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  1. Ducks' ox gored; Beavers' ox gored; it's a matter of perspective.


    I was an attorney for 40 years.  If I learned one thing is that perception of justice is in the eye of the beholder. 


    I haven't done a deep dive in the Pac 12 to 2 debacle.  My take:  The Pac 12 was going to die.  The networks wanted it to happen.  WSU and OSU got screwed in the process, U of O and the other departing teams owed them something.  U of O and the other departing teams surely gamed planned their departure; they would have run it by advisors including high priced attorneys----the 10 knew what they were doing.   There were contracts and bylaws, rules and regulations along with financial and public relation issues.  Those 10, again being fully advised, apparently reached an agreement.  Good for them.


    There was not theft in the legal sense.  There also weren't  thefts in ethical and moral realms.  Just a bunch of entities doing a work out of a difficult problem


    Now, back the Merry Christmas!



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  2. No failures.  Two head coaches and three offensive coordinators (I think that's right) saw him in practice and in games.   And I bet all of them saw pretty much the same thing as we did.  We all wanted Ty to do well, in fact we all wanted him to do great things on the field.  It didn't work out and it is best for him to move on.  


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  3. Bo's decision to play is totally within character.  Sure, other players make different decisions and that is totally fine.  (Some of you on this board would make a different decision.).  But he loves football, loves Oregon and loves his teammates.   I think he made his decision based on those feelings----and based on the code that he lives by.


    Don't forget, Bo is really intelligent.  3.9 GPA, got his degree magna cum laude from Auburn.  He knows the risks, he also knows himself; good for him that he does.



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  4. Lot's of talk that a successful college QB will get $1 million to $2 million in NIL money.   What's the market for Moore?  He flashed  talent but also showed he wasn't ready to start at UCLA.   He has the upside to be great.   Our staff knows him; recruited him; had him but lost him.


    I think the Ducks go after him. 

  5. I can't understand why anyone who is legally an adult (18 years old) should not be able to profit from their name, image, and likeness.   These are not legally kids.


    Yeah, lots of downside to money at an early age.  The young immature adults may blow it on cars, expensive apartments and so forth.   They may not pay their quarterly estimates of federal and state taxes.   But that is where the school can provide guidance.  The school can----gasp----educate the student athletes on contracts, money management etc.


    As I see it, the major problem is that the governing bodies stuck their collective heads in the sand and pretended that the Supreme Court would rule in the NCAA's favor in the Alston case.  I disagree with a lot of what Justice Kavanaugh says in other cases but I agree with what he had to say in his concurring opinion:  “Nowhere else in America can businesses get away with agreeing not to pay their workers a fair market rate on the theory that their product is defined by not paying their workers a fair market rate. … The NCAA is not above the law.”


    The NCAA basically was saying that a very big business could exempt itself from anti-trust laws, reap huge benefits for coaches and others and agree (conspire in other words) to pay the players nothing but tuition, books and room and board.   The NCAA's position created the mess; can the NCAA come up with legal regulations of NIL payments?  Possibly but don't count on it.


    Is this bad for the traditional college sports fan?  Well, maybe.  But so what?  


    And let's not forget the rampant cheating (paying the players) that has always been part of major college sports.  And the Ducks have not been innocent.  I was at Oregon 1972-1976.  I saw Ronnie Lee in his new Chevrolet Monte Carlo.   I was told by an employee of Joe Romania Chevrolet that the basketball team was on the dealership's payroll.

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  6. On 1/23/2022 at 3:25 PM, 30Duck said:

    3 Playoff games this round, all of them decided by the visiting team kicking a game winning field goal as time ran out.  Rams 30 Bucs 27. Congrats to McVay, it looked like the Rams were content with OT, but they go deep to Cooper Kupp, from EWU. He leads NFL receivers in catches, yards and touchdowns. 

    The DC elected to bring pressure and cover Krupp with a saftey---a  bad idea.  Not just a bad idea but a really stupid bad idea.  That play doesn't happen but for the boneheaded defensive call.   

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  7. LaMike and he have talked.  LaMike put Coach Locklyn in touch with the best RB coach ever, Gary Campbell.  My guess is that The Michael or Campbell gave that list to Coach Locklyn. 

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  8. I don't think anyone is asking Lanning to run the Chip Kelly offense circa 2007-2012.  Hell, Chip Kelly doesn't run a pure form of that offense; he has changed and evolved as any good/great coach will do.  The history of college football is innovation on offense, changes to defense to catch up, with further evolution to follow.


    Think of Mike Bellotti.  He had a highly successful team with an offense he knew inside and out.  But he knew the offense had to change.  So he went outside the box and brought in Chip Kelly and, most importantly, let Chip Kelly run the Chip Kelly offense.  I distinctly remember Bellotti saying in an interview that while he reserved the right to decide between a pass or run that Kelly did the planning  and called all the plays.  


    Fast forward to Cristobal.  His offenses were (all of them) conservative (to say the least).   As we all know he even managed to hold an NFL pro bowler in check!  The results of the Cristobal approach:

    1.  Games were close giving lesser teams the chance to win.  

    2.  The games were boring.  They simply were not fun.


    All I (we) want is for the Ducks to put away lesser teams; battle to the end against equal teams (like Utah) and have fun.  

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  9. On 12/15/2021 at 12:22 PM, UtahDuck said:

    I agree with all of your points except for the Domestic Abuse. Look I don't condone any action of abuse but the charges were dropped and he plead guilty to one charge of harassment and had home confinement for 10 days...


    That is the beauty of our justice system he should only beheld accountable for things he was actually found guilty of...


    as for if he graduated, i believe he did but i'm not entirely certain. He did make pac 12 all academic team at least once during his oregon career.


    as for his coaching, he has no experience on the field. maybe he could be a GA, or analyst and prove he has the chops to coach before getting paid big.

    It would be a long and hard stretch to call it domestic abuse.   

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