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  1. Is it just me, or does anyone else think Brandon Dorlus is an interior line specialist instead of a defensive end? I have seen a serious drop in production from him. He s looks out of position often, and hasn't really been an impact to me this season. In years past, he was a beast inside. I'm just not impressed with Dorlus this year. Am I want off base here? I'm seeing a "Fat Mac" kind of mistake moving him to DE so he could raise his NFL stock. He definitely has not created many havoc plays like he used to. I'm curious to hear your opinions about Brandon Dorlus.
  2. Posted for Jon Joseph at his request. QUESTION - The Pac-12 media rights come up for bid after those of the SEC and the B1G. ESPN has already agreed to pay the SEC $300M+ per annum for the same rights that CBS was paying the conference $55M per annum. I believe that FOX will go big with the B1G and perhaps elbow ESPN out of any B1G broadcast rights. What will be left over for the Pac-12 and functionally insolvent network? I think George Kliavkoff is the perfect man to look outside the box. Convince Amazon, now in bed with the NFL and /or other 'streaming networks' to become the lead Pac-12 broadcaster. Kick off one game Friday at 5 Pacific/ 8 Eastern. Kick off two games Saturday at 9AM Pacific/Noon Eastern. Kick off all but 2 of the remaining games at Noon Pacific/ 3 Eastern. Kick off the last two games at 3:30 Pacific/ 6:30 Eastern. Stream these games from completion through the following Thursday. Use common sense when scheduling the games to get 'attractive' games in each time slot. Have half the teams bye in week 5 and the other half in week 6. Doing the same 'media thing' and expecting different viewership results will not allow the Pac-12 to close the financial gap between it and the B1G and the SEC. Does the above make sense to you?
  3. I believe this was for the sake of argument only, but it was mentioned. From Saturday Down South : "Look, Bennett is a great story. He’s fun to watch. But does Georgia beat Alabama or Ohio State or Oregon – teams that can score points on the Georgia defense — with Bennett?" The lead story is about Lane Kiffin (think he'd go back to USC?), with some after thought discussion. In any event, My take? If Brown can complete passes like he did against Ohio State ( to loosen things up for a very strong running game), we'll be able to run the ball on playoff teams (if we reach the playoffs). Now I imagine Morehead will install plenty of screens if he faced the Bulldogs ( inside, and those dreaded bubble screens), and I sure hope he uses plenty of jet motion against Georgia. But let's get past Utah first. Again, loosen up the box, ground and pound. And if Brown can hit a couple of deep shots....
  4. One bullet is loaded into the revolver. The cylinder is spun. Where did it stop before being pointed at our collective heads? The trigger is pulled - only to hear a metal on metal click. What if? As the season has progressed for Duck's football, I feel an ominous sense of peril. The source of my fear is the total reliance of Duck Football on Anthony Brown. I get it that Brown is a sixth-year college QB. I know that he started and was a proficient starter at Boston college where he was good, but never great. I get it, and agree that his experience and earned leadership made Brown the best choice to lead the Ducks when the season began. I cannot imagine that ten games into the season, with a 5* and two 4* recruit Freshmen, one with a redshirt year under his belt, that other Duck QB's have not all been given significant game action snaps. Anthony Brown is a planned rusher. He rushed 29 times in the past two games alone. He has no lifeline or net under him in the case of injury. He is exposed to potential injury every snap; hand-off, pass, or rush. Frightening. Anthony Brown as the sole playing Duck Quaterback is Russian Roulette. Do you feel the tension as the Ducks move closer to the North Title, PAC12 Championship game, a New Years bowl game, or the CFB Championship Playoff games? I was taught to hedge my bets. Coaches Cristobal and Moorhead have gone "all in" and bet the house on Anthony Brown. Will the Ducks survive? An injury to Brown, and the Ducks are wounded, maybe fatally.
  5. College football fans had to stay up until 1 last night to see the Ducks drama filled victory. At those point, I believe all the contenders deserve equal treatment when it comes to exposure. I believe the Utah game should be on at 11 or 12:30 this week. In fact, I don't believe Oregon should be on cable the rest of the year. Same for Cinci and Oklahoma State of course ( who would be the other teams robbed off exposure- we KNOW the Irish will get maximum exposure). ABC baby. The main event, not the lower card entry. WE KNOW OHIO STATE IS GOING TO GET EXPOSURE. Cristobal should be given the chance to show his program is ready for the prime time. Thoughts?
  6. We are back to Oregon before Chip Kelly transformed football. Solid Defense...an Offense that does just enough. Until we face elite teams. I think the title of this article is correct. Not sure USC gets the next Nick Saban or Urban Meyer though. https://trojanswire.usatoday.com/2021/10/16/oregon-is-not-becoming-a-superpower-the-right-usc-hire-changes-everything/
  7. One thing I can say about Cristobal is his teams perform well in big games (win or lose, they play far better when something is on the line). I felt strange the week the team traveled to Columbus. They seemed too relaxed. As if they hadn't played Fresno State the week before. Then they played lights out for three quarters. Does this team know how good they are? Or was the Ohio State game a fluke? Are they confident they could beat the Buckeyes again? Who are the 2021 Ducks? Playoff contender or flash in the pan?
  8. I could have handled an ugly win last week. But to see so much hot dog behavior and lackluster effort still has me fuming. Brown really can't deliver us a title, but his poor performance was minimal compared to the sheer lack of will to bury the Cardinal like we should have (despite his limited skills). Thoughts?
  9. So, I’ve seen enough of the Fiesta Bowl to get a sense of my take on the 2020 season. I’ve scoured the roster, including the 2021 Class. I believe we have a sense of who our Head Coach is. So my question today is: As an overall organization, Coaches, players, administration-do we have what it takes to make a real run this year, next or 2023- when every player is a Mario Cristobal recruited player? I’m all about now. In 2018, I said we could beat Auburn. I said last year we could beat Ohio State. I say we have enough talent (coaches and players) to beat the Buckeyes for the first time in our history. So where do you stand? What is your vision of a true contender this year? Next, and 2023. Does MC have to get over himself and let his staff excel? Do the players have to play out of their minds with great direction from the staff? Do the coaches mold their respective scheme to the talent base of the players? Do we have the juice? If not, why not. If so, how could that be? And what do YOU want to see (scheme, talent, effort...whatever matters to you most)? I’ll share my thoughts once the posts pile up (I believe most of you know how much of a homer I am-I savor the brilliance you all bring to the table). Carpe Diem
  10. What if the coaching staff was NFL elite caliber. Could we win a Natty? What if we had our current staff and NFL caliber talent on every unit. Would we claim our first title? In my mind, Chip’s best teams were SEC elite caliber (all 3 of them). But Helf had better talent (sans injuries in the title game). What if we had every star aligned? Every planet in the solar system lined up. Would we win it all? What I’m really interested in knowing from this group of knights at the round table is: what is it really going to take to win a title? And what can make it happen this year?
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