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A Snap Count Review and Some Takeaways

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As we often do, we wanted to take a look at the snap counts according to Pro Football Focus and see what we can glean from the information. This week, it gave us a couple of answers as far as depth charts go, and some positive news as far as the development of one important defensive player goes.


There were 78 total offensive snaps in the game for Oregon and 73 defensive snaps. Here’s the usage report, followed by a few takeaways, from Week 5.


From the FishDuck Feed...


An expanding role for Jeffrey Bassa, a developed OL depth chart, and an answer at the CB2 position. Our takeaways from the Week 5 snap counts:


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Yes, it is good to see so many players seeing somewhat meaningful snaps.  I guess that goes with the non-prevent offense we now have.


Hopefully it will continue at AZ, ASanctionscomingU, and even Cal.  

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