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  2. While it is better, it's still terrible, if they simply went to a design where the trees were on the near camera side of the court it would be fine, but by making the trees all around it becomes cluttered and distracting, very disappointed by this. Edit: I'll amend my first thoughts after really looking at it...I like the green on the baselines/sidelines, I like the lettering of the "Fighting Ducks" and "Mighty Oregon", I simply don't like the trees that wrap around and then on the far sideline. I just think you had a way to go in the middle and they failed to find a good medium there.
  3. Sporting News ranks the B1G 2024 schedules. Ranking Big Ten football schedules for 2024, from Michigan (hardest) to Rutgers (easiest) WWW.SPORTINGNEWS.COM Michigan first-year coach Sherrone Moore will have a difficult baptism with the reigning national champions. I think that 3 or more B1G teams could be tied at the end of the regular season in the loss column. And with no divisions in the ACC, B1G, B12, and the SEC and close to half of the teams in P4 not facing one another in 2024, I expect that conference tie-breakers could be used in all of the P4 conferences. And no one knows what the PO Committee will do to separate P4 teams with identical records. A 10-2 Rutgers? The Scarlet Knights have the easiest schedule in the B1G, missing Iowa, Michigan, Ohio State, Oregon, and Penn State, and with UCLA and UW traveling to New Jersey. In the SEC, Mizzou and Ole Miss have cake walks compared to Florida and Oklahoma, and both have easy OOC schedules. Better teams in these mega-conferences will have more losses due to SOS than lesser conference members. 8 conference games in a row for OBD with games in November in Ann Arbor and Madison. I hope to see 11-1 but 10-2 is more realistic. Good news! The Wolverines and the Buckeyes are not on the 2025 schedule. I hope the B1G HQ will not have OBD playing eight games in a row in 2025 without a break.
  4. I have a photo, prominently displayed in my den, of all five Kamikaze Kids splayed on the floor going for a loose ball against UCLA….. with Bill Walton flat on his back in the foreground at Mac Court in 1973. l took that picture 51 years ago, just a lucky shot.
  5. Is the new Ohio State coach you are referring to Chip Kelly? Ryan Day has lost 3 in a row to that School Up North but is still the Buckeyes HC.
  6. The video is barely over a minute is all, and let's you see it! Gone is the brown, and between all the green and the "O" there won't be any doubt on TV where the game is played!
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  8. Santa Rosa....that is pretty incredible. So special....what a great fan!
  9. Deja Kelly will be counted on as Oregon's 'alpha' in 2024-25, Kelly Graves says North Carolina transfer Deja Kelly is expected to be the "alpha" of this year's Duck basketball team, head coach Kelly Graves said in an Autzen Audibles podcast interview this week. Deja Kelly will be counted on as Oregon's 'alpha' in 2024-25, Kelly Graves says 247SPORTS.COM North Carolina transfer Deja Kelly is expected to be the "alpha" of this year's Duck basketball team, head coach Kelly Graves said...
  10. Transfer Spring Enrollee Rewind: Evan Stewart Here's a recap of Evan Stewart's spring with the Ducks and how he fits with the team this fall. Transfer Spring Enrollee Rewind: Evan Stewart 247SPORTS.COM Here's a recap of Evan Stewart's spring with the Ducks and how he fits with the team this fall.
  11. Transfer Spring Enrollee Rewind: Matthew Bedford Here's a recap of Matthew Bedford's spring with the Ducks and how he fits with the team this fall. Transfer Spring Enrollee Rewind: Matthew Bedford 247SPORTS.COM Here's a recap of Matthew Bedford's spring with the Ducks and how he fits with the team this fall.
  12. Oregon Football teases release of 'Generation O' uniforms coming this week Oregon Football teases release of ‘Generation O’ uniforms this week DUCKSWIRE.USATODAY.COM The Oregon Ducks have announced that they will unveil the first set of ‘Generation O’ uniforms this week in a new video.
  13. Oregon Football COMMITS LOOMING for 2025? Jordon Davison considers Oregon Oregon already has 4-star RB Dierre Hill Jr. committed in 2025, but their numbers at that position could still grow. 4-star Mater Dei RB Jordon Davison is rumored to be committing as early as next week, does Oregon have a chance against Ohio State? Locked On recruiting insider Brian Smith joins the show to discuss that and other potential 2025 names Oregon is after.
  14. This was a birthday present given to me by my bride. This is especially appropriate for FishDuck as the fish is a Rogue River Steelhead. For perspective, I am 6' 5" tall. Cosmo the wonder poodle wears his Oregon collar 24/7/365. The artist is Patrick Amiot from Sebastopol, California and he is famous for making art from junk. The plaster of paris model of Puddles was found by a friend at a yard sale and she bought it for me. I could add more but this will do for today. Go Ducks!
  15. 4-star WR sets commitment date, puts Ducks among top schools Chris Lawson has set his announcement date and where he will be beginning his college career for July 7. Oregon is one of the three schools that made the finals for Lawson’s services along with Washington and California. He’s out of San Francisco and Archbishop Riordan High. 4-star receiver Chris Lawson has set his commitment announcement date DUCKSWIRE.USATODAY.COM 4-star receiver Chris Lawson has set his commitment announcement date with Oregon as a finalist.
  16. Oregon QB Dillon Gabriel makes major impression at Elite 11 camp as counselor Oregon QB Dillon Gabriel makes major impression at Elite 11 camp DUCKSWIRE.USATODAY.COM Oregon Ducks quarterback Dillon Gabriel was among the biggest standouts at the Elite 11 quarterback camp last week.
  17. Oregon Football Recruiting: Connection with Assistant Coach Key for Ducks with 5-Star WR Dakorien Moore? The Oregon Ducks have a shot at landing the nation's No. 1 wide receiver Dakorien Moore, thanks in large part to his relationship with running backs coach Ra'Shaad Samples. Oregon Football Recruiting: Connection with Assistant Key for Ducks with 5-Star WR? WWW.SI.COM The Oregon Ducks have a shot at landing the nation's No. 1 wide receiver Dakorien Moore, thanks in large part to his relationship...
  18. Josh Pate On Oregon Entering Big Ten (Late Kick Cut) Oregon and Dan Lanning are entering a whole new world as the Ducks prepare for life in the Big Ten, and on Late Kick Live Ep 523 Josh Pate responded to a viewer question about how equipped they may or may not be for the style of play they'll experience in 2024 and beyond.
  19. Jon, As a Ducks fan......your last statement makes me sad. As a USC fan.........your last statement makes me happy. As a football fan........I'am disgusted these coaching pretenders get millions for knowing very little while the kids for years received a free education, so, even tho the system seems like a mess, for now, kids have at it.
  20. I agree that the Irish are a PO title Pretender. But due to the lightweigth schedule and playing 12 games, with only 2 true road games, a 10-2 ND likely sneaks in the PO over better B1G and SEC 9-3 teams and perhaps over a Power 2 champ game loser that finishes 10-3. Contender or Pretender: Notre Dame can make the College Football Playoff, but can it win there? WWW.SATURDAYDOWNSOUTH.COM Notre Dame is likely to win enough to make the College Football Playoff in 2024. The question is whether the Irish can finally win a game that matters. Come 2026, I hope Sankey and Petitti insist on the Irish joining a conference or playing 13 games with at least 10 games vs the P4.
  21. New territory and unanticipated consequences. This is what happens when you “rush” into something. I say “rush” because they could have been planning the mechanics of this for 5+ years, but clearly they were not. There isn’t another North American sport that has pre-championship playoff games (I consider the Final 4 a singular event) at true neutral sites that have capacities of 50,000+, probably with good reason. For football fans, bowl games were the end of the road and a way to take a family vacation someplace nice. Most families don’t take two vacations in a row, so they need to ditch anything related to “bowl thinking”, it won’t work. Really reminds me of how half-baked the old playoff was with the bowl rotation nonsense. We’re giving up traditions left and right, time to let this one go.
  22. The first round games this year at home stadiums are Dec. 20(1) and Dec. 21 (3). Eugene low high on Dec. 21: 2023: 44/48 2022: 30/47 2021: 40/45 2020: 40/58 2019: 44/51 Ohio State at MIchigan 11-25-2023: 21/36 12-21-2023: 30/43 The Committee "should" love the balmy weather in Eugene.
  23. It is a good point. But other than the Quick Lane Bowl in Detroit which last season had 5-7 Minnesota playing Bowling Green, in front of many empty seats, I do not believe there is a bowl game played in the Midwest. As to AnotherOD's point about the CFB Powers-That-Be not being concerned about Oregon's travels, B1G Commissioner Tony Petitti best be concerned. B1G fans travel well for a single New Year's Day bowl. In 2024-25 if Feldman's field and seeding were to play out, Ohio State fans would be asked to travel to Pasadena, then to Dallas to play Texas, which would defeat the G5 12-seed in Austin, and then to Atlanta to possibly play the 2nd seeded Georgia. If Petitti doesn't use his B1G muscle to make the playing field more equitable, including the ACC and SEC playing the same number of conference games as the B1G and Notre Dame playing 13 games, he will be pulling a Larry Scott. To date the SEC's Greg Sankey, along with once B12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby, the Notre Dame AD, and the Mountain West Commissioner, except for changing the format from 6 automatic and 6 at large to 5 and 7, are the sole PO architects. Petitti needs to step up and be heard. Being cordial with the SEC is fine, so long as the B1G is not run over.
  24. Bob Stoops handed off a 'Standing on 3rd Base job' at Oklahoma. The Sooners had one B12 opponent that could come close to its roster strength, Texas. And Texas was often dysfunctional. Oklahoma boosters pre-NIL were well aware of what it cost to have top athletes leave Texas for Norman. It's a different ball game in LA. Oklahoma football analysts not surprised by Lincoln Riley’s struggles TROJANSWIRE.USATODAY.COM In Oklahoma and elsewhere across the country, Lincoln Riley is being doubted. It is what it is. I am somewhat surprised that Venables received a long extension and a pay raise before seeing how Oklahoma deals with playing in the SEC. With the money Riley is being paid and after hiring a close to an entirely new staff to coach the defense, the Trojans best improve soon or there will be a new HC in LA.
  25. The 2001 team that finished No. 2 in the nation autographed a football for charity, and I bought it! I've had it all these years, and yes..all the famous names from that team signed it. Anyone else have something?
  26. That’s a good point. Midwesterners travel very well for away football games. I just wonder if they would travel south, in numbers, for 2-3 weeks in a row. Seems like there should be more balance and maybe the championship game or semi finals is in the south but not all the playoff rounds.
  27. Nevada Dawg. You make some good points, Sir. Assuming it would work for the Raiders, Las Vegas would be an excellent Western site. The Orange Bowl is not played in a covered stadium so why not So-Fi Stadium in LA—a stadium in far better condition than the Rose Bowl? NFL playoff games played in Minneapolis, Indianapolis, and Detroit, sell out in the winter. However, using bowl sites as playoff sites is a relic of the past. When there was not One True Champion, which I for one liked, the Rose, Sugar, Cotton, and Orange Bowls rewarded a few excellent teams and ended the season on New Year's Day. But today? Why use bowl sites for anything other than the champ game? The NFL had to delay a game by one day in Buffalo this season but the stadium was packed for the game vs. Kansas City. Money matters in college football today more than ever. Home games even in inclement weather earned by a team's quality of play in the regular season IMO are logical. Using the example I used above how many Ducks fans could afford to travel to Atlanta, then to Miami. and back to Atlanta; especially, when hotel prices are jacked up? Feldman's twelve teams and his PO seeding evidence the folly of the PO format in 2024-25 and 2025-26. Fans of a lower-ranked Florida State team with an easier preseason SOS than Oregon would have a 4-and-a-half-hour drive to Atlanta from Tallahassee, straight up I-75. It's a 39-hour drive from Eugene to Atlanta, the halfway point is Lemoyne, Nebraska. This is not equitable. But it is what it is for the next two seasons. In response to AnotherOD, the PO format suggested by the B1G and the SEC for 2026-27, 14 teams including 4 B1G and 4 SEC teams with the Power 2 champs having a 1st round bye did not bounce too high with the ACC, B12, Notre Dame, and the G5. Come the 2026 season, the format can be changed by a majority vote. If the proposed format is not approved in one form or another we will see a Power 2 College Football World Series in 2032 or before. Regardless, drop the bowl affiliations except for the champ game rotating between the Sugar, Cotton, Rose Bowls, and Indianapolis. Although it would give Georgia a significant advantage, I'd still like to see Oregon playing Georgia in Atlanta on 1/20/25,
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