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Tough Monday . . .

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Well, as the username suggests, we're a family of relocated Ducks deep in the heart of enemy territory. I hate to say this, but I had a feeling this was going to happen. Went to the Utah-UCLA game a few weeks ago, and after watching Utah's offense live, I felt there was a strong chance they'd shred our soft D. I really dislike the defensive scheme. It's like the classically inept "play not to lose" philosophy all game long. Wasn't expecting our offense to be THAT bad, but suspected Utah would be putting points up at pace we wouldn't match with our lack of explosive plays down the field and our, eh, personnel.


Considered at one point getting tickets at taking my 9 y/o to the game. (We went to the CCG in 2019, and he had the time of his life!) But I had a strong enough feeling about this one that we didn't do it, and boy I am glad! Watching that game in that environment would have destroyed him. He was in tears just watching from home. Poor kid is going to have a rough time facing the music at school on Monday. Any words of encouragement from other FishDuckers would be most appreciated, just so he knows he's not alone in his despair! And, I guess, thanks Ducks for presenting him this great opportunity for character building and personal growth 😂.


Probably will make the trip to LV if (IF!) the Ducks can right ship. Here's hoping for a rematch and a repeat of our '19 spoiler!

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As you undoubtedly know, you learn the most from your defeats. The problem is, as many fear, we may not be learning. Most think we would lose to tosu if we played them again. The same might be said about Utah.


Learning means adjusting and adapting to what one sees. I don't see that as much with the coaching staff. Maybe that is just because of what I see and expect from the qb position. Time will tell, and there is... still hope!

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On 11/21/2021 at 9:22 AM, SLCDucks said:

Any words of encouragement from other FishDuckers

SLCDucks  have your son watch AB here:



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