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  1. I throughly enjoyed the Oregon-WSU game and thought as I watched that the Cougs had deserved to be ranked. The proposition that they may determine who wins this conference is perfectly reasonable to me. Having said that, the comeback win by the Ducks was an important accomplishment for getting them by a potential spoiler that other contenders may not so successfully navigate. Oh, and I smiled when I watched the experienced Bo Nix calmly direct the Oregon offense in crunch time. He is not going to be a Heisman candidate but he has the moxie to direct his team when the chips are down, as in the rapidly expiring 4th Quarter in Pullman. I suspect that this is one reason Lanning is apparently sold on Nix for the 2022 season.
  2. I wrote a post to the MC thread and it disappeared when I tried to post it. Part of what I said congrats to all my Duck friends for the team's statement game against a very good BYU team. I knew the team would bounce back and hope that some of the Lanning doubters out there are feeling a heck of a lot better about his hiring. Treat him right and he'll make you proud in the years ahead. As for the Dawgs, I knew that the offense was going to be potent but I am a bit surprised about how well the defense has played, especially the young secondary. Can they run the table? I think that injuries (or the lack thereof and perhaps Alabama) will have a lot to say about that. Also the SEC East division has improved greatly in the past year so who knows. But I do love what I've seen thus far.
  3. My take: I think it is a solid team but may be a tad inconsistent at times. Next week should say a lot about competitive balance. BYU is good and locked in a donnybrook 20-20 with #9 Baylor. I expect the Ducks to win at Autzen however. As for Georgia, the focus on offense was fuzzy today and, as a result, they settled for four field goals that should have been touchdowns had they had the same focus they had against the Ducks last week. Bennet was just a bit off throwing the ball all day. He seems at his best when he is challenged and Samford did not provide much of that. By the way, Georgia played a ton of people in the second half. Thirteen or fourteen people caught passes from three different OBs. Coach Hatcher of Sanford gave Kirby his first coaching opportunity I believe, and Smart had no interest in running up he score on him or his kids.
  4. My understanding from closely following Georgia recruiting is that this year is subpar for top offensive line recruits and pretty darn good for defensive line prospects. I am no expert, but this is what i am hearing, and not just from the Georgia people.
  5. The last paragraph above is very insightful in my opinion. Also: answer to the question has Noah regressed--No. I think that Georgia OC Todd Monken was probably scheming away from Noah all game. It wouldn't be very smart on his part to go directly at the other team's best defender. Noah will become that beast again, I can almost guarantee it.
  6. My second attempt: the first vanished into cyberspace. I stopped by this evening expecting a thread of this type and expecting some discouragement. In my humble opinion, the last sentence of Mic's post is what is needed at this point. CDL is young and all young, inexperienced HCs make mistakes, Saban, Smart, Dabo Swinney, all of them. In his first year, Kirby Smart blew a homecoming game, to Vanderbilt no less, by poor in-game decisions in the 4th Quarter. I had cautioned, all this talking season against setting unrealistic expectations for this coaching staff. I certainly have no right to tell you what to think. But, I am very high on CDL I am also of the opinion that you'll likely much feel better about "what your coach is made of" after he has learned from early mistakes, and recruited a couple more excellent classes building the kind of roster that can consistently compete with the elite programs of college football. Sorry if I sound too preachy, but that's my opinion and I'm sticking with it. Go Ducks!
  7. Yeah, kinda true, but I think that Kirby is correct if Lanning and Lupoi do a lot better job of defending heavy use of tight ends than MC did last year against Utah and Stanford. USC is a paper tiger this year in my opinion but will be tough in the years to come.
  8. I've said all along that I expected this game to be a spirited contest and that I might even place a (small) bet for the Ducks to cover the spread. And I look forward to watching Duck games and pulling hard for them, particularly against the Bruins and Trojans. I do this because I grew up out West and was a big PCC, PAC 8, 10, and 12 fan and hate that the conference has been weakened for the love of money.
  9. SoGaDawg's comment here exactly match my own sentiments about the Dawgs, Ducks, and the reception that I have received on this Board. I will be hanging around throughout the season as well and actually had a soft spot for the Ducks before ever posting here. I remember rooting so hard in Quarter 4 at the horseshoe last year. I also felt a bit ill over the Utah games as well. I wish the Ducks nothing but success after this year's opening game and would love to have a rematch of that game for the natty.
  10. Hey guys lighten up. Talking season is the time for delusions. I also believe that posts above by fellow Dawg fans SoGA Dawg and amcDawg accurately reflect what most knowledgeable Georgia fans think about the upcoming game. As for perceptions of the PAC-12, many SEC fans who are not students of the college game downplay a league with a champion that ended up with four loses last year. Unfair but that's the perception. Oh, and Go Utes on September 3!!
  11. After living most of my adult life in Georgia, I became comfortable with all kinds of southern accents (even Cajun). I get a kick out of some of my Nevada associates who have trouble with TV shows such as Swamp People or Moonshiners because they can't understand portions of the Southern mountain and/or Cajun dialects. One guy won't watch without subtitles. I was raised on the West Coast and spoke pretty much radio announcer English when I went South. But over the years, I did pick up traces of a Southern accent without really trying. It is especially apparent while partying and/or drinking beer. That I was married to a Texan helped the process along as well.
  12. I, too, hope that Utah beats Florida and actually expect them to if the Utah squad can deal with the oppressive early September heat and humidity at Florida Field, aka the Swamp.Ofcourse, Florida is the Dawgs biggest rival whom we always like to see getting stomped.
  13. Great article D&C and I love the optimism of the Duck fan base. As I've said many times here, I expect this game to be a true contest and, quite frankly, expect the Dawgs to wear the Ducks down in the second half. I like the analysis of the Duck defense. There are definitely some talented players there. As the Dawgs substitute liberally on D throughout the game, the real question in my mind is can the Ducks do the same. If not, fatigue may rule who wins the battle of the defenses on June 3. As for Andrew Paul, who was generating more buzz in Fall camp than our other very highly rated freshman back, there is little chance he would have seen the field in game 1. The hope was that he might become a meaningful contributor by mid-season.
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