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  • Directions for Creating a Post Title and Correct Capitalization 


    (A big part of what this forum special is the courtesy we extend to fellow members, just as they do for you in what they write, and how they write it.)


    --The Title:  (Very Important!)

    Tell us in the title what the thread is about, and make your title interesting; create something that makes people want to click and read your topic. It could be a quote from an article you are linking or referring to. Or an unusual ponder-point about your topic that makes people want to know more.


    Why do I offer title advice? I've been on a forum before where I was scanning the topic titles to see if anything interested me, (see how human nature works?) and I passed on a post title that was about a particular article. Later on another forum a title to a topic about an article was intriguing, and I clicked on it and found it was the same article, was superb, and was glad I did not miss it. Yet I would have missed it on the other forum because of the boring title and yet it was the same article being linked!


    We want Google to find our posts and suggest them, (that is how new people are finding us!) thus we describe what is in the post in our title, make the title interesting, and we use AP (Associated Press) style in capitalizing because it is easier for our OBD members to read, and because Google likes it.


    Google is more likely to refer your post in a browser search when you follow the tips above, and you make it easier for the good people in the OBD community to read your post.

    We use AP Style in Titles so Google Will Recognize Your Post and Suggest it to Others!

    Part of being committed to this community is all the little things for the benefit of all, and the same is true with these titles; make them easy to read with Associated Press capitalizing and make them sizzle for the enjoyment of everyone and have fun with it!


    We follow AP Style (Associated Press) which means we capitalize the first letter of every word in the title except for the inconsequential words listed below.  We always capitalize the first letter of the last word in the title, regardless of what word it is. (Pretty simple, and once you are used to it--it is easy)


    Below is the simple list of what NOT to capitalize in a title!  In other words…we do capitalize every word in the title except for those listed below.


    Please capitalize the first and last word in the title, and every word in the title except  the inconsequential words like, “a, an, and, as, at, but, in, if, is, it, for, nor, of, on, or, out, so, to, so, the, up, and yet.” 


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