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Guest Axel

Stanford Goes 0-2 in College World Series--Eliminated

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Guest Axel

The Stanford Crayola should be seeing bright crimson after getting royally embarrassed at the College World Series. In two games, they were drubbed by a combined score of 23-4. The Stanford football team could have generated more offense or at least put a hurt on some the opposing players. Is it legal to blindside a pitcher during his windup? 


In the end, the winners of the first Pac-12 baseball tournament may have been the conference's biggest losers. Stanford fans had barely unpacked their suitcases, when it was time to call Uber to take them back to the airport.


Of course, those fans might choose to extend their stay in Omaha and take advantage of all the cool touristy things to do, like visit a slaughterhouse, get lost in a corn maze, or sit next to the air conditioner in their motel room to avoid heat stroke.


It's too early for the Nebraska state fair, which is too bad, because who doesn't crave pickled pigs' knuckles, stale pork rinds, and deep-fried slabs of butter? I wonder how many Crayola fans will make a return trip in late August for all of those tasty state-fair goodies.

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