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  1. While I believe the Ducks core problems are systemic and coaching related.... I also see an enviable foundation that will allow a fast turnaround if Cristobal will simply adapt. This foundation is what made the 2008 - 2015 Ducks so successful & dangerous. And mark my words, will be the basis for a new resurgence at the University of Oregon::: Speed Size Playmaking Ability 1. Speed Henry V, “Old men forget: yet all shall be forgot,But he'll remember with advantagesWhat feats he did that day” Perhaps you’ve forgotten. There was a time in the not so distant past, that it was accepted fact that Oregon was the fastest team on the field versus EVERY single opponent. ”then shall our names.Familiar in his mouth as household wordsHarry the king, Bedford and Exeter,Warwick and Talbot, Salisbury and Gloucester,Be in their flowing cups freshly remember'd.” Marcus Mariota, Devon Allen, De’Anthony Thomas, LaMichael James, Bralon Addison. For years, our guys were faster and quicker than anyone on the field. That applied to our skill position players. That applied to our offensive linemen. We out-hustled and out-ran opposing teams off just about every field we competed on. The last 5 years...not so much. CJ Verdell, Tyler Shough, George Moore, Johnny Johnson are all fine athletes; yet none of them have blazing wheels. They seem like they’d be equally comfortable in a Wisconsin offense rather than the Oregon Blur of old. Fair enough. But all is not lost. There is SPEED either on the roster now....or is coming:::: Sean Dollars, Mychal Wright, Seven McGee and Ty Thompson have wheels that will once again strike fear into our hapless PAC12 foes. And honestly, I cant wait to see that once again. 2. Size The Chip/Helfrich era put a premium on long, lengthy athletes. The twin towers of Defo Buckner and Arik Armstead. Kyle Long. Jake Fisher. Dwayne Stanford. Every one a matchup problem because of their combined size and athleticism. But not to fear. We have that right now; albeit perhaps not properly utilized yet: Sala da Beast Jayson Jones Devon Williams Spencer Webb Adrian Jackson Kayvon Thibodeaux Every one of these guys is a matchup nightmare because of their combination of size and athletic ability. I know Chip/Helfrich were master chess players when it came to finding matchup inequities and then pounding the crap out of them. Cristobal hasn’t shown that talent yet....even though it’s just staring at him on his own roster. 3. Playmaking Ability For me, this conversation begins and ends with DAT. But... that said, few teams had an answer for Byron Marshall (incredibly clutch!), Kenyon Barner, Charles Nelson, Brady Breeze, Josh Huff, Ifo Ekpre Olumu. Yet if Cristobal would simply UNLEASH what’s on his roster right now.... the Ducks would have the chance to once again be among the most DYNAMIC & EXCITING teams in college football::: Once again - Sean Dollars and Seven McGee DJ Johnson (every time he’s fed the ball he makes something happen) Mychal Wright (has the chops to be the best return man in college football) Dontae Manning (I’ve never seen a Ducks cb with as much flexibility and potential. He absolutely needs college level coaching to turn him into one of the best cornerbacks in the country. Put him out on an “island” and know he’s got it locked down.) Noah Sewell (Led the team in tackles and was 1st team all American. Has the physical tools. But can Cristobal/Avalos/Wilson turn him into a Derrick Thomas? Noah has every measurable and intangible a football team covets. Question is - Can Cristobal turn him into a generational player like his brother?) Kayvon Thibodeaux (see Noah Sewell) Spencer Webb (This kid is could be a college version of Travis Kelce. Big. Strong. Exceptional route runner and hands. Yet he’s languishing on the bench.) My point is - we’ve got the meat on the hoof. Right now.... right now!!! .... we’ve got the players with the Speed Size Playmaking Ability on the roster...or coming into the program in 2021. The question is:::: Does Cristobal have the ability to utilize and fully maximize these elite players? Forget about a coherent offensive SYSTEM and HRHSP for a moment. Does Cristobal have the ability to utilize and fully maximize these elite players? Because THEY will be the foundation of turning this program around. Thoughts?
  2. Charles, In my humble opinion, We (as Duck fans) and the U of O team will never get what we truly want:::: Climbing the heights of the college football pantheon.... not by just winning games..... but by dominating and instilling fear in our opponents like we did from 2008 to 2015 Until we become an innovative leader with a fully integrated offensive scheme that once again IMPOSES OUR WILL and strikes fear into defensive coordinators. I believe my thoughts are best summed up by this classic film. Mongol General: Hao! Dai ye! We won again! This is good, but what is best in life? Mongol: The open steppe, fleet horse, falcons at your wrist, and the wind in your hair. Mongol General:Wrong! Conan! What is best in life? Conan: To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women. That’s right, Conan. You magnificent barbarian! Winning the Day one inside zone read spread concept at a time.
  3. BDF, Nobody expects Cristobal to run Chip/Helfrich’s offense. But I’ve yet to see ON THE FIELD what Moorhead is trying to do. I know a bit about what he was trying to do at PSU simply from articles I’ve read. But looking for a consistent plan of attack from the Ducks offense for the last 3 years has been an exercise in futility. I wrote about this a few weeks back. I talked about how Chip/Helfrich IMPOSED THEIR WILL on opposing teams with their SYSTEM. So much so, some teams viewed themselves as sacrificial lambs to the inevitability of the Ducks unstoppable attack. Let me put it another way: As a CASUAL FAN in 2014, most people could give a rudimentary explanation of how Marcus, Royce, Charles Nelson, et al were going to slice and dice the other team. And if they wanted more detail on this SYSTEM, they simply had to view FishDuck for a comprehensive breakdown of the offense. Can you....or anyone as knowledgeable as you....explain what Moorhead/Cristobal are trying to accomplish on offense? And why we can’t see it on the field. Because as far as I can tell, it looks like a mish mash of sometimes clever plays....poorly executed....lacking consistency and clarity. No system.
  4. 1st time on the new forum. Pretty cool. So, watching the Ducks this truncated & frustrating season, I’ve been struck by how inept the overall play is. We KNOW that the talent is there, but it’s not being truly utilized or presented on the field. And I’ve wondered about that. Ive kinda tangentially touched on this before:::: Chip/Helfrich truly were innovative minds. But aside from their revolutionary (at the time) concepts with health science (individual smoothies, metabolic tracking, etc...), game management and hurry up play...... 2 things really stand out to me::: 1. They developed a fully integrated plan of attack. A SYSTEM. It wasn’t just test-the-edges so we can gash you up the middle. And it wasn’t just about speed, although at that time (no longer currently) we were among the fastest teams in the country. Chip/Helfrich had a SYSTEM that was so efficient, so well thought out that they had an answer for every defensive alignment. Doesn’t anyone remember how outright deadly the Ducks were in the 3rd quarter after spending halftime making adjustments? That’s what a SYSTEM based on lethal simplicity affords you - The defense does this/We counter with that. If WE know the answers to every question, then running over/around/thru the opposing team becomes almost like child’s play. 2. High Speed / High Rep Practices. (HSHRP) How many times have we heard from former Duck players that Chip/Helfrich practices were so fast that the games seemed slow by comparison? Or, how many times would we see a simple screen to DAT or LaMichael or Barner executed so flawlessly that it would go 60, 70, 80 yards? They ran that damn play about 25 times every practice. Every person knew EXACTLY what their assignment was. HSHRP give you that ability. It slows the game down for the players. And allows each play to be a gamewrecker simply because EVERY PLAY has been run to perfection countless times in practice beforehand. Unfortunately, Cristobal doesn’t incorporate either of those tenets - No System. No HRHSP. So we’re stuck with high quality players playing subpar football. And I don’t foresee that changing until Cristobal gets onboard with these 2 aforementioned precepts. What are your thoughts?
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