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  1. On 11/27/2021 at 6:38 PM, KingT said:

    I don't think Mario would say his Mother is ill if she wasn't - that would be bad karma and its not consistent with his honest approach to things. If Miami wanted to talk to him this time of year, they would certainly come see him under the radar.


    I also don't think Mario would go visit Miami during a short playoff week. First, Miami needs an AD, then they can pursue Mario and other coaches. No doubt Mario is high on their list. However, they haven't fired their coach yet either, so there's that important issue yet to be resolved.


    Duck Nation. If Miami offers, Mario will leave. It's his home. It will happen, unfortunately for us.But he's put this program on a  great track and it will be fine should he leave. Miami is gonna have to raise some serious money (est $6-7M) to get Mario, so let's see. Such is life in the College Football Arms ( I mean coaches) race these days.


    Finally, I stand here, hand over heart and apologize for picking against the Ducks today. The wounds of last week were deep and traumatic. Go Ducks.

    I don't agree that it is a forgone conclusion that he goes to Miami if offered.  As many have noted the Miami job ain't what it use to be.  And it's about time for Duck fans to get over their inferiority complex---Oregon is a big brand in college football. Behind tOSU, Alabama and other.  But way bigger than Miami and other not in the top tier.

    And besides, Mario makes enough to fly private to see his mom, and he can fly her out anytime he wants.

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  2. On 11/24/2021 at 3:28 PM, MM2 said:

    Proactive or reactive? You decide...

    If Oregon has such great recruiting then why is Oregon looking outside the gate for a QB? I realize Tyler S. Left a hole but other teams just pump another QB in . That's just good coaching



    The coaching staff saw a gap at QB---Shough didn't pan out---he apparently was a dynamo in practice based teammates statements.  However, Shough didn't have IT in games.  Coaches saw that an brought in Brown, who hasn't been as good as hopes.  Yes, having a high level QB is part of coaching but not having IT happens.  Given all the injuries, the youth etc, Cristobal has done a good job this year.  For fans to say he should be coaching FOR his job; well I don't get it.  

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  3. Grandpa, I agree with your long post above—except all those QBs will not likely be on the roster next year.  Who will leave? Haven’t a clue.  But whoever stays need poise, the mental and physical ability to run the offense.  For me the key is to be accurate passer and a good enough runner to extend plays and keep the defense honest. 

  4. I live in the valley(160 ft) have a place in Sunriver (4200), frequently visit Denver (5300).  
    A well conditioned college football player should be fine. The only problem could be on defense if Utah runs a hurry up.  
    The longer you are at altitude the better you will be as a conditioned body will acclimate.  The key is to drink lots of water.  And I mean lots.  If you don’t drink enough you’ll have headaches and be lethargic.  

  5. On 11/16/2021 at 3:56 PM, Duckman said:

    Seems selfish in the context of playing for a 9-1 team with years of college eligibility remaining.


    However, when Pittman signed in 2019, he was probably was not expecting Redd and Johnson to still be on the team as super seniors this year.  Would obviously be more touches for him (and the other WRs) if those guys were not on the two-deep.

    The extra year of eligibility for players due to Covid has to cause headaches for coaches.  Lots of players piled up creating a log jams at positions such as WR for the Ducks.  Add in the relaxed transfer rules and you have this.  

    Have to admit that in my view there was a nice rhythm to four years of eligibility to use in five years of school.

  6. No bad feeling for me.  Baylor's coach knew his conference's tie breaker rule and knew the extra three points could be important.

    As for the crowd on the field, I don't think I've ever seen delay of game called when the crowd prematurely rushes the field.  It happens, there a bunch of excited college kids.

  7. On 11/12/2021 at 12:56 PM, Charles Fischer said:


    To me, the difference is entirely the choices of the Athletic Director, as he has made the choices that have worked out for us.


    I always use the example of the late 70s when Oregon State had three final candidates for a new football coach and it was down to Craig Fertig, Terry Donohue and Rich Brooks.  What if they had selected Brooks, and then Brooks brought Bellotti to Corvallis, who then brought Chip to the Beavers?  All our history could be theirs due to a decision of the Athletic Director?


    But I do agree with you in that there is luck, as our AD had lucked out at times too.

    Alternate history and universe!  Has the makings of a great show.   Where would Phil and Penny fit in?

  8. On 11/12/2021 at 5:11 AM, Confused said:

    I do too if rose bowls are your ceiling. Mario will never coach an undefeated team.  He is a recruiter.  And our conference is pathetic!  No one gives us an ounce  of respect.   We need a pac 12 championship game against a top 10 USC.    

    Only Oregon would lose to Stanford.  That was on Mario.  And he will consistently lose 1 or 2 games no other top team or coach would.  

    No one gives us respect?   "No one" has us number 3.  How does that work?

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