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  1. It's tough being an official. But when you put your calls as being more important than the game it's a no go for me.


    I see mistakes made in other leagues games, but what I don't see is the refs constantly taking the game over. They seem to allow the flow of the game to continue without making all the tricky tacky calls that PAC 12 refs seem to do.


    Also when a team is playing at home the calls seem to work out in their favor. If a team is considered better than the other team the calls seem to go in their favor. If you're a blue blood the calls seem to go in your favor.


    But not the Ducks. And I can't figure out why that is unless it that I'm a fan and can't see the forest through the trees. But I see other people making the same observations, some with a lot more FB knowledge then myself, seeing the same thing. 


    I hope it's not a conspiracy by the league's refs, but it sure seems to be. What I don't understand is why? I know it seems to happen across the PAC also, but not with the frequency of it occuring to our OBD.


    I know we don't pay our officials enough but in my eyes that can't explain it away. I just wish they'd let the players decide the outcome. It'd make the game so much better.

  2. Fuskies have yet to play an away game. Think that's gonna bite them in the butt in the ucla game. To me they haven't beat anyone yet.


    Neither has ucla but again their at home and it's the fuskies first away game of the season.

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  3. I'm worried about the Ducks being too young and not playing well on the road. I've noticed that younger teams, even though they are more talented than their opponents, can struggle when they play outside of their friendly home confines. 


    Maybe that's one of the reasons we played so poorly against UGA. I guess we will find out this Saturday at 1 p.m..

  4. Last year UGA had one of the dominant defenses ever. Then the draft took most of them away. Thought it might take awhile to get all the new pieces working together even as talented as the players are.


    Now we're 3 games in and from my vantage point they look even better than last year and that's a tall order. Still the competition hasn't been against the top CFB teams of this year.


    You and UGA won't know for sure how good they are until said games happen. Imo any team of basically kids are suseptible to the rat poison of the hype machine until they really know for sure if they are good or not. 


    How many games it takes is anyone's guess. Coaching and critical injuries are also a big part of what transpires throughout this process. 


    You also play in a tough conference although your division hasn't been as good as in the past.  All I can say is good luck for the rest of the season. Then you will know the answer to your question.

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  5. In my analysis over the years I have seen a trend develop. I look at team's that struggle on the road (especially the Ducks) and have noticed they are young, starting a lot of frosh and sophs.


    I don't know how to qualify this 22 team. At start of the season I thought they were young but because they had mostly all played last year this years team was young but experienced.


    Then the debacle of Georgia got me thinking. Are they a young team who will struggle on the road or not? What do all of you think.

  6. I believe the time zone change played a part and will until I see them play poorly on the West Coast before I will believe otherwise.


    People may think that's just an excuse. Well every time I have traveled back east it took me several days to get over jet lag and I wasn't having to be physically active.


    I know it's a big thing in pro football that teams from the west who play the east Coast team's are at a disadvantage and usually perform poorly. I believe it's even more applicable for college players.


    IMHO besides that the new staff coaching new schemes, the first game of the season on the road, and not playing some patsy but the reigning champ's also were big reasons why what happened, happened.

  7. On 9/4/2022 at 7:21 PM, Desert Duck said:

    I don't think that playing at 12:30 PDT was a problem - or at least let's hope it wasn't. 


    No but there's still jet lag just ask the western pro teams that have to play back east. It's not as easy as it seems.

  8. After being disgusted until noon today I wonder if our performance was impacted by the time zone difference, being the first game, new staff, and 3rd new offensive and defensive schemes in the four years most of our players have been through.


    It sure looked like it. Not taking anything away from Georgia, they were simply a machine.

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