    And I'm not buying the time zone or home field elements.  Home field is generally worth about 3 points in the spread.  I used to travel 25 weeks a year all over the US and often dealt with 3 times zones a week, working until midnight, traveling commercial, well into my late 40s without being a highly conditioned athlete with every training, equipment, and nutritional advantage known to man - sucks sometimes, but deal with it.  No different than playing with a sore ankle or a head cold - sucks, but deal with it. 


    Those can't possibly begin to explain a 46-point gap.

  8. On 9/5/2022 at 5:18 PM, 1Ducker1 said:

    Beating EW is like getting a 55 horsepower car for graduation.

    I drive a 70 horsepower car on a daily basis - what's your point?  😁


    With gas at about $8 a gallon, narrow roads (some built 2,000 years ago), and mostly tiny parking spaces available, it makes sense.  But driving a vehicle powered by an asthmatic squirrel with a limp does get old sometimes...I miss my Lexus...

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  9. On 9/4/2022 at 3:31 PM, willville said:

    Thank God they are re-doing the playoff system. 

    If UGA, Bama, and tOSU are so far ahead of everyone else, what difference does it make whether a team like Michigan or Oregon or Oklahoma gets rolled in the first game of the season, or in the first game of the playoffs?

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  10. Given the analysis, I'm surprised the predicted score wasn't 223 - 0 (beating the all-time college blowout record by one point).


    A ton of "he's not bad" and "he's a decent player," largely followed by "but he can't handle the UGA guy across from him."  Apparently every UGA player is #1 in the country at his position, while every UO player is "okay for the Pac-12."


    And maybe this guy is right.  Ducks largely looked awful at the end of last season while the Bulldogs were winning the national title.  I'm certainly not going to spout off about how great the Ducks are, or make predictions that they'll beat Georgia or keep it close, because honestly I have no idea.


    But as has happened in the last couple of decades against Michigan, Ohio State, Tennessee, USC, Oklahoma, Texas, and a few others - let's see what happens when the whistle blows.

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  11. Meh.  I've been involved with plenty of groups, through work, church, fantasy football, playing basketball, ex-pats, etc.  Some had the type of people I personally bonded with much faster; others didn't.  Didn't mean one set of people was good and the other bad.  


    So he feels really comfortable with his new teammates.  Good for him.


    Don't care. 


    Hopefully we see him this season and Mr. Lanning gets to introduce a few of his guys to Dye - repeatedly, in the SC backfield.

  12. I have the feeling Henry Mondeaux will be on the street soon; the Steelers brought in a bunch of D-lineman in the offseason and he's looking like he may be the odd man out.  


    Sucks - I love watching Ducks playing in the pros for my favorite team.

  13. Look, I love my Ducks, but the reality is Oregon is a step below Georgia as a program and as a current team.


    UGA has a national championship in the last 20 years - Ducks don't.


    UGA has far more players who were 5-star recruits.


    UGA has far more players who are considered top 100 college players.


    UGA has an established coaching staff - Ducks don't.


    UGA plays in the SEC, and you can hate the SEC's arrogance all you want, but as long as titles continue to be won by Georgia, LSU, Bama, etc. it's hard to argue with their success - particularly compared to the Pac 12-minus-2.


    UGA finished their season by beating Bama - Ducks finished theirs with two straight blowout losses to Utah.


    The upcoming game might as well be a home game for UGA - Ducks will be 3,000 miles away from home, in hostile territory.


    So do I like when some fans of other teams are arrogant?  Not particularly.  But in this case, some of that arrogance and the predictions of an easy win are justifiable.


    Now, what will be absolutely freaking fantastic is if the Ducks overcome all of these disadvantages and beat Georgia...exactly the way they did last year to tOSU, which arguably had the exact same advantages over Oregon that Georgia has.

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  14. I gave up panicking years ago.


    These are kids.  Many will flip their commitments between now and signing day (including on signing day).  Others will hit the transfer portal early (and maybe often).  Some programs will have coaching turnover, a scandal, a horrible season, etc. and lots of their players will want an easy out.  


    I find it likely we'll lose some recruits between now and signing day, gain others, etc.  


    It used to be I'd give a huge sigh of relief on signing day (or be frustrated that some guy who looked like a recruit would flip to another school at the last second).  Now with the transfer portal, it's the wild west all year 'round.  Who thought we'd get DAT or Flowe unexpectedly?  Who thought Dye would transfer or we'd lose that WR last year to Arizona?


    If I start worrying about any specific recruit or position group, I'm gonna be a mess.  I love the sport, but no team is worth what tiny shred of mental stability I have left.  🤨

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