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  1. Might have to go all the way back to the Stoney Brook game. He had a nice pass to Thorton for TD.
  2. Hutson's penalty came before McGee was ejected. He was still in the game at the time.
  3. TT is a huge disappointment. Time to cut their losses and develop Butterfield.
  4. There were several late hits that should have been flagged, very one-sided. The refs try to disguise their disdain for the Ducks but it's so obvious.
  5. Nix can't win it with his arm, so he's doing it with his legs tonight.
  6. Dilly better get this offense back on track and disciplined.
  7. MariØ was Stanford's secret weapon and MVP of that game.
  8. Even though the rout is on, the refs are going to make this 4 hour game.
  9. Make the guys guilty of false starts in the red zone, have to run laps, immediately following the game. I guarantee they will be more disciplined in future games.
  10. Can we get someone other than Hutson to return the ball? He has been ineffective on punting and kickoff returns. We must have faster guys with better vision.
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