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  1. LB/DB Jamal Hill, DL Casey Rogers, DL Popo Aumavae, LB Mase Funa, OL Steven Jones, K Camden Lewis, DB Steve Stephens IV, and DL Taki Taimani are also draft eligible seniors that could hear their names called.

    Let's Gooooo Ducks!

  2. Ducks are owning the 4th round! That's great for Bo and Troy to already have that connection. Can you imagine if somehow Bucky goes to the Broncos too?? 🦆🔥


    Yes, I know it's not likely, but hey, who knows?

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  3. On 2/15/2024 at 1:41 PM, Augduck said:

    academically prowess

    That wording never sat right with me. I don't think it's correct. Lemme ask chatgpt 😆



    'No, "academically prowess" is not correct. If you're trying to express academic skill or excellence, you could say "academically proficient" or "academically skilled" instead.'


    Hmmm.... I mean, a guy from ewwdub is probably smarter than AI... Right?

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  4. On 1/10/2024 at 12:09 PM, mikethehiker said:
    • Total defense improved from 75th to 22nd (320.3 ypg in 2023 vs 386.1 ypg in 2022).
    • Scoring offense improved from 10th to 2nd (44.2 ppg in 2023 vs 38.8 ppg in 2022).
    • Total offense improved from 6th to 2nd (531.4 ypg in 2023 vs 500.5 ypg in 2022).
    • 1st in all of FBS in total passing yards per game (346.9 ypg).
    • Coaching staff remains intact for the first time since _______(?)

    The above 5 really stood out to me. Imagine improving upon the first 4 in 2024! 

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  5. Recruiting. That's the only thing I could see being advantageous. Finish the season second best, and you have a pretty good recruiting pitch. Not so far off is finishing number 6, though. 


    However, as we've learned, doesn't really matter where Washington finishes the season. Their recruiting is terrible regardless. Luckily for those bozos, they've got a great coaching staff who can coach up players. 


    Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock...


    But things are going to catch up to them. Quick!



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  6. For me, Tez Johnson. From everything this kid has been through, to being the all time leader in receptions in his first year with OBD, this kid has something special. 


    Honorable mentions:


    Bucky & Jordan - for keeping that rock moving on the ground. 


    Bo (of course) - well, for obvious reasons.


    T-Ferg & Lil' Herbert - for their outstanding contributions along the line. 


    JPJ - again, for obvious reasons. 


    The entire Defense - for being so vastly improved in this regimes second year. 


    And lastly, the rest of the 2023 transfer players - for having such a positive impact on the team.

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