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  1. Heh! Maybe all those years making predictions on Glenn's site melded our minds a bit? Either way, good luck
  2. Well, I hear OSU's colors become really popular around the end of October. Although, that very rarely lasts into Bowl Season.
  3. I love how that jdub guy posts a link that contradicts his opinion with the facts. Can't ask for more perfect example of "go home, and try again tomorrow". As for the games, the only one that jumps off the page to me is the Bama game. I'm not saying Bama will lose, because it definitely depends on which Bama team shows up, but Ole Miss could surprise everybody. Oregon could also be in the same boat, but I'm a homer, so I won't say that .
  4. Nike unvailed their newest shoe, which will debut this Saturday when the Ducks wear them to take on Colorado. These are seriously sick kicks! https://www.si.com/fannation/sneakers/news/the-oregon-ducks-plan-to-debut-thermal-reactive-cleats
  5. I believe that Lannings comments didn't bother Dion. That's purely my opinion, and speculation at best, but to me, DL's comment only solidifies the effort and success Dion has had thus far. I mean, Colorado was a train wreck. There's no denying it. Lanning pointing that out only enhances the focus on the fantastic job Dion has done. It's like seeing a rust bucket in a junk yard, and calling it junk, like it is. But that same junk can be fixed up and made all shiny new. ... Still, it once was a pile of junk. But all credit would go to the man/woman who restored it to its former glory. I don't think anyone would get mad for calling it what it once was. Much like Lannings comment - calling Colorado what it once was. Dion may realize that, but more likely, he just accepts the truth. CU flat out sucked 11/12ths of the time it was in the PAC, before this year. More on point, I'm also happy that those two great coaches have mutual respect for each other. And one can only hope that that respect, and regard trickles down to each respective team. We don't need a chippy game, littered with laundry. May the best Anas platyrhynchos win! (Go Ducks!)
  6. To be fair, Coach Lanning wasn't way off base. 2011 - 3-10 2012 - 1-11 2013 - 4-8 2014 - 2-10 2015 - 4-9 2016 - 10-4 2017 - 5-7 2018 - 5-7 2019 - 5-7 2020* - 4-2 2021 - 4-8 2022 - 1-11 *2020 was obviously a shortened season, so who knows what the outcome would have been had they faced a full schedule. With the exception of 2020, Colorado had just 1 winning season in the PAC12 - 2016, which ironically was Oregon's worst PAC12 season. Coincidence? Obviously with Dion as HC, Colorado has already shown that they can be competitive this year. But to be fair, Coach Lanning wasn't speaking about this year. He was referring to the past 12 years, which Colorado, even in their 10-4 season, failed to beat Okie State in the Alamo Bowl. Thus, no championships. Championships - this is what I believe Coach Lanning was referring to, imo. Either way, social media is chirping, so best that Oregon just takes care of business when Prime and crew come to town. Go Ducks!
  7. Hmm... For whatever reason, the link in my op just redirects to this page. Weird. Should take you here: https://goducks.com/sports/football/opponent-history/university-of-hawaii/192
  8. What kind of MSU fan would have a twitter ID of @Some1InCasanova ? Yep, an angry Beaver Fan sounds about right.
  9. I don't feel so old now. I was 11. But you can be sure I was gathered around a TV with my family watching that game. Just don't remember the details. That's what's so weird about what I was saying before. I'm obviously wrong, and looking back I remember now that we hadn't played them this century, but for some reason my brain was convinced we had. False Memory Syndrome, I guess.
  10. After reading Mic's post on the news thread, I thought I'd make a thread to reply, and also discuss the history of these matchups. Starting with the quote from Mic: "I'll fess up: I had to do a double-take when I saw the stat that Hawaii had beaten Oregon in the last three matchups between the two schools - and that by the amazing margin of 101-54 favoring the Rainbow Warriors. I definitely remember them beating O in the Rose Bowl year, but Hawaii has had an amazing record of success against the Ducks. Here's to Oregon making a sizable dent in that 101-54 margin, if not outright wiping it out! GO DUCKS" Like Mic, I too was shocked. For some reason, my mind was trying to tell me that the Ducks had played them in recent times. Furthermore, that we had owned them. Why? ... I looked up the history between these two teams here on Go Ducks, and found that they last played in '94... Holy moly... Am I that old? Seems like it was just a few years ago. Well, looking at the history of these two teams, it's good to know that we lead 4-3, and have the largest margin of victory (47-0 Woot!), albeit in 1921. Oddly enough that year, we also played "Pearl Harbor". Well, I guess time has a way of blending itself in memory. Or maybe I just have... What's it called?.. Looking forward to 5-3. Go Ducks!
  11. Wtg boys. Clean it up next game and get ready for league play.
  12. I tend to have a blast through all 4 quarters when in Autzen. (And pre/post game too!) We each have our own experiences. Having said that, I wouldn't be opposed to some added new traditions. Anything that builds upon, imo, one of the best GameDay experiences I've had the pleasure to attend, is good in my book. Mostly, though, what I want to experience, is winning! Obviously the games are a whole lot better when your team is piling on the points. (Imo) Opinions vary, though.
  13. Definitely the first thing I fell in love with about FD was how easy it's made to learn about OBD. Thanks again (10+ years! ) for the excellent analysis. (FYI, I was certainly one of the cry babies who benefited from this article) Go Ducks!
  14. My bad, I meant no pressure to score. I meant he could just go out there and have fun. I see your point tho, but we should agree that both points are speculative. Nobody but TT knows what he was feeling. However, he did look sharp, and to your point, I also think Will Stein has done a great job. Let's hope we can hold on to him for a bit.
  15. I don't want to be a Debbie Downer here, but as well as TT played in that quarter, I can't help but wonder if he would preform as well if his team wasn't up by 60 points, where there's absolutely no pressure on him. Not saying he hasn't made strides, and that he isn't talented, only saying that perhaps he doesn't do well under pressure? Well, as it is, we'll find out. But I wish him all the luck & success he deserves. Good kid, who stuck around because he loves being a Duck!
  16. LSU got rolled! I watched quite a bit of that game (when I wasn't making/eating dinner). Looked to me like they were gassed too early, plus horribly out-schemed. But I have to feel a little sorry for LSU, as they also had ZERO SACKS! Some of you on here remember a certain LSU fan from this other site (6) who I'd love to chat with right about now. LSU will rebound, but prolly not enough to be a contender. BK is a good coach. He'll get his team to a good bowl.
  17. Precisely! Bigger fish await, and if Oregon doesn't have a pass rush against a lowly FCS team, then we're in BIG trouble this year, in this league. I know I'm being skeptical, but I'm also going to be patient. If next Saturday shows more of the same, then I'll develop a worry. For now, I think I'm sick of the topic. How about that Offense!!
  18. 106 teams recorded a sack this weekend. Oregon wasn't one of them.
  19. I see your point. But I still look at it as 0 sacks out of 20 chances. I agree though that it's too soon to judge. I just expected more from a defensive line that was hyped up a bit during camp. Lesson learned.
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