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  1. I should have included all of the fastest Oregon men in my comparison...  I am making the comparison based on high school times... another mention should be made of Sammie Parker as well at 10.18 but that was a collegiate time as is Patrick Johnsons 10.26... of note those two guys were 5'11 and 5'10 respectively. We are talking about a guy who is 10.22 in high school, is 6" taller than both of them at a minimum, and outweighs them both by more than 25lbs...  I literally can't find any recruits for any school ever that match his overall measurables...


    Funny thing is he might not even be the fastest guy the Ducks pickup this signing season...Pleasant's PR is 10.14....


    A few other 100m comparisons to put his speed into comparison...


    Bo Jackson: 10.44

    Deon Sanders: 10.26

    Jerry Rice 10.49

    DeSean Jackson 10.50


    I hope we get both of them.... but really hope we get Harbor.....




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  2. IMHO this really isn't a question. He is faster than Metcalf, De Anthony, James, Tyner, Stewart, Barner, Kent, Allen and he is taller than Metcalf..... You stick him at wide out, certainly never in the slot, and you let him take the top off the defense in every game. Based on his highlight reels, he can also catch... His weight won't be an issue as he can keep track weight at wide out... let him do both.... Is the fastest ever Oregon duck football recruit a good fit? Yes, no question. It's almost like asking should the Ducks recruit the tallest fastest player in the country who can catch?


    Perspective on his speed:


    200M Usain Bolt ran a 21.05 in his Olympic debut at age 18. This kids PR at 18 is 20.79

    100M Tyreek HILL 10:19 Nyckoles Harbor 10.22 DAT 10.31, Metcalf 10.38, Tyner 10.38, James 10.49, Kent 10.54


    Who wants a 6'5 225lb Tyreek Hill?...

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  3. Originally moved to Philomath in 3rd grade, then to Grants Pass, then off to school at UO. I think it all started with sneaking booze into the student section at Autzen. I blame the alcohol and impaired judgement.


    I always liked the underdog and UO was certainly always that when I was there.... In some ways I miss the underdog status..... every win was special back then and losses were the expected outcome... We have been utterly spoiled in recent years...

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  4. While I fully understand the rationale behind a sports forum with decorum rules, It is going to be a never ending battle with a potential user base of highly opinionated, passionate and yes sometimes even rabid fans... Football is a game of passion and raw emotion and that bleeds over into the fanbase. I think the rules that are currently in place will keep individuals from feeling trampled upon but at the cost of user base growth. 


    While quality of over quantity is an admirable goal, it severely limits the revenue potential of the site. I can see this format working for an investment club forum, or a masters chess club site, but for collegiate football?  It essentially turns tackle football into flag football. That may be the desired level of rhetoric for some but it is gong to severely limit the sites financial viability.


    If the goal of the site is to have a close knit forum of like minded fans who enjoy discussing everything Duck in a civilized manner then I say keep on keeping on. If the goal is to grow revenue then I would humbly suggest limiting the intervention by admins to the most severe examples of reprehensible discourse. 

  5. On 12/15/2021 at 8:01 AM, 30Duck said:

    Mycah is gone...

    I didn't realize he had transferred? Dillingham has made 2  Trips to Eugene..... Are you sure he is gone? The coach and the OC that he had issues with are gone.... Transfer portal candidates can withdraw from the portal at any time.... granted the school is under no obligation to renew his scholarship ..but with Dillingham being the guy making that decision... 

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  6. The kid has already given a broken collarbone and broken forearm. Not sure why he would want to continue sacrificing himself and his NFL future (His dad made it and his brother so the genetics are definitely there.) He had over 3000 yards receiving in high school and over 30 touchdown catches... The ducks had him with a whopping 12 Rec this year..yet they had him return 15 punts.... Considering he has visited with Dillingham at FSU, and kids who enter the Portal are still not obligated to actually transfer, the kid is technically still a Duck.....FSU visit... For some of us once a Duck, always a Duck....is a thing.

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  7. These kids have 3 years to show enough talent to get a chance at the NFL. When the teams leading receiver is a RB it should be no surprise that talented wide receivers will leave the program. Imagine if Leach got a 5* running back to commit and let him carry the ball 5 times a game...(ok bad analogy that kid might still have a ridiculous year..)...but you get the gist.. These kids come here to showcase their talent, the more talent, the more it needs to utilized. All of these kids need highlight reels to get drafted and they know it. Moorehead and/or Cristobal were not getting that done on the offensive side of the ball.


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  8. Phil isn't going to be outbid for players if that is what this comes down to...not saying I like it...but I'm not worried about losing that battle if it occurs. Anybody see that Harrison Taggart has indicated he is signing... 6'2" 200lb linebacker that runs a 10.7 100m.... he can cover wide receivers or running backs without a problem. Very nice get.

  9. On 12/11/2021 at 8:43 PM, NWA72 said:

    Still had his shot with Rogers at QB and UGA missing 4 starters on defense. There's a reason Leach is at Miss St. and never sniffed a major power college job.

    I never said Leach was a good coach, he has mastered the passing game though. Georgia's defense can not defend against a top 10 passing team. If it happens once it could be a fluke. When it happens every year for the past 3 years it's an issue worth addressing...

  10. On 12/11/2021 at 8:19 PM, NWA72 said:

    Leach already had the opportunity last season and Georgia won 

    That was Leache's first year and his passing offense was ranked 20th.... It was a close game. This year he has the passing game up to 3rd in the nation. He will blow the doors off Georgia next year. Same reason they lost badly to Florida last year.

  11. Recruiting: A+

    Head Coaching Chops: Incomplete 

    Offensive Ability: Incomplete

    Defensive Ability: B (not very good vs passing offenses, will have trouble with USC)

    Ability to Hire Competent staff: Incomplete


    One thing I have learned is that good recruiters can talk their way into a head coaching job. 

  12.     I'll wait for judgment on Lanning until I see how he fills out his staff. The OC is going to be very important. I agree it is a huge gamble. He has energy and can recruit, much like Cristobal.... What worries me most is that he is getting a lot of credit for Georgia's defense being ranked #1 in the country.


         If he was some master at reading offensive sets and then calling the correct counter I could understand the optimism. Perhaps a great defensive genius. Unfortunately that isn't the case.


        Georgia basically realized that they had the talent to line up man for man and use very basic defensive formations. This works very well against the run and with super talented defensive lineman who can get after the QB it can stifle the passing game as well. It also allows a lot of rotation of secondary players helping create massive depth all over the field on defense. It's not a bad game plan, it does however run into problems when you line up against a top 20 passing team with an O line capable of holding back the pass rush. See vs Alabama this year and Florida Last year.


    Georgia has only played one top 20 passing team all year and that was Alabama. I expect Leach will have a field day with Georgia when he gets the opportunity.


      National passing ranks for teams Georgia has played this year: 103,91,96,104,73,57,72,39,65,55,95, and 7. Their lone loss was to the 7. My prediction they handily beat Michigan (Passing offense ranked 67) and then lose to Alabama for a second time.

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  13. The last two pics of Kelly with recruits have them in Nike gear and him in no Bruin gear.... The Nike Plane flew down to a Kelly intercept point between his last two visits.... The biggest tell in any Oregon coaching search should be focused on Phil....  Kelly will need a great DC that can work with his offensive system...and he will need some great recruiters, although recruiting to Oregon is going to be a lot different (easier) with the new NIL rules...Article regarding NIke plane....

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  14. I say give me Chip or give me death. He almost beat the Ducks this year, he still has that injured QB thing to work out.... He did beat LSU, the same LSU that was even money with Alabama this year until 46 seconds in the fourth.... He dismantled and embarrassed USC...breaking his old most points vs record that he previously held when Barner went off for 328 rushing yards in a game... He played Fresno State as well as the Ducks did... He handled Stanford....something Cristobal couldn't do..


    .. He embarrassed Cal, something Cristobal couldn't do... it's his 4th year at UCLA and as everyone knows it takes 3-4 years (exclude covid debacle)..for a coach to get his guys doing his thing....He did it faster at Oregon because he was Oregon's OC when anybody remember Dixon?... Yeah give me some of that back....


    Who recruited the NFL rookie of the year again? Chip Kelly.... Kiko not Herbert.... Who recruited the #1 athlete in the country? De Anthony..Chip Kelly... Who recruited former NFL greats kid Long? Who is still playing in the NFL...Chip Kelly. Buckner? Armstead? Ifo? Mitchell? Fischer? Grasu? If you don't want Chip back you don't know football. ..... Please Phil JUST DO IT.

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