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  1. On 10/22/2022 at 6:17 PM, DuckIt said:

    It's possible that Clemson could fall a bit too.  They had to bench DJ, and it wasn't a convincing win, playing from behind, at home.

    Yeah, but the darlings of the ACC are sure to stay top 6. Bama could pass them, but not likely. My guess is the top 6 stay the same. It's looking like Oregon could be #7 

  2. On 10/22/2022 at 6:01 PM, DuckIt said:

    I agree and would be nervous if the Ducks were to play in the playoffs today.  We would have to rely on our offense to outscore the other team.

    Right? ... And against an elite defense, who knows how Oregon would perform? Georgia? I would take a win in Vegas, and a win in a NY6 bowl. A great, but realistic way for DL to end his first year as HC.

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  3. Bama is sinking Mississippi State. Mike Leach is leaving Tuscaloosa tonight like:





    TCU is behind right now to K State. A TCU loss, along with Ole Miss could be very good for Oregon.


    Little Brother is handling Colorado. No surprise there. 


    Furd beat Arizona State. Good for Coach Shaw. 


    It will be nice to see how Cal does at home hosting the Mutts. Oregon fans may want to watch. 


    Any other games interesting to y'all? 


  4. On 10/22/2022 at 4:39 PM, Desert Duck said:

    Just an all around excellent game. So impressive.


    And there's nothing wrong with giving up 30 points to UCLA, which is the least number of points they scored all season. They average 40 ppg,


    Great coaching.

    Oregon needs to play at an elite level to win a Natty. Giving up 448 yards/30 points to a good team may be fine for a team not playoff bound, but Oregon needs to do better to be an elite playoff contender.  


    I agree though, great coaching in-game today. 

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  5. On 10/22/2022 at 5:24 PM, DuckIt said:

      I'm still not sold on Lupoi.

    Who knows what happens behind the Green and Yellow curtain, but I'm sure DL plays a big part on Defense. The Ducks played well enough today, for sure. But as a playoff team? ... Oregon would need much improvement. Imagine then how elite Oregon would be. 

  6. On 10/22/2022 at 5:11 PM, David Marsh said:

    The special teams haven't been hurting us but the defense couldn't get off the field against UCLA. 

    Yeah, I agree that defense should be the biggest concern, and special teams have improved (that onside kick!), however even DL said in his post game presser that improvement on special teams is still needed. (although he says that about everything 😁


    There's that great article over on Fishduck.com, which was well written, about this subject. You'd like the author. 😉

  7. Great win!


    I do have some reservations, however. I hear talk about "playoff", and I can't accept it. I do not think Oregon is a playoff team yet. UCLA is good, maybe even great, but certainly not elite. No Pac12 team is elite this year, imo. Including Oregon. It takes being elite to be a playoff team. I do believe Oregon is on the way, and perhaps next year, but there will be inconsistencies even still with a QB change, and players leaving for the draft. 


    I'm confident that Oregon is a Pac12 Champ caliber team this year, but just not a National Championship Team. But hey, it's only my opinion, and... anything can happen in CFB!


    Go Ducks!!!

  8. On 10/15/2022 at 9:01 PM, Pennsylvania Duck said:

    What was the reasoning for 5 secs getting added back on? It was 8 secs then the refs made it 13 secs. I didn't get the reason for that.

    The refs have half-assed stated that there was a timeout signal that was missed at around the 13 second mark. Or at least that's what I got from it.

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