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  2. My biggest what if is what if Helfrich plays Justin Herbert starting game 1? Is he still the coach? I wonder how things would've changed.
  3. If you want to be the best you have to beat the best. But if you think about it usually there are 3 or 4 teams in the SEC that are great. The big problem to me is how those teams have 3 and 4 deep that dont transfer.
  4. Lot of SEC hate here, and I get it given the way the SEC has dominated college football in the later BCS and the playoff eras. But until the other power 5 leagues regularly show that they can compete, any separate playoffs excluding the SEC will have to put an asterisk beside the name of its champion. Anyone who has followed my posts on this forum knows that I have argued for more parity in college football. I'll say again that an expanded playoffs is a realistic contributor to that end. Growing up in Pac-12 country where I lived and died Pacific Coast football, I truly want to see College football west of the Mississippi river being able to strut its stuff on the national stage. In my opinion, it serves neither the SEC or college football in general to break away--and for some of the reasons posters here have mentioned. The vast majority of people who primarily for an SEC team would scream bloody murder at the prospect of balkanizing college football. That is an inappropriate proposal in my humble opinion.
  5. The Blazers should have been sold years ago. I could careless about the Seahawks
  6. Does that mean Jaden Rashada is joining the Ducks? This would be an awesome class pulling together.
  7. I think he is going to bulldoze people and I think Oregon will train some top end speed. He'll regularly get a few yards after contact and then go all the way on occasion. Do you guys know who our fastest running back is? Because if the defense has to try to guard a bulldozer back and a speed back, that'll spread them thin and really kick them in the teeth.
  8. Not intrested in an all SEC play off. Didn't bother to watch it. I'd watch those damn Dawgs or even the filthy Beavers play in a natty but an all sec? Naaa.
  9. Oh I have two nieces who are (have ? God, don't go there) filthy Beavers, so it's a given
  10. Multiple options. One was breaking away and do their own thing.
  11. Are we missing something here? Reading a good deal of the article (not all - yawn), It looked to me like the SEC wanted to have their own playoffs and then the WINNER of that playoff plays the winner of the rest of the country for the united championship. That would put 8 SEC teams in the playoffs. At one point the writer of the article asked, "What if nobody wanted to play the winner of the SEC playoff?" At least, that's what I thought it said.
  12. Most golf courses try to keep Ducks off the course. Nobody can catch these Ducks!
  13. Makes you cry seeing Herbert with those numbers. It is, time again, to have the Oregon QB sling it!
  14. Single season Rank Player Yards Year 1 Marcus Mariota 4,454[4] 2014 2 Akili Smith 3,763 1998 3 Marcus Mariota 3,665 2013 4 Justin Herbert 3,471 2019 5 Danny O'Neil 3,224 1993 6 Justin Herbert 3,151 2018 7 Bill Musgrave 3,081 1989 8 Anthony Brown 2,989[5] 2021 9 Joey Harrington 2,967 2000 10 Darron Thomas 2,881 2010 3400? That would put Nix in top 5 all time. AB tops Harrington and DT? Who would have thought?
  15. Oregon has won a second match, and needs one more. But with one holes left...the Ducks are down one stroke in one match, and with three and four holes left--two Ducks are leading by only a stroke. Whew!
  16. Yesterday
  17. Ducks take match 1. 2nd match they are up 2 with 2 holes to play. They are up in 3 of the 4 remaining matches. Stanford was struggling, but has started to turn it around. However, it is still up in the air.
  18. I only watched the Championship Game last year because Dan Lanning was coaching otherwise I wouldn't have had any interest. The SEC thinks of themselves as the minior league for the NFL and in many ways they are but so is the rest of College Football. If they broke off on their own they would still make money but probably not see much more growth than they are currently seeing, and might actually see a decline in their revenue. After all how relevant would Alabama if they were contained only in the SEC fish bowl?
  19. Two women have completed 11 holes, and one after 12, after 13, and after 14 with the Ducks leading 3-1-1 over the Aggies.
  20. its The other way around, CFP should dump the SEC. as long as they are in the room-nothing changes.
  21. Or Dyer was down... Or any of the other messed up calls in the 2010-11 championship game against Auburn. But those weren't Pac-12 refs.
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