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  1. Just wanted to open a thread to discuss all the other games on today. 



    So far, looks like TCU is taking it to Oklahoma. 20 - 3 so far, in the first quarter!


    Michigan VS Iowa is turning out to be the slug-fest everyone expected. 


    Ole Miss is up on Kentucky at present!


    Minnesota is down 10 - 0 vs unranked Purdue! Start rowing boys!



    This day has only just begun. Here's to a great day of College Football!

  2. On 9/26/2022 at 2:38 PM, DuckFan93 said:

      I have never seen so many trick plays in a game before.  

    That play where they lined up, then acted like they are looking to the sideline for another call... Man... It sure burned us. Gonzalez was completely fooled, as were over half our guys. 


    Hats off to their staff for putting a heck of a game plan together. They should have won that game. 


    Sure glad they didn't. 😏


    And I agree, WSU will play spoiler to someone this season.

  3. On 9/25/2022 at 11:53 AM, David Marsh said:

    They haven't played anyone but what looks like a bad Michigan State team. MSU was demolished by Minnesota yesterday 34-7. 


    That "ranked win" the Huskies is losing its shine by the day and fast. Still an important win for the conference. 

    Who has WSU played besides a seemingly "bad" Wisconsin team, who was crushed by tOSU yesterday? ... Yet they still put up 375 passing yards on us. 


    My point isn't to cherry pick stats, or compare this team to that. It's simply that Oregon obviously needs improvement in their pass defense, and that their rush defense is superior. 

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  4. On 9/25/2022 at 9:11 AM, Dave23 said:

    Stats are kind of a funny thing, is the run defense that good or is it that no one bothers running the ball because the past defense is that bad.

    I guess by that point, you'd have to simply assess by looking at average yards given up. Oregon is at 3.39 yards per rush attempt (102 attempts). That's good for 44th in the nation. 


    On the other hand, pass defense is giving up 8.1 yards per attempt (149 attempts) , which is good (or bad) for 109th in the nation. 


    Either way, it's quite obvious watching the games that the run defense is superior to the pass defense. 

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  5. The back end (and middle) certainly needs some growth. Oregon's passing defense is ranked an abysmal 125th at the moment.


    What's worse is we haven't even played the best passing team yet. (Eewdub is currently ranked 1st nationally 🤮)


    In fact, there are 3 games upcoming with teams ranked 30th or better in the passing attack. I know it's fluid, but they all should remain a threat. 


    Oregon will need significant gains in defending the pass to remain in contention for the Pac12 Championship. 


    One plus is our run defense. It looks pretty good. But being one dimensional on defense is bad. 


    Also, what happened to tackling?


    Grow Ducks! 🦆

  6. On 9/19/2022 at 8:30 AM, nw777b said:

    What are your thoughts about which option to choose when the opening game coin toss goes your way?


    Receive or Defer? 


    I prefer to defer unless the opposing team has a strong offense AND when they are home to prevent an over boisterous crowd during the first drive. I think WSU fits that criteria.


    If the Duck defense can stop them on their first drive, that's a huge advantage if the Duck offense punches it in on their first drive. But if WSU were to score and the Ducks fail, that's a bit deflating.


    Usually, I like deferring and getting the ball first to open the 2nd half after making adjustments at half-time.


    Thoughts? What are your criteria for receiving vs deferring?

    I agree with you 100%... Like verbatim.


    Get out of my head! 😁



  7. Streaming is the future. I ditched cable a few years back, and haven't looked back. I don't miss any games I care about. 


    Since I'm already a prime member, and have a smart devices in every room of my house, I'm all in on this idea. 


    I agree with Log Haulin. Prime Video (as it's called now) would reach millions more folks than the old P12 deal ever did. It'd give folks the ability to see every P12 game/event, and probably bolster the production value, as well (hopefully). 


    Anyone ever watch Top Gear? That show was huge, because of streaming. Well now those guys are over on Amazon, rebranded, with a much bigger budget, and their show is great! Plus, it reaches many more people than the old show ever did. 


    Streaming is the future. And I've got a front row seat. 


    Go Ducks!

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  8. Oregon is ranked 114th in passing defense. This concerns me.


    The only saving grace is that BYU is ranked 33rd in passing offense, and put up over 300 passing yards on Oregon, but Oregon won.


    WSUs passing attack ranks 77th. Rushing is 107th. 


    Oregon wins if they play clean, mistake free ball, ... and pile on a bunch of points. 


    Go Ducks!

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  9. Georgia throttled Oregon last week. We know that fact. 


    The 33-0 Georgia win today raises some questions.


    How could Samford allow less points scored than Oregon? 


    Did Georgia just let their bench play from the 2nd quarter on? 


    Did Kirby's game plan mean to take it easy on Samford? 


    Was Oregon just that terrible last week? Or was Georgia just amazingly on point? 


    I didn't watch the game, but it looks like Bennet, and the 1's played most of the game.  


    Playing down to the competition? 


    Oregon obviously won big today, and BYU is currently tied with Baylor,... So next week is looking like a really big game. 


    A telling game. 


    Georgia plays South Carolina next week. A middling team last year, who just lost to Ark. 

    So we'll get a better idea of that team.


    BYU , win or lose today, will undoubtedly be looking for a win over Oregon next week. 


    BYU just took the lead. 🥺


    I'm asking so many questions because of the amount of uncertainty on any given Saturday. College Football is crazy, and anyone can win big, or lose big any given week. 


    I'm just trying to get some semblance of what to expect this year, based on the performance of this year's opponents. It's proving to be a challenge.



    I feel like I'm rambling (too much celebration juice ☺️), so I'll end this post with one question...


    What's your take on this team, and how do you see them performing this year? 


    As always, Go Ducks!!

  10. This season in all will be mediocre, at best. It's what to expect when you have a new system on every side of the ball, an entire new staff, and a handful of transfers learning the "Oregon way" (Whatever that is anymore).


    I saw this game for what it was gonna be. I said a while back that Georgia was on another level.




    It's easy to see. They have top tier talent all over. They have a proven system that they know flawlessly, and can execute to perfection. 


    The coaching staff know DL intimately, and prolly Tosh, as well. They had answers to everything we did, seemingly. And tore apart our well known defense. 


    This game would have had a different outcome had our staff been in year 4 or 5, imho (Although, probably still a loss).


    We are in for a rollercoaster of a season, at least until things really start to gel. But give it time OBD faithful.... We'll get back to our winning ways. 


    As always, Go Ducks!

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