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2024 Football Recruits...Announcements, Updates (No. 7)

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Our 6th thread for this topic has reached a 2nd page and has gotten too cumbersome to handle.  So, I am starting a new thread (No. 7). 


NJDuck and I have never gone through a whole year cycle of postings regarding recruiting before, so this has been a learning experience.


Along with the fact that Coach Lanning and his crew are such good recruiters, this thread grows quickly.


We are keeping this thread to one page as advertising is most advantageous that way and needed to pay costs of site.


If you need to refer back to No. 6 for reference, click here.

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Football Recruiting: Building the Wall


Offensive skill players may make for splashy headlines, but the real meat of Oregon’s best ever recruiting class is on the defensive side of the ball. It is not an accident that the three highest rated recruits in the class play the three positions in the defensive front seven.


Defensive lineman Adin Breland, edge Elijah Rushing, and backer Brayden Platt have the potential to be instant impact players and mainstays for the next few years.


Today we take a look at the green monsters that will look to feast on Big 10 ball carriers and QBs for the next several seasons...



Oregon stacked up at D Line and Linebacker with latest batch of prep recruits.




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Interview With 2024 Adidas All-American Wide Receiver Gatlin Bair





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