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  1. I'll never forget being at the Fiesta Bowl against KSU and DAT on that opening kickoff return when he took it to the house. That was a fun game.
  2. The fact that this guy has had five major back surgeries and can still walk is amazing. The fact that the guy then somehow came back after all of that and won another green jacket in 2019, kind of makes him Superman as far as I'm concerned. Anyone who has had a single back surgery knows what I'm talking about, let alone five. Oh yeah, not to mention the car accident that nearly killed him less than 14 months ago and potentially could have cost him his leg. The Masters story for me is that Woods is walking, let alone golfing and competing against the greatest players in the world.
  3. This, in Columbia, SC, a city roughly the size of Eugene. In all fairness, the Eugene-Springfield metro area has a population of about 180,000. The Columbia SC metro area has a population of about 850,000.
  4. For the great majority of these guys, the NFL is the equivalent of winning the ultimate lottery, and the lottery leads many to financial ruin within a few years. And like the lottery, the NFL checks all of their dream boxes: money, fame, etc, and obviously very few of them can handle it. And considering only about 0.005% of the US population is under contract on an NFL roster at any given time (about 1,700 NFL players on rosters under contract), the odds of playing NFL football are not much better than winning the lottery. However, in all fairness, the odds of a college football player making an NFL roster are a bit higher at 0.64% (there are about 80,000 US college football players x 0.64% = 512 new NFL players per year added to rosters). And let’s remember, the average NFL career lasts 2.75 years. When I look at the data, and when considering that 99.4+% of college football players will never see a single NFL dollar in their lives, the Wild-West-like NIL lottery-esque cash grab makes even more sense. But sadly, I’d comfortably wager that 80+% of these kids will see their NIL money disappear before their eyes within 2 to 3 very short years. By the time they finish playing college ball, they’ll be lucky to have a car left in their possession with their name on it. And sadly, the greatest asset they will need for the rest of their lives, a college degree, will way more than likely be lost as well.
  5. Top-level coaching is always a huge part of a successful CFB program, but I’m afraid that in today’s world, that’s just barely the price of admission. Anyone who didn’t realize that the “Texas A&M NIL Recruiting System®” of buying recruits is the future of CFB, simply was not paying attention. Any CFB program without a serious and well-funded NIL Athlete Purchasing Program is quickly going to find that Level-1 CFB football has passed them by. And frankly, I’m not so sure that’s a bad thing. Given NIL, CFB free agency, and essentially no scholarship limitations, in my humble opinion, CFB is now effectively the NFL-L… aka. NFL-Lite.
  6. I think Saban figured that if he didn't win it, at least they kept it in the SEC family, and among Alabama 'relatives.'
  7. Isn't the limit ten on field assistants? I'm not certain there are any limits to anything in CFB anymore
  8. In today's world of CFB with no such thing as a salary cap, we are living in the realm of no holds barred -- the sky is the limit, NIL, free agency, and effectively no scholarship limitations.
  9. "I think the court ruling never imagined these kind of consequences to their decision." The job of the SCOTUS is to rule on the constitutionality of a case. The end.
  10. NIL has completely changed the landscape in regards to recruiting 5 & 4 star athletes.
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