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  1. Regarding those blue throwback uniforms and webfoots, Nina Mandell wrote the following in an article dated October 3, 2016: "According to Oregon’s website, the term ‘webfoots’ didn’t actually have anything to do with ducks. Instead, it was used to describe people in Massachusetts who lived in wet conditions in the 1700s and later migrated to the West, where it became 'a pejorative descriptor of the locals of the waterlogged Willamette Valley and had grown in popular usage by the 1860s.' "It was also used to describe Oregon football players in a newspaper article in 1894. A debate over the school’s mascot, according to the website, broke out in the 1920s and after years of back-and-forth, the Webfoot became the official mascot in 1932, which later evolved into a duck." According to Mandell, the Ducks wore blue and yellow uniforms until 1925.
  2. The date of those blue throw-up, er throwback, uniforms was October 8, 2016. The score of the game was 70-21. Like the Alamo, the USS Maine, and the 1948 Rose Bowl vote, we won't forget. Payback needs to be made. At some point, the Ducks must put up 80 or more points against those wretched reprobates from Washington. One hundred points against the Huskies should be the goal. That might be unrealistic; I'll settle for 90.
  3. The perfect name for the annual Oregon-Oregon State gridiron contest is so obvious. I'm pretty sure that all of us are wondering why the following name hasn't already been made official: "The Not War of Rebellion Nor War of Secession Nor Mr. Lincoln's War Nor War of Northern Aggression Nor War for Southern Independence Nor War Between the States Nor War of Yankee Aggression Nor War for States Rights Nor War for the Union Nor War for the Confederacy Nor Second American Revolution Nor War of the North and South Nor War of Separation Football Game."
  4. The final score of this memorable game, played in the Coliseum on November 3, 2012, was Oregon 62, USC 51. Marcus Mariota passed for 304 yards, including 4 touchdowns; the Ducks ran for 426 yards, including 321 yards for Barner and 96 yards for Mariota. The Ducks also racked up 65 kick-return yards. The Trojans don't score 51 points at home very often and lose. (In fact, I'm not sure if it's happened more than this one time.) I was at the 2010 game in Los Angeles when Oregon beat USC 53-32, a Ducks defensive gem by comparison.
  5. In the 9th, the Ducks go down like ducklings. Final score: Arizona State 4, Oregon 2. That Winnebago will be rolling north, air conditioner on full blast, tunes on full blast after a disastrous two days in the desert.
  6. The Ducks got a man to second base with one out in the top of the 8th, and of course, he was stranded. Caleb Sloan is on to pitch for the Ducks, still trailing 3-2 in the last of the 8th. The Ducks will have to rally in the top of the 9th, losing by two runs. The Sun Devils scored a run on a sacrifice fly and now lead 4-2. That sound you hear may be Coach Waz firing up the Winnebago and pointing it north. If the Ducks don't tally at least two runs, they are coming home.
  7. In the top of the 7th inning, the Ducks go quickly. A double play and a strikeout nullify any chance for a rally. ASU 3, Ducks 2 at 7th-inning stretch time. Rio Britton still on the mound to face the Sun Devils in the home half of the 7th. ASU gets a two-out walk and nothing more. Here come the Ducks, trailing 3-2 in the top of the 8th.
  8. Relief pitcher Rio Britton now replaces Isaac Ayon on the mound. Britton retires two batters on fly balls. At the end of 6, Arizona State leads 3-2.
  9. And there goes a 2-run home run by Arizona State, landing somewhere out in the desert. Diamond Ducks now trail 3-2. ASU still batting in the last of the 6th.
  10. Diamond Ducks lead 2-1 in the bottom of the 6th. Arizona State is batting with a man on first and one out.
  11. A really boneheaded mistake by Colby Shade trying to take an extra base in the top of the 6th inning. Errors are magnified in postseason baseball. Shade's dopey attempt could end up costing the Ducks the game. Poor analysis by the Pac-12 announcers.
  12. The Ducks are stranding so many guys in this battle that I don't know if I'm watching a baseball game or Dunkirk.
  13. Is Coach Wasikowski channeling his inner George Horton? Why have Sam Novitske, who's batting .300, lay down a sacrifice bunt in the second inning? Playing for a single run early on is a losing strategy. And not surprisingly, the bunting tactic didn't work--the Ducks failed to score at all.
  14. I'm not sure why the higher-seeded Ducks aren't the home team in game 2 of this goofy tournament. I guess we should be thankful that this game wasn't scheduled for 5 or 6 a.m. UCLA and Cal were out on this same field screwing around well past 1 a.m. this morning. A more sensible solution would have been to secure two different venues for this mishmash of games. Baseball fields are nearly as numerous as swimming pools in the Valley of the Sun. Heck, the Arizona Diamondbacks even have a pool in their stadium. When Dback fans get tired of watching their team play crappy baseball, they can just jump in the pool and literally drown their sorrows away.
  15. I also predict that a Washington Husky will win the "Offensive Lineman of the Year" award. The Huskies are loathsome and disagreeable on both sides of the ball. One of those witless blockheads will certainly be recognized as the most offensive in the nation.
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