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Oregon Football 2023 Scholarship Distribution Chart

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This chart shows the scholarship breakdown by class and position. Out of 92 players, 40 are freshman!

It's hard to guess who will be gone to reach 85.



Here's a look at Oregon's scholarship distribution for the 2023 season, including the Ducks' 2023 signing cllass.


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Looking at the chart, we are set up well this year and next, with a lot of talent in the Fr/RFr area.  There will be transfers out, and transfers in, which will be a net gain.  QB is the golden question mark next year and beyond.  TE needs help but I wouldn't be surprised if we add pieces in May.


Smaller recruiting class perhaps for '24 with just 14 Seniors, but...the portal!  Lanning and staff show up big this year the '24 class could be our first Top-5.  Wouldn't need quantity either, just quality.

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Competition Competition Competition!!


Nobody gets a free pass and nobody's position is sacred. 


In 2-3 years Oregon will have the roster that DL wants and is efforting towards. The by product will be a carrousel of Juniors heading to the NFL. This in turn means we will perpetually be younger. 

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