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  1. Let's look at how league transfers have looked. 1 Nebraska hasn't won a title in the B1O in 20 yrs after being one of the best in their old league 2 Utah took them 11 yrs to win a weak PAC. 3 Colorado came in the PAC with the Utes no title. 4 TA&M they left 10 yrs ago and joined sec. Yet to win a title. 5 Missu left with A&M no title. 6 PSU, MD, Rutgers joined the B1O 6 yrs or so ago no titles. 7 TX and OK joining sec not figured to contend in the foreseeable future. Not a pretty picture for USC and UCLA. Or U of O, UW , or whoever else transfers.
  2. A little herb and I'm doing ok especially after processing my thoughts to come up with reality, not what I want reality to be.
  3. I saw 1 post that said it would make sense for B10 to add ND (if they want to might want to stay IND) Ducks, UW, and 2 of the following Cal or Stan or Utah if ND goes.
  4. How do you answer the difference in climate in the sec and acc. The humidity in those southern schools is draining for even the most fit. How do u expect our team to perform? Oh and the 3 hr difference in time. Some away games our team will have to wake up in the wee morning and then go out and play Georgia, Alabama, FL, TX, Tenn, S Car, etc.. Then the 3 hr trip home. I'm telling everyone it won't turn out well. If we are going to go this route at all the B10 is the best of two bad choices.
  5. This morning or last night while dreaming a thought came to me Maybe we are overreacting. We had conferences the PAC, B12, etc where only 2 to 3 schools had the resources and desire to compete at the highest levels of college sports. The rest of the teams had very little chance of winning and were hurting the others chances. As with everything as time goes on we specialize more and more. That's all this is. Change is inevitable no matter how much we don't like it or want it. I don't see this is all about the money and how bad that is. The reality is, money is how we function always been that way and always will be for both the good and the seemingly bad. only time will tell.
  6. Yeah that means some 4 stars but mostly 3's like we used to have. We can coach them up, they become experienced, stay longer and then we kick a** just like we did before MC. It won't be every year but that's the beauty of amateur CFB. I'm wondering what DL and his staff are thinking. I believe he wouldn't want to necessarily be in a super conference where money rather than process is more important. To be a teacher and leader of boys to men through hard work and fun. But he's also a very driven competitive man. Those types like to be in the thick of it with top talent which allows you to compete for titles.
  7. That's why we will still be able to recruit California. Maybe not for freshman studs but players that get coached up, persevere, get experience and beat those kids with all their and get to the playoffs without them and their egos
  8. Especially when they get their sun loving teeth kicked in. Oh USC will have flash but will they be ready for B10 grind. Look at teams that jumped ship in the past. Nebraska hasn't lwon b10 title since enrolling out of the SW conference what almost 30 years ago. ATM and Missouri out of the big 12 what 15 yrs ago. No sec title. Now to the present OK and TX to the sec they are projected to be mid level to poor for the foreseeable future. The real dudes are in the South and Upper Midwest. There aren't enough of them to go around and they tend to stay close to home. All their stadiums are 100k seating. FB is a religion and most all play FB. High school stadium's that seat 30 to 50k. Good riddance USC and UCLA.
  9. That's why we become the big Duck in the duck pond. We would be like N Dakota St. They win division 2 championship a lot of the time. Their fans love them. They play sold out games and even produce pros. The rest of the West and Midwest would be a big enough pond. Heck we could even challenge the 2 minor leagues champions to a true national championship especially when we have a veteran coached up team. Like when we beat Auburn, ahem, lost 2 auburn.
  10. He went in the portal after MC left. I don't know if he still would have if MC had stayed.
  11. I'd rather create something different stay true to form of traditional CFB. Let those 2 leagues be the minors for the pros. To many cons vrs pros for the reminder of the PAC. Let them have the money with 1/2 country there would be a TV deal that would be enough to have a competitive league.
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