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  2. LaMike, Barner and Dye were 3 great ones within a very short period of Duck history. Obviously J. Stew and Royce also, but those 3 based on size were fantastic RBs.
  3. FSU rep says put away the tin foil hat theories....both Orange Bowl head coaches found the media availability meeting on Thursday inconvenient due to recruiting. Probably makes sense based on the numerous photos that have been posted in the last day or so of Lanning making home visits. All these coaches are on the road to lockdown verbal commits and try to sway others.
  4. FSU is acting like they want to boycott the game. In reality they're petrified of being exposed.
  5. LaMichael. My favorite Duck of all time! Well deserved!
  6. I think that Georgia wins this one handily if..if..if There are not important opt-outs and Kirby can get them fired up to play in Miami. Thus far, their hasn't been much in the way of complaining about being left out by players as far as I have heard. That could suggest the guys have a chip on their shoulders or, alternatively, are disinterested in the game, the latter of which will spell trouble. In 2018, Georgia got passed over for a playoff spot in favor of Notre Dame, who, in turn, got boat raced in their semi. The Dawgs played Texas, and I could tell from the first two possessions that they didn't want to be there. Texas jumped out to a sizable lead that the furious Dawg rally late in the second half couldn't overcome. It was really an embarrassing performance for Georgia partisans that you don't often see from Kirby's teams. So the question is which Georgia shows up as well as who shows up. I know of no significant opt-outs at this time, but it is early. One of the biggest buzzes surrounding the team right now centers on whether Carson Beck comes back for another year. The quick transfer of 5-star QB Brock Vandergriff to Kentucky suggests that Carson is probably coming back as Brock would have been the likely successor had Carson decided to declare for the NFL.
  7. This is really too bad. I hope all of games versus them are in September or August. I don't see why we could not have simply played them twice a decade or every 4 years. I have almost zero sympathy for Oregon State. Easy-ish non-con game, I guess. We'll have to tone down scheduling bigger programs until we can cancel this agreement.
  8. True; however, wasn’t there also a time when our Ducks were most likely an overpaid have-not?
  9. Totally agree @kirklandduck, very well deserve! He was a stud coming out of the backfield. I still have visions of home. Busting loose and going the distance! I would not be surprised to see him followed by DAT, Kenyon Barner, & MM8, followed by RF, KT and JH!
  10. Didn't Oregon State fans say they never wanted to play Oregon again? Or that it would have to be a 2 for 1 in their favor? Seems like reality is settling in about now with that MWC scheduling agreement. Once their buddies in Pullman found a way to continue the Apple Cup, it was a matter of time. This favors them more than Oregon. They aren't getting nationally relevant Big-10 teams going up to Corvallis.
  11. As someone who dropped a dime or two on the PAC-12 Championship game (and watched them lose in heartbreaking fashion), I’d rather have multiple games at Autzen: SEASON TICKETS
  12. Yes, I trust Rob Mullens to make good scheduling decisions going forward. I fully agree with his decision to keep the tradition of the Civil War. Rob is looking at the long term best interest of the Oregon program. Giving up one home game out of eight in 2024 is not important when looking long term. Having the Civil War game in Corvallis in the years that we play five B1G home games and then playing in Eugene when we only have four B1G home games is very smart. The game in Corvallis gives us a game with very little travel which offsets the longer distance most of the B1G away games require. I appreciate that Rob is not letting his emotions rule his actions in regards to the pending litigation regarding revenue distribution. I'm sure Rob realizes that since neither side will get everything they want why let the litigation stop us from scheduling Civil War football, basketball, softball, and volleyball games. I also like scheduling the Civil War game in September. This keeps the bye week prior to the Washington game. I am looking forward to seeing what our schedule will look like beyond 2028.
  13. According to John Canzano, Texas Tech will play Washington State instead of Oregon. Boise State agreed to play us a week earlier and Oregon State will play us the week originally scheduled for BSU.
  14. My objection is NOT over conference realignment. It is because they already have been overpaid millions for decades beyond their value to the conference, and now they fully intend to "take control of the conference" and take the 35 million Oregon earned in media dollars. You do not enable bad behavior. Give us what we earned, and then we talk about the games.
  15. You trust Rob to schedule together a schedule after he just gave up a home game Vs. a P4 opponent to play a G5.2 team on the road. How many P4 hotel reservations for P4 TX Tach in Eugene are gone? Why? OREGON and OSU are not governed by the same legislative body, OSU is suing Oregon. UW had an opening for WSU, but Oregon did not have an opening for OSU and is giving up a home game. This is Larry Scott Pac-12 kind of BS. I have a great idea, give up a bunch of money for someone suing me. Who gives a dam about the Beavers, their unctuous, self-righteous fans, and the CW channel, if that? At the very least the Oregon vs. Texas Tech game would have been shown on the BTN. There is stupid and then there is this. Pathetic.
  16. I wonder if the same question was asked last year on a USC forum between season tickets and the Tulane game.
  17. Yes, to clarify I was talking about paying for the bowl game or football season tickets. Errrrr...I mean my friend was clarifying.
  18. By "spring for season tickets" I think you mean season tickets for Ducks football games, no? That's what I'd opt for. More bang for the buck.
  19. Now that's a Christmas sweater! (Scoopduck Daily's post above)
  20. Me. This. Tough game or not - I don't like seeing 125 year old traditions die because of conference realignments.
  21. Well deserved, LaMichael was an absolute beast on the field!
  22. I heard that Texas Tech will play Oregon the week before and the BSU game has been pushed. If you look at the schedule we had a ton of home games scheduled for next year but something like 5 the following week. This will help to balance it out a bit. Oregon State is losing players and coaches. It’s not going to be the same team we’ve played the past few seasons.
  23. Does this mean we lose a home game from the 2024 schedule? That sucks and makes me hate the beavers more.
  24. Lol, I too am a little brother. I can say with certainty that my brother and his friends loved picking on me. I was 3 years younger, close enough that I’d fight but not close enough to win the fight . My big brother passed when he was 35, your post brought back some good memories! I miss him, even if he did beat the crap out of me growing up!!!
  25. Congratulations to one of the GOATS. https://www.heraldandnews.com/sports/lamichael-james-among-players-who-elevated-oregon-inducted-to-college-football-hall-of-fame/article_353e92c6-9495-11ee-8520-fbebb3efffae.html
  26. I'm completely aware of the 2024-28 schedules, we should definitely keep our Baylor and Oklahoma State home and home series' and then schedule good teams like Alabama in the 2030's, hopefully we get an insight of the programs Rob Mullens is working to schedule
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