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New Head Coach Ruling Recruiting

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Have you seen ASU's recruiting numbers? Staggering!


20 HS recruits and 25 transfers!!


A total of 45 kids in this cycle. Whoa!! Good for Dilly. I sure like the guy. Hope they lose every match up with us but love the guy no less.

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Nothing against the guy, but if he does well, the already white hot Oregon OC position will be a first stop for another program looking for the next great head coach way too quick. I want the guy to struggle, and our new OC to give us a few years. 


He is a good guy, but there are stronger programs, and more experienced coaches out there who will, likely, make him look like a first year coach with a bunch of new guys. What Lanning did, and continues to do, shouldn't be under appreciated. A first year coach of a struggling program probably won't light it up too quick.

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