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  1. It reminds me of SEC football 5 to 10 years back. All these great athletes only to run three times and punt. Play defense and eek out a win with your defense. After Chip introduced fast break offense to the league it took Saban a few years and allot of wine to figure out he needed to hire someone to open it up. They haven’t looked back. Apparently MC missed that lesson. When you have the best athletes slowing the game down helps the inferior team. True in most sports. That’s why Stanford plays deliberately. Hard to put 22 elite athletes on the field with that high bar of entry. As far as discipline just read John Wooden's book. Rules were laid out along with the penalties and communicated. When the rules were broken there was no screaming no throwing things you simply went to the end of the bench period. Didn’t matter if it Wicks, Row or Walton. Trust me, ask everyone of those kids if they would rather be yelled at or miss a series, quarter or game? One punishment they forget in 10 minutes and one they never forget. Coaches have to evolve. Back in the day kids didn’t have choices or social media so the coach was in complete control. Now they are one year at a time. When you get these 5 star kids you better play them or someone else will.
  2. Offensively determine who your best players are and get the ball to them. Watching this season I would conclude that the coaches think AB is their best running back. Their freshman tight ends are their best receivers and they have no confidence throwing the ball over 10 yards. Literally I watch to much college football and have for 50 years. You notice certain things like when some, very few guys look different than the other kids. In limited views there are 3 guys that look different on this team offensively. Ty Thompson and yes he has a long way to go to develop. Trey Benson will be in the NFL on Sundays. Donte Thornton will change games. Like watching Kayvon on defense they just play at a different level. If and that’s a big if these guys start getting the bulk of the touches the offense will get better regardless of coaching. Maybe just maybe Joe will start throwing the ball down the field. Sending Franklin and Thornton deep will open up the running game. The other receivers will get better as the 3,4 and 5 options. I don’t think it’s fair or right to dis the other kids. They are being put in a position that they don’t have the physical ability to fulfill the expectations. Like 98% of college football players. they will not be playing on Sundays. In 50 years I have yet to see anyone get better sitting on the bench or in practice. The game has changed from run first to pass first. You can only get away with run first against inferior opponents. Currently coaches just load the box knowing they won’t get burned often if at all. If you can get your offense going your beat up defense will be better and have a chance. If something isn’t done immediately buckle up duck fans for a very long and root canal painful season.
  3. Like many of you I have been watching duck football for decades. I can’t remember being as frustrated as I was Saturday. The play calling hasn’t been good since MC arrived and I have seen no improvement. I hear week after week what an offensive genius Joe Moorhead is. Either I have a different definition of genius or MC is not allowing him to call the game. Maybe a bigger problem is the discipline/composure. Penalty after penalty game after game. Yelling at other teams coaches, ridiculously yelling and throwing a temper tantrum at a player on tv. These are all composure issues. You can’t win at football or life if your going to lose it when things don’t go your way. I watch year after year MC recruiting all of these tremendously talented kids and then I can’t even find them on the field. Either they don’t play at all or they simply aren’t involved. One of the great passers in duck history had to run the ball in order to eek out a Rose bowl victory. Three things need to change if we are ever going to get back to playoff runs. First you need to get your talent the ball. Second you have to have the right point guard/quarterback to get it to them. Third you need to get discipline and composure back on the field with everyone including coaches. Can it happen? Of course. But there has to be a willingness to change. I haven’t seen it yet.
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