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 Hey all you Duck fans I was wondering how do you feel about losing to Stanford when we clearly on paper were the better team. I love what Mario has done leading up tp this point for many reasons except now I'm starting to wonder is he's the right HC now. I mean is Mario learning from his mistakes and is he allowing himself to get better. I say this is a 50/50 deal right now. He is out recruiting anybody before him in Eugene. The problem to me is all this talent isn't getting coached up.


All's I know is he say's AB is our best shot at winning at QB. I say what? Well then to me he's saying we will be lucky to win the PAC 12 then because after the first 5 games Brown is as good as he's ever gonna be. That is like saying I'm gonna have a guy behind a Ferrari who can only drive a Nash.  Also all those times in our past we had usually top QBs and we never had a reliable back up to come in if number 1 got injured. Now we clearly have three guys who could play yet their not ready.


I say BS and I don't like all this talent to throw to downfield yet we have a QB who can't for the life of him throw and complete anything farther than 30 yards down field. Have we ever had a QB at Oregon that couldn't throw the deep ball? I can't recall because I don't think thats ever been the case. So what I'm saying is can Mario get out of his own way to succeed at Oregon. What's your opinion.

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