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Where is Sean Dollars?

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Where is this Next great Running back?, Come out and Play!!!!!   7 Mcgee is too small, The other backs are afraid to get hit, or they don't know the plays? Since there is no Air show, the run game has to bring it on!!

They need to start bringing in players with size &  speed, not just speed.  A 5'8"-175 lb RB won't cut it no matter how fast they are.

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Dollars is still recovering from an injury https://www.si.com/college/oregon/football/verdell-out-for-remainder-of-2021-season-with-injury

Cristobal said Dollars suffered a "pretty significant" leg injury at the start of spring football, which led to him missing all of summer workouts and fall camp.


Cristobal gave a brief update on his injury and a timetable for a return Thursday.


"Gonna be a while," he said of the running back. "Your best case scenario is mid-November, late November, but that's not a guarantee. When you have an injury as serious as those (Dollars and Jackson LaDuke) you want to make sure that when they do come back that they're fully healthy and ready to continue playing healthy."


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Well, since you asked for my 2 cents ... [SORRY!]

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It's Trey Benson's chance to emerge. At 6'1" 215, he could absolutely be the answer for Oregon's thunder to Travis Dye's lightning. This Bye week he needs as many reps as possible against everything the D can bring to get his nerves settled. Then he gets the juice that home game fans bring for his debut. Could be his chance to create some serious separation in the RB room

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