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  1. I'm curious what the interest level is regarding Duck fans going to the Holiday Bowl. I'm wondering who around here is planning on going, might be going, or is not going. It's relatively close for us, which definitely helped make our decision to go. It should be an exciting game. Plus, it's San Diego.
  2. I swore very little growing up, but when I did, I'd get my behind whomped by my single mom. But at about 13, I said, "No more of that." However, she then upped her game and in came financial punishment. And at age 16, the car keys came into play. Let's just that that swearing was pretty much eliminated from my vocabulary.
  3. Remove the Eastern Washington game and leave in the Geogia debacle, and he still averaged 37 points per game.
  4. I think the player can start as soon as his first NIL check clears Just kidding... I really don't know the answer to your excellent question. This stuff has all moved too fast for me to keep up with. My day job keeps getting in the way.
  5. Deion said that everyone on that team is going to have to earn their position. Except for his QB son, Shedeur, who he pointed to and said: “That’s your quarterback.” What a way to start your new job.
  6. He doesn't have any Miami connections... does he? I'm hearing that there may be an HC opportunity there soon.
  7. But even with only scoring 3 points in the Georgia debacle, Dilly still averaged 40 points per game.
  8. He sounds great on paper. Might be a great fit at Oregon. It also looks like he might have just started shaving too.
  9. If Nix doesn't return, which I would say is likely, will Oregon try to find another "Bo Nix" in the free agency market? Is there anyone even out there?
  10. It's gotta suck being UCLA and getting relegated to a bowl games in El Paso Texas/Juarez Mexico. I expect to see about 648 Bruin fans in attendance.
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