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  1. You make a new rule, dishonest people will find a way around it. Every idea I've thought of will not work in the current climate. There was a time where the NCAA could have staved off what we see now but they chose to not, or couldn't, implement it. The wild west is what you get when Pandora's box is opened. Giddyap
  2. Blame neither. It's the perfect storm that was inevitable. Now we all need patience to wait and see what happens. It always bothered me that a player who was recruited by a particular coach with that being the most important aspect; the relationship, being sabotaged if the coach is fired or moved to another team but the player had to stay with new coaches at the institution. Another problem I had was the only compensation was the scholarship. This was unfair in two areas. Going to classes and practice left no time to get work to have extra spending money if you didn't have parents who could help you out. It also left the players feeling used looking at all the money they were generating. This was a travesty that the NCAA could have done something about but didn't until it was forced to. Welcome to the results.
  3. I'm wondering if the Ducks know they flipped Proctor thereby mitigating his moving on.
  4. My vote is Duggan. But Heisman IS a popularity contest that's also become politicized.
  5. TCU should have lost 3 regular season games if their opponent's QB hadn't gotten hurt and removed from the game, one or two of those games for the second half. In fact KS lost #1 and #2 from the earlier season game. I hate to say it, but even though ALA has 2 loses they were both on the road and by only four points. So my picks are as follows UGA, Michigan (if they win tonight without their top RB who is out for season), ALA and surprise either KSU who won it's conference championship and beat the #3 team or Utah. Utah lost 3 games but on the road but are PAC 12 champ's and beat #4 usuc. These are the best looking teams available to me imoh. Championship should matter by showing who's playing best right now
  6. Thanks that alone is something we should be proud of. Also Bo getting to finals of two QB awards. Go Ducks! New day, new way!
  7. I don't care who it is, but I want it ran like Sabin at ALA. I think I got a read on it, both by watching how the offense is ran or to reading articles. He knew he was going to get OCs poached, so he devised a base system that each OC had to follow so as to have the players not have to learn a new system every new coach. He could add to the system small amounts that wouldn't have the players thinking all the time and be able to to react rather than be slower because of thinking. Some continuity, please!
  8. Why haven't we heard yet. The info I read is they knew Dilly was gone a week to two weeks ago. Shouldn't we have a name by now?
  9. Get me for Christmas; OL Proctor and/or Fanno, DL Ugalliee and Hicks and DB Pleasant and I will be so pleased. Come on Santa I've been a good boy.
  10. Don't remember hearing his name but the fact we were putting in the reserve's in quite a few games it wouldn't surprise me that he took snaps in a couple games
  11. Boy what a great start to the Holidays. Now get OL Fanno and/or Proctor, DL Hicks and Ugalliee, and DB Pleasant. Beat the Beavs and Trojans and make it the Bestest Holidays Ever. Reminds me of my childhood. Thankful I can still remember. Getting long in the tooth but still loving OBD and always will. Go Ducks Fly High!
  12. Gernorris Wilson FL OL just committed. A late riser who came for his 1st visit against Utah. Klemm again.
  13. I see it another way. Bo lowered his body and helmet to initiate contact maybe to try and get a targeting call. When that happens to the Ducks it infuriates me. What's the defensive player to do. I believe if the offensive player lowers his body and helmet there should be a no call or possibly create a penalty on the offensive player. As far as the play in question I feel Bo saw an open field just like earlier in the game but the defensive player remembered that and filled the hole this time. I hate to say it but it was the play of the game. The safety doesn't make that play, we go up by 10 and win the game.
  14. I think we will do the same to them as we did to UCLA. Limited possessions equals a loss no matter how they attack us. Autzen will be rocking. As long as we play a clean offensive game they can't stop us.
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