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Back to the Drawing Board for the Ducks

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DL, KD, Lupoi and most of this staff deserves to be booed out of Eugene.  This is 3 straight games where the coaching has SABOTAGED the team.  The Ducks were only able to escape 1 out of 3 with a W.  This has been the most careless and WORST stretch of coaching that I have ever seen.  None of their jobs should be safe after this epic collapse. 


If Dilly were smart, he would jump at that ASU job.  After what I witnessed, he won't succeed though.  As for Lanning, he is NOT the answer.  Time to start looking for a REAL head coach.  Demote him to DC, if he wishes to remain a Duck with his dignity intact.  Right now, he is the laughing stock of the coaching world. 


UW and OSU may not recruit at the same level that the Ducks do, but their coaches are head and shoulders above ours.  They take 3-star recruits, coach them up, and get them to play to their potential. 


You can argue that all three of these games, Lanning tries to manage the clock rather than the scoreboard. Just keep playing your game when your offense is rolling and everything else should take care of itself.  Instead, he tries to slow things down and chew clock.  And of course, our offense starts sputtering, more dreaded MariØ flashbacks.



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