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Prime Time's Salary Ranks 3rd in the Pac-12 at $5.9M, Just Ahead of DL at $4.85M

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Jon Wilner of the San Jose Mercury-News ranks the salaries of the 11 head coaches in the conference


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Kinda makes sense...lower tier schools like Colorado need to pay up more to attract talent.  That being said, DL will probably get an extension and a raise by the end of year 2, particularly if the team shows improvement (especially on defense).

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Colorado's probably betting on more hype and ticket sales from Prime Time's star power.  


Jonathan Smith is a real bargain for OSU at $3.76M, good for 9th in the conference. 

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Former Jackson State commit Jordan Hall is following Deion to CU

Coach Prime Time is earning his salary right out of the gate by flipping Jordan Hall.  In 2023, Ducks play Colorado at Autzen. 

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