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Hello All, Thanks for the Welcome

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Me on the left, my hubby in the middle, and my crazy brother in l law Ron on the right.  This was several years ago in corvallis at the civil war game.  We beat the tar out or them.  It was really fun.

Civil war game Ron, Jeff and I.jpg

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Janny, that is a cool picture, and I am delighted to have you join us.  As I wrote in an email, I want more women posting here, and we have a good core group of them, but it is great to have you and debbieduck come on-board in the last week.


And from the looks of the picture, you are a staunch fan of the Ducks and will do wonderfully here.  

Mr. FishDuck

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Welcome! We look forward to your participation on Our Beloved Ducks Forum.


Do encourage your hubby and BIL Ron to join(if not already onboard) and offer their opinions!

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Welcome, Janny! You'll find lots of Duck information, thoughts, and opinions here!

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