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  1. Lanning needs to learn that above all others, there are 2 games that Oregon needs to show up for; The swamp rats and the mutts. Everything else is secondary, aside from championships.
  2. That's all. I hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful feast with their loved ones.
  3. I love the little jab at OSU's former president. Civil War, always. But if we must... Why not keep "civil" and drop "war"? I.e. Civil Bowl, Civil Rivalry, Civil Game, etc... The point Canzano makes is a valid one. It's been 2 years? ... Let's make a decision.
  4. I will never understand how they can consider shotgun an option for 4th and 1.
  5. Oregon better tighten up the defense. If they cannot stop the pass, they will lose this game.
  6. Nothing but love for Travis Dye. I wish him only the best.
  7. With Oregon's pass defense ranked 117th, and Ewwdubs pass offense ranked #1... I have worries. DL & TL better put together an excellent defensive strategy for Saturday, or we could suffer a loss. Which would make me want to drink heavily. Hoping for the best.
  8. I don't personally see a stadium expansion happening anytime soon either, but I was referring to the future when we are National Champions! We all know Oregon has a substantial fan base. One that keeps growing.
  9. Happy Sunday! Setting aside the 2020 season, I decided to take a look at the number of sellout home games during each coaches tenure since the expansion to 54,000 capacity. Source First up, of course, is Mike Belotti, who already had 7 years under his belt at the previous capacity. 2002 - 2008: 45 sellouts! (That's every single home game during his tenure, after the expansion in 2002!) Chip Kelly: 2009 - 2012: 28 sellouts. (Also every home game in his time as HC, including 2 games with 60,000+!!!) Mark Helfrich: 2013 - 2016: 22 sellouts ( 2016 saw the end of a sellout streak unmatched in UO history at 110 games over 17 years!) "Slick" Willie Taggart: 2017: 5 sellouts (slither away, Slick.) Mario Cristobal: 2018 - 2021: ... 6. (2020 aside, in 3 years, Mariø only had 1 more sellout home game than Slick ) Dan Lanning: 2022 - : 2 (Lanning has the tough task of winning not only games, but some of the faith lost by some fans from the previous few coaches) DL is trending upwards, and I see a packed Autzen, and the beginning of a new sellout streak during his tenure. I could even go as far as to say - If he brings us our first football National Championship, we might see another era of sellouts at Autzen... One with a capacity of 70,000! I dream big. Go Ducks!!!
  10. I could see that. Also, swap USC & LSU, and I'd buy that.
  11. My prediction: 1 - Georgia 2 - tOSU 3 - Michigan 4 - TCU 5 - Tenn 6 - Oregon 7 - USC 8 - LSU 9 - Bama 10 - Clemson
  12. Hard to believe that the best offense in the land has failed to score on a 1-7 Northwestern. Definitely starting slow. I'm sure they will win by 30+. Oregon State's loss was disappointing, but that's gonna make next week's game all the better. Washington should now be ranked near where OSU was, which only strengthens our schedule. Another surprise game has been Tech vs TCU. I thought Sonny Dykes would have had his team up big by now. I haven't followed Texas Tech this year at all, so I don't know how good their defense is. Could just be one of those Saturdays. Georgia / Tenn & Bama / LSU should be some telling games for the SEC. Pretty good matchups there. I'm curious to see how K State does against Texas. Does Notre Dame have a shot to beat Clemson? I believe so.
  13. *Against a 3 win team. Mariø
  14. That 4th&1 shouldn't have been done from shotgun, imo.
  15. Oregon completely surprises everyone and beats the Dawgs handily - 59 - 14! And when I woke up, I was once again disappointed in another false hope dream. Oregon loses again 62 - 21 ( 14 of the 21 coming in garbage time) Let's face it, folks ... Oregon isn't on that level. May never be. Georgia is a team that knows how to show up for big games, and win championships. Georgia will hear all the pundits praising Oregon, Nix, and Lanning/Dilly, and will make a point to thrash us worse than before. Oregon isn't the only team that can improve. Georgia would be ready, and motivated to put that little team from the west in their place. Sad, but true. Unless..... I'm wrong. Which happens frequently.
  16. Of all the sporting events I've ever been to in my time, l have to say nothing holds a candle to the experience in Autzen. It's truly a game day atmosphere like no other place I have ever been. Welcome to the club!
  17. I think we could all agree that Oregon could use a bruiser back to complement Bucky & Noah. I don't mean a "short yardage" back like James. I mean a guy like Zach Charbonnet, who will run 10-20 yards while running through/over/past/ but mostly through guys. Royce was that last Oregon back I remember to have that ability constantly, but there was this guy from Lacey, Washington a few years before him who could plow over guys. I wonder whatever happened to him Also, LeGarrette Punch .... Er, Blount, used to have that ability when he was able to stay on the field. Light, twitchy, fast, and elusive is always fun to watch... But sometimes you just wanna see a back bulldoze the field.
  18. Bucky (and Noah) have better vision, burst. But how would have Dye done under the tutelage of Locklyn?
  19. The "Pick" represents the turning point in the trajectory of the program. The day Oregon said "we are here". That onside kick was a well timed, great play, but prolly won't swing the program in an upward direction. (But who knows) This could be a great conversation. What are the pivotal moments in Duck history? (the footnotes version)
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