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The Georgia / Oregon Conundrum.

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Georgia throttled Oregon last week. We know that fact. 


The 33-0 Georgia win today raises some questions.


How could Samford allow less points scored than Oregon? 


Did Georgia just let their bench play from the 2nd quarter on? 


Did Kirby's game plan mean to take it easy on Samford? 


Was Oregon just that terrible last week? Or was Georgia just amazingly on point? 


I didn't watch the game, but it looks like Bennet, and the 1's played most of the game.  


Playing down to the competition? 


Oregon obviously won big today, and BYU is currently tied with Baylor,... So next week is looking like a really big game. 


A telling game. 


Georgia plays South Carolina next week. A middling team last year, who just lost to Ark. 

So we'll get a better idea of that team.


BYU , win or lose today, will undoubtedly be looking for a win over Oregon next week. 


BYU just took the lead. 🥺


I'm asking so many questions because of the amount of uncertainty on any given Saturday. College Football is crazy, and anyone can win big, or lose big any given week. 


I'm just trying to get some semblance of what to expect this year, based on the performance of this year's opponents. It's proving to be a challenge.



I feel like I'm rambling (too much celebration juice ☺️), so I'll end this post with one question...


What's your take on this team, and how do you see them performing this year? 


As always, Go Ducks!!

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I agree with you, in that we love what we observed in the second game, but we still do not have a good reading on this team.  As everyone has noted...the BYU game will tell us a ton more.

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Mr. FishDuck

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On 9/10/2022 at 10:00 PM, Krsmqn said:


What's your take on this team, and how do you see them performing this year? 


My take: I think it is a solid  team but may be a tad inconsistent at times. Next week should say a lot about competitive balance. BYU is good and locked  in a  donnybrook 20-20 with #9 Baylor. I expect the Ducks  to win at Autzen however.


As for Georgia, the focus on offense was fuzzy today and, as a result, they settled for  four field goals that should have been touchdowns had they had the same focus they had against the Ducks  last week. Bennet was just a bit off throwing the ball all day. He seems at his best  when he is challenged and Samford did not provide  much of that.


By the way, Georgia played a ton of people in the second half. Thirteen or fourteen people caught passes from three different OBs. Coach Hatcher of Sanford gave Kirby his first coaching opportunity I believe, and Smart had no interest in running up he score on him or his kids.

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Sort of similar to Kentucky today catching Florida coming off their big Utah win last weekend, should be an advantage to Oregon at home catching BYU off a big, emotional double OT win tonight.




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EWU wasn’t a very good litmus test. The talent gap was pretty large. However, with all the Power 5 teams that seem to get beat by FCS teams every year, I was impressed that Lanning didn’t let them look past Eastern. They’re typically a good team every year. The always seem to be in the playoffs. 

The concern for next week is the fans. There was a lot off empty seats for a home opener. I expect to see a ton of blue in the crowd next week. BYU fans will be on a mission (pun intended). Like when Nebraska and Tennessee visited. Those guys took up about 1/3 of Autzen.

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Samford ran for 1.1 yards per carry and the Ducks went for 4.5 vrs the Dawgs. 


Samford had 130 some yards and the Ducks 313 even with the two drive that ended in picks. 


We can forget comparing the Ducks to Sanford. I'd also forget about the UGA as a benchmark for the Ducks as they played about as bad as they can play on defense. 

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I don't put much into "team A beat team C by x amount, team B lost to team F by XX amount... What does that mean for team B?" To many variables.


I look at Oregon and ask, do they pass the eye test? Score is important but the eye test, IMO, is way more valuable. You can see it before the first snap a lot of times.


I know what good football is supposed to look like. Is the speed there, is the tackling and blocking solid and violent? Do they look fluid and confident? Are they in position to make play? 


Ducks hung 70 on EW, held them to 14. Looks like an absolute beat down. But we all learned the past few years that points and records aren't always satisfying. Don't always tell the whole story.


I was at a wedding yesterday and didn't get to watch game to closely. Had it on my phone and missed a lot of the tells and nuances to get a good read on the game performance.


Felt and looked, from what I could see, that Oregon has a ways to go. They still didn't pass the eye test of top 10 football. But like I said, I was handicapped and could be wrong.


BYU is going to be a great test. Another week for Lanning to coach and raise the level of play for OBD. Win or lose, the process will be fun to watch. 

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