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  1. UCLA is going to the Big 10. They would have already vetted everything. Who cares, both USC and UCLA have been irrelevant for awhile. The only place where this is a loss is the LA tv market. Go get San Diego State and Boise State and call it good or go merge with the Big 12 and stop giving a ratz azz about SC and UCLA, who cares. “WTD”
  2. UCLA and USC to the Big 10. UW and the Ducks likely to follow. The Ducks will not be left on the sidelines. Pac 10, 12, is going to be a zero.
  3. Low….6-6 High…9-3 slight chance at 10-2 schedule….non-conference Bowling Green, South Alabama, Alabama State all at home. Michigan dropped a home and home. Conference: At Oregon, Utah, USC….SC is beatable because their OL and DL need work. Road games: at Cal, at ASU, at Colorado rest of the home games: UW, Stanford, Arizona, easy schedule. Like all teams injuries will matter. They are not deep. DTR and Zack Charbonnet are their best players. The Ducks and Utah will boat race them and SC probably beats them this year. Chip won’t be there much longer. Recruiting is awful although Ken Norton will give them a lift. It would be great to land Mitchel Agude, my guess is Miami. He is a nice player. “WTD”
  4. Grew up a Bruin fan. They are done. A soft 8-4 season in ‘21, they should win at least 8 next year. Non-conference includes Bowling Green, Alabama State and South Alabama. They had Michigan on the schedule but UM backed out. 2023 they will really have nothing left. Lots grad losses and horrible recruiting except at QB where Justin Martin is a blue chip recruit. After 2022 Chip should be a .500 coach or a bit better for his time at UCLA and I see him leaving. That is about as on top as he can be. I feel bad for the Bruins but not that bad. We are lucky to have Lanning. Yes the Ducks are going to win the conference next year! They are better than USC. Quack!
  5. Don’t post much however I see the new QB transfer at SC just signed a one million dollar deal with Dre / Beats. I will say it, NIL needs to go. All of it. The players get schollies worth hundreds of thousands in some cases. Wanna be paid early model after baseball. Oregon / business will dump millions on players who don’t play. See Kayvon…if you want to play in the minors and get big time bonus money so be it. Yes coaches make millions good for them, they are also adults not kids. This is not a slam at USC it is the entire crappy system that has been become a hot mess. No more Bryce Young or Bo Nix jersey’s…just Roll Tide or Duck gear. If I hear student athlete one more time I am going to puke. Correct me if I am wrong but someone posted on twitter as to when a new Duck recruit would wear Duck gear. His response was when my NIL check shows up. Let him go somewhere else. Go Ducks, I think!
  6. USC can stick it where the sun does not shine. Look at Riley’s defenses at Oklahoma. Not great. They struggled with Kansas, Tulane and others. Go look at their schedule and tell me how vaunted they were. Aranda beat the hell out of Riley this past year. Don’t be surprised if UCLA takes them to the woodshed again. He is a good coach with Hollywood hype. Lanning will eat him for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Go Ducks!
  7. As I said he is not a difference maker. Good player, yes! A stud, no! Take the emotion out of it. If we play him I hope we pound the hell out of him and his SoCal pals. Enough with being nice! He left, see ya! Go Ducks
  8. Dye has one year left. If he stays in the Pac 12 my sense is USC. They don’t play the Ducks this upcoming year. Dye is good but he is not a difference maker. Right now everyone seems to be caught up in the Dye moment. Take the emotion out of it. The RB’s will be fine with or without Dye. Go Ducks!
  9. Azz needed to go. Justin Frye to Ohio State is a loss. Excellent recruiter and OL coach. Chip is the OC. Chip likely re-ups. DTR does not stay for his super senior year unless Kelly is staying. They are really tight. Anything could happen but it looks like Chip will get a new deal. Press is making things look horrible at UCLA. They have landed some nice players through the portal with more on the way.
  10. USC clearly knows what to watch for. If anyone is expert at under the table recruiting it is the toejams! “WTD”
  11. The horse is out of the barn. The Ducks are going to be re-invented if they have not already. After what I believe a very successful time at Oregon Lanning will go onto bigger things just like Riley will at USC. Ex-Ducks will play a lessor role at Oregon for the time being. We had/have two models at play, a stay at home in Wilcox or a climb the ladder type in Lanning, which is the new version. I am good with either so long as it works. Another note, at UCLA Adrian Klemm was a better recruiter than coach. Hopefully he learned from Mike Tomlin who is one of the best and is a better coach than at UCLA. Klemm can recruit! “WTD”
  12. This transfer makes total sense. Coached by our new OC, played on big stages including a win over Bama in 2019. Won’t be intimidated going into Georgia. If Nix wins the job somebody will transfer out. In the short term this more than makes up for the loss of Bailey. This is a good move by all! ”WTD”
  13. Considering the timing of all of this sitting at 15 is quite good. Ducks have a chance to get into the top 10.
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