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Charles Fischer

Basketball Bliss? Five Fantastic Duck Days of Hoops!

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Yeah....I got a thing for alliteration, but we are in a very special stretch of basketball viewing.  Last night the Men won a tough 60-56 victory over Colorado to start this five game feast of Oregon Basketball, and the following four days are as follows:

Friday(Tonight!) February 19th, Women play at No. 8 UCLA at 5:00 PM on the Pac-12 Network
Saturday, February 20th, the Men play Utah at home at 6:00 PM on the Pac-12 Network
Sunday, February 21st, the Women play at USC at Noon on the Pac-12 Network
Monday, February 22nd, the Men play at No. 17 USC at 6:00 PM on Fox Sports 1

Both Oregon teams are in a position of improving and can move their NCAA seed up dramatically over the next couple of weeks.  Let's see a lot of winning!


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Mr. FishDuck

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Thanks Charles. Unfortunately, I can only watch 2 of the 4. Hoping for the 5 game sweep.

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