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Charles Fischer

GameDay Thread of Pac-12 Championship Game: the MENTAL, Not the Physical Side Will Win

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Man, still having issues putting in pictures and gifs, I need a Charles Fisher editing coarse, wish I had paid more attention in school.  sigh

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On 12/3/2021 at 8:46 PM, Annie said:

 Near the beginning of the game it really looked as if the Ducks had stopped Utah on fourth down, but MC didn't even ask that they review it. If it turned out the Ducks had stopped Utah, Oregon would have had the ball on the 50 instead of Utah going down the field and scoring. Maybe it wouldn't have made much difference--but maybe it would have sparked the Ducks.


Absolutely. I had posted the same point earlier. I was yelling at the TV "Challenge it! Challenge it!"  And the overhead camera clearly showed the Utah runner was about a half-yard short, and the commentators noticed it as well. I was fully expecting the next (to be 1st down) play to be stopped for the previous play review . . .  I was stunned.

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