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  1. I believe the key is he isn't alone but with another coach.
  2. The reason is it's damn hard to go through a whole season undefeated Those other players want to win as much as our guys. It's also a mental challenge with a lot of things thrown in that has to be accounted for. And a lot these players are still kids. Etc Even if you are more talented life can jump up and bite you. There are 4 or 5 teams a year that can overcome the odds but out of 120 teams those odds aren't great.
  3. I have a different take on this. Look at the BB minor leagues. After your Sr yr in HS you can get drafted and sign to play and start on your career. Which is the best of the best players. Or u can sign to play in the NCAA or lower divisions. If u make this choice and the coach wants u then u have to stay at least 3 yrs before u can be drafted to play pro. I don't see how that would be much different than what is going to happen now in CFB. Also money doesn't necessarily ruin your motivation. Some BB players that are drafted get large signing bonuses. U still have to be motivated or else you won't have a spot very long. It will play out very similar for FB players. It's not going to be Armageddon. I still posit it's going to be fine.
  4. We lost both of our best mens distance runners to the pros. Do we have any up and coming that anyone knows of.
  5. I believe we will end up with multiple divisions kind of like the lower levels we currently have. This makes more sense than there only being a super league.
  6. We can't stop NIL money or the portal but the schoolsdo have control of scholarships. One way would be to means test in some way. We can say players who get NIL forefi a scholarship. Then they would be able to play without doing anything else but FB or going to class to get their degree if they so choose. I would keep them as students and be associated with the school. Just got to think out of the box
  7. We at least had 2 impressive wins in 21. it could be worse
  8. Also just saw we signed OL #3 out of Hawaii for 1st of the 2022 class under DL era.
  9. Chad has entered the portal has 1 yr left. Wouldn't it be cool to have him finish his career with the Ducks. He's a legacy and would be able to help our young WRs.
  10. The few schools have been at the top since CFB began. Each of those schools had advantages the majority didn't. It's no different now just different types of advantages. I can count on my hands the # that's won a championship. Change is inevitable but you also know if you've lived long enough, you notice how some things stay the same. I will always delineate between the pros and college by the schools and tradition. The players are still kids not men no matter the money. They will play with the fire of unmet expectations. Another bone to pick. I think we devalue the kids by making them have to be scholar/athletes. How many kids that get their degree end up doing the job in the same field. Not many. If I have physical talents that might take me to the pros, why should I have to get an overall education instead of trailer making my own. Shouldn't it be my choice like it is for the general public. There's no one to protect you from the inequalities of life. I believe the scholarships should be means tested. If you receive NIL money you forfeit the scholarship. The majority know they aren't going to be a pro so they can get their education or you can spend all your time learning your craft. In a way it would be the same as BB. If you are drafted you go right into the minor league or u can go to the NCAA for 3 yrs before u can turn pro. To me this is the fairest, freest and best way to go. Sorry for the rant have had this on my mind for awhile.
  11. Thanks Mr Fshduck. He's finally playing like I thought he would. I'm wondering if the top 3 will switch off and on. Who's hot your turn.
  12. Jon Joseph should know.) he follows that kind of stuff.
  13. I always believe in second chances. Oregon might be the perfect place for him to change his life around. I don't know what happened or if he's even been convicted yet so I don't want to be making a judgment either way. With the stresses of our times it's the least we can do. It's tough for young men out there.
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