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  2. Streaming sports is not speculative, it is nearly the norm. ESPN/ABC, FOX/Foxsports, and CBS/TNT/TBS/CBS Sports all stream live sporting events. A few years ago, me and some buddies rented a house in Lincoln City for the first week of March Madness and we had 2 TVs and 2 laptops all showing different games all because of streaming. I wouldn't go 100% for streaming, but I would be willing to go 60% cable and 40% streaming to bring in more money to the Pac conference media deal. If you are a good team, people will seek out to watch you. Is it going to suck for CAL football, absolutely. I would definitely rather be the 1st with Amazon, so we have that relationship.
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  4. 2022 top payed offensive line coaches 1. Larry Johnson, Ohio State -- $1.13 million+ 2. Bo Davis, Texas -- $900,000 3. Elijah Robinson, Texas A&M -- $867,000+ 4. Jamar Cain, LSU -- $800,000+ 5. Brian Williams, Maryland -- $775,000* 6. Tray Scott, Georgia -- $760,000 7. Nick Eason, Clemson -- $750,000+ 8. Freddie Roach, Alabama -- $720,000
  5. How does SMU, with undergraduate class of under 7000, have a large alumni base? The TV networks don't only look at the media market, they also look at actual TV numbers. SMU doesn't have the TV numbers. Could they, if they moved up to a P5 conference, I suppose, but can you count on it? I wouldn't count on it. My opinion is bring in only San Diego St. They hardly currently pan out financial wise, but they are close enough to LA and they do seem to want to spend money to be relevant. Move them to the Pac conference and give them 5 years like Utah and I think they will be on par with the rest of the league in football and basketball, which are the sports the TV deals care about.
  6. I think the Pac 12 is returning a lot of talented QBs, but maybe only Williams will last past their NFL rookie contract. If Risen, Nix and Penix were for sure NFL caliber QBs, they would have left for the NFL. Yes, there are some QBs with for sure NFL talent that come back when they could go, but it isn't those 3 QBs. Maybe, I'm wrong and all three play 10+ years in the NFL.
  7. I listen to the DA Show and it promotes itself on being on just about every radio platform possible. Why not have the Ducks available on every radio and TV platform possible to enable the most listeners/viewers possible?
  8. Cord cutting has been the trend for some time now... (Full disclosure: I am short cable/satellite providers) The slow changeover for sports to streaming has been caused by the actual production logistics, unlike other content there is a very high premium on live content for sports. For College games, I can see this production moving in house. The current business model of cable/satellite providers has been broken by streaming services..it is just a matter of time before they go the way of the yellowpages and phone booths..
  9. They all have potential, the offseason question is who will turn potential into action, leadership and wins. I certainly hope we see more out of our potential going forward. I think it will be interesting to watch some of these junior and senior transfers work to live up to their potential. A guy like Burch is working toward a job in the NFL, Williams too. Will they bring their best season ever as they know this is the opportunity to shine? A freshman or sophomore may not have the sense of urgency, nor the experience to know what it takes. These older transfers, may, and hopefully will bring leadership, intelligence, and effort we need to take the next step. Last year there were many questions about Nix and he more than stepped up. Hopefully some of these guys on defense will do the same.
  10. Brett McMurphy confidently predicted Oregon was on track to join the B1G. Also last August he proclaimed "The Big ten's not done, I reported back in July, the sources told me they weren't done expanding. I'm still hearing that same information." I expect Kliavkoff to explore all possibilities but SMU is nearly 1,000 miles from the nearest Pac-? member and 1,400 miles from their presumed travel partner San Diego State. It doesn't make logistical sense. How do you play a weekend basketball slate with schools that far apart?
  11. Pac-12 Football: Schools that make sense for potential expansion DUCKSWIRE.USATODAY.COM A report from @Brett_McMurphy shows George Kliavkoff could be looking to expand the Pac-12. Here are some candidates for potential expansion.
  12. PODCAST: Greg Biggins analyzes Oregon's 2023 class and recruiting efforts beyond Subjects Covered: -- Joined by 247Sports National recruiting analyst Greg Biggins to break down Oregon's 2023 signing class -- Details on individual recruitments -- A signing class sleeper -- 2024 and 2025 recruiting classes -- Recently offered Akili Smith Jr. for the 2025 class. Is he a Duck lock? Join the crew at Autzen Audibles as they discuss the topics above...
  13. Having just 1 school in Texas join the PAC makes no sense. It is not in the best interest of the student athletes, fans or whoever would be their travel partner. Why does the PAC appear to be so inept at anything pertaining to expansion? If ESPN/ABC want eyeballs then think big and go big. But make the Networks pay for those eyeballs. Consider SMU orTCU (Dallas Fort Worth) Houston (Houston ) UTSA (San Antonio) Texas Tech (West Texas Pan Handle) The Duck-Red Raider game will draw a million plus TV's in Texas. That 4 team pod would have a population base between 15-20 million people. That number is real and a solid bargaining chip. It would give ESPN/ABC viewing content in the midwest time zone to compete with Fox's BIG games. And add additional games for Amazon or ESPN+ to stream. Millions of Texans would watch Houston vs washington or SMU vs Oregon over tOSU vs Wisconsin or Penn State vs ucla. Football is regional and conference driven. That will not change, even with streaming. Texans are not interested in the BIG football conference or losers in the SEC! Texans support winners. If UT and OU don't win SEC titles then Texans will watch the other P5 schools in Texas. Back in the 80's, SMU was must see TV. They were ahead of the NIL curve by 4 decades. The other pods could be: Utah-Colorado-ASU-AU Cal-Stanford-SDSU-Fresno State OU-OSU-WSU-uw 3 time zones, minimized travel, some large viewing potential and large footprints for recruiting in Texas and California. The PAC could consider leading, instead of following. Being the first P5 to break ground with a mix of Network/Streaming is a great first step. It's time for the self proclaimed "Conference of Champions" to make championship decisions. Sorry for the rant........
  14. The sports TV environment will change enormously during the next ten years. What we have known from national networks and sports cable channels will fracture and evolve. Availability, access, distribution, and pricing are in flux. The tug-of-war has begun and fan viewer consumers are under siege as the big business battle is waged. Thanks, Jon, for illuminating some of the aspects that are or may be changing. The discussion you initiated is interesting. Points of view are surfacing along with concerns and approaches to resolve issues coming to light.
  15. Wow—I don’t know that I’ve heard either of these names. How exciting!
  16. We do not need to add a team (SMU) that has a stadium that holds 32,000 and we have to fly eight hours to play in it? We don’t need another OSU or WSU, at an enormous distance away… Sonny Dykes left SMU and went to TCU because they did not have the support and the upside that the Horned Frogs did.
  17. I don’t buy the premise that “the Pac-12 needs to add 2 new members.” A small, private, religious school from Texas will only make the Pac weaker. It doesn’t matter what media market they’re in. Hard no. SDSU actually makes sense to me. A mid-size state school known for partying would fit right in.
  18. Add in all the other PAC 12 fans and you have 10s of millions of underserved fans. To bad the LA schools left before the PAC figured out that it wise to tap into your full potential viewership. know they tried but follow thru by Larry was horrible. Long live the PAC!
  19. Pac-12 Reportedly Considering 2 Schools For Expansion WWW.MSN.COM Pac-12 commissioner George Kliavkoff is visiting with SMU on Wednesday, per college football insider Brett McMurphy. SMU and San Diego State are currently the top candidates to join the...
  20. Canzano & Wilner Podcast Subjects Covered: -- John Canzano and Jon Wilner answer listeners' questions -- Pac-12 leadership -- Media rights -- Most valuable QBs -- Best press boxes -- Many other topics Join John and Jon as they answer questions regarding above and MORE... (This is a repost from yesterday as the link was not working properly) Click here to listen to the Canzano & Wilner Pocast.
  21. John Canzano – Bald Faced Truth Podcast Subjects Covered: • Media treatment • Jaden Rashada NIL recruitment story • NIL arms race & transfer portal, problematic • College athletics - a sport with no salary cap, solutions? Only the beginning 15 minutes of this podcast pertains to the Pac-12 and the Rashada NIL story. After that, he gets into other topics including Kyrie Irving, the Super Bowl and more. His podcasts are like his writings, there are many side stories along the way. (This is a repost from yesterday as something went wrong with the link) Click here to Join the Bald Faced Truth Podcast.
  22. 10-2 with losses at Washington and it is very, very hard to win in SLC against the Utes. Catch an 11th win in a bowl, and that is my dream. But the Pac-12 teams will tweak each other....
  23. John Canzano: Bald Faced Truth Podcast Subjects Covered: • John Canzano talks to Ducks legend and Pro Football HOF member Dave Wilcox about his football family and legendary career • Duck Days • Pro Days • HOF • Growing up in Eastern Oregon • Mel Renfro • Justin Herbert, today’s game • John asks questions, Dave Wilcox provided answers and stories Join John Canzano for a fun listen with a great Duck from the past… Click here to join the fun discussion at Bald Faced Truth Podcast.
  24. It's not just an east coast vs. west coast phenomenon. Until last month I couldn't get Ducks games, either. And I live in Oregon. It's the carrier that does or does not carry the games. I had Directv which does not carry the PAC12 Network. I now have Spectrum, which does. This was one of the major problems with good ol' Larry. He negotiated the network, unrealistically asking for the moon. And many carriers (and linear networks) just said "Go away". That is the reason you can't see the games.
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