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Colorado State and Utah State! Two rivalries right off the get-go! Might need some academic adjustments but that's doable. If this has already been suggested, my apologies.

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Gusduck71, at this point anyone and anything is possible.


Lets assume smart business people with perspective are involved in the decision making process. Not just a bunch of unqualified school presidents rushing to not be left out.


Discover where you sit in the pecking order:

1. Notre Dame can call the next shot. Then the dominoes can fall

2. If the BIG Invites Oregon, mutts and Stanford then AZ, ASU, UTAH and Colorado to BIG12. WSU, OSU and CAL to MWC. Maybe......

3. If no invite to BIG then PAC and BIG 12 merge in some fashion. 

4. Explore all options. ACC, unhappy BIG members. See if Oklahoma wants to reconsider. Whatever it takes.


If no one in the room has perspective, well who knows whay will come of this.

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I still like staying and adding SD St and Fresno State for the SoCal footprint and Nevada or UNLV for the Nevada footprint and because you need a fourth team take Boise State. We would have a recruiting base in both SoCal and NorCal the rest of the west and then sign with streaming service to get good TV DEAL.

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