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Pennsylvania Duck

Conference Talk: Are We Finally Starting to Make Sense?...A 'Logical' Approach

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Everyone discussing it. Everyone has a source. Everyone knows what’s going to happen with conference realignment. Except they...


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This is a really good article....looking better for us with patience.


A Big 12 merger was never the answer.


That was a band-aid on a bullet hole. Duct tape on a sinking ship. The Big 12 has a couple of decent properties left, but I’d argue they are in worse shape than the Pac-12 minus the L.A. schools. Oregon, Washington, Stanford and even Cal have pretty significant value. Both in academics and media markets.

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Mr. FishDuck

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Interesting article, I'm just not sure I agree with the basic premise that ND is the next B10 expansion domino.


As much as I've always despised the preferential treatment of ND (going all the way back to the "Notre Dame Clause" of the BCS), I still believe that remaining independent in football is an inherent part of their identity.  I think there's a very good chance they cut a deal with NBC even though they may have to accept less money.  This is a university with a billion-dollar endowment, so a few million a year probably doesn't mean that much compared to their cherished independence.


The real issue is playoff access and with the CFP almost certainly expanding to 12-16 teams, probably without AQs,  their access will most likely be as good as anyone's while remaining independent.


That said, I agree that no B10 expansion happens without their decision.  If it's no then I still see the B10 moving forward, just maybe not as laid out here.


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