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  2. Charles, that picture presents a vastly superior view than the somewhat similar combination employed by the Oregon football program in the recent past!
  3. I'm in the optimist camp, but it is hard to get behind a team that rely's so much on defense. It is just too hard to wrap my head around. Offense wins games right? We may stumble all the way to the playoffs, but it is hard to accept, that is the way there, but maybe?
  4. https://www.ocregister.com/2021/10/16/clippers-pick-isaiah-hartenstein-for-final-roster-spot-over-harry-giles-iii/
  5. This team is gonna be remembered for Anthony Brown and his many swings in play. It will also be remembered for many other players and the type of play. Travis Dye hopefully will continue his stellar play. The most important thing is the development of the defense. Thibs is leading the defense, but Noah and others are rising up and making the Oregon Football Program a defensive first school. Will this be what Cristobal's Oregon will be remembered going forward? Without the turnovers and stops this team isn't 6-1.
  6. Wow the PAC12 south had a rough day. O for 4 against the Pac North and USC got handled by Notre Dame for a 0 for 5 day overall. Funny how quick things turn as the Pac South was looking a lot better then the Pac North after the first few games.
  7. Didn’t see it previously posted: https://sports.yahoo.com/grizzlies-dillon-brooks-2-3-031237994.html
  8. Anybody else buy their tickets to the Pac12 championship game?
  9. 4 quarters of that 34-3 offense we glimpsed would easily come close. Dang, that was some uplifting stuff to watch, for a bit!
  10. I have seen pictures of you cooking chicken and it looked you could make crow or anything pretty tasty. We all get it wrong some of the times, fortunately the Ducks came out on top and that is all that matters!
  11. As much as I enjoy the Ducks beating them in the un-civil game after Thanksgiving, I like to see the Beavs do well until then.
  12. I was sitting there with my Grandson, foolishly thinking , "Geez, they way this half is going, a couple more first downs, and Duckies might have this", then the field opened up in front of Brown, like the parting of the Red Sea, and he, he... threw that gawdoffal pick, instead of scampering for an untouched 7-10 yards. Why can't Duck fans have nice, relaxing, Saturdays in the fall? Oh, well, glad I don't have to eat crow, again... Yet.
  13. I picked beavers in here a month ago to win the North if Oregon stumbles
  14. Beavs leading the Utes by two scores in the 4th quarter, putting up 42 points so far. Jonathan Smith is my leading Pac12 coach of the year candidate.
  15. Corso is still trying to figure out the new Duck Cristobal.
  16. I could see getting to 8, but can’t imagine this offense scoring 63. I imagine Cristobal will start playing prevent offense once up by 17.
  17. Looked good winning in those uniforms too!!!! Funny how winning makes everything look better . With uni's like those you better win, otherwise we may never hear the end of it.
  18. "It was a hard-fought game," Thibodeaux said. "We love games like that, being able to be out there playing to the last whistle. It was exciting. There was so much going on. I love it." Great quote.
  19. Today
  20. Those calls are so crucial in tight games. That avalanche of bad calls on Stanford's last drive, before the end of regulation, cost the Ducks that game. Although, the offense should have never put the defense in that position, with their backs against the wall. They should have ate more clock by running the ball and forcing Stanford to burn another timeout. Just the extra timeout alone killed us. Still, you can't deny that the refs were on a mission to hand the Ducks their first loss.
  21. We looked bad first quarter, then went on 34-3 run, and almost gave it away again. Clock management and some of the play calls, not so sure about. Turnovers and penalties almost undid us again. Thank goodness for the take-aways. What's up with Miami's uniforms, did they lose a bet in the loss to Syracuse?? We will be #8 this week, will we beat Colorado at home 63-0 like a top 8 team should?
  22. Thank you for sharing this Charles. Nice to see the players thoughts align with ours!
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