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  1. Those calls are so crucial in tight games. That avalanche of bad calls on Stanford's last drive, before the end of regulation, cost the Ducks that game. Although, the offense should have never put the defense in that position, with their backs against the wall. They should have ate more clock by running the ball and forcing Stanford to burn another timeout. Just the extra timeout alone killed us. Still, you can't deny that the refs were on a mission to hand the Ducks their first loss.
  2. Chip Kelly is a gambling man. I told my friend while watching the game, "I bet you Chip goes for it." It was 4th down and 2 on UCLA's own 35 yard line. Although they did not fake the punt, I instantly had a flashback to the championship game against Auburn.
  3. Mario could challenge at least one of them. He is too passive in these situations and just accepts the call on the field. In the first half, I forget if it was Hutson or Matavao who fumbled the ball backwards which was recovered by the Ducks but for a loss of yards. From the review, his knee was clearly down, but MC never bothered to challenge it or ask the officials to review the play. That play killed the drive. Whether it's the spot or play that should be challenged, there is one of these every game that the Ducks are getting screwed. The other team always snaps the ball, before Mario can scratch his arse. Don't we have someone up in the booth, responsible for watching and reviewing these plays that can advise Mario over the headset to challenge it? If there is a person, he has been sleeping at the wheel.
  4. I didn't like the Oregon's odds, but I didn't say Oregon would lose. I said Mario would be outcoached, and defense would have to step up and win the game.
  5. Removing Moore from the starting line-up was a good adjustment. He blew how many blocks the last game which led to a fumble by AB.
  6. My guess is it's on Mario. Look at the Stanford game, no Moorhead to blame on 2nd and 18. With the game on the line, you guys shouldn't act surprised at Mario trying to hand the game over in the waning minutes. That's his M.O. His game clock management is getting worse.
  7. They threw a bunch of screens to Franklin, McGee, and Hutson. So they made more of an effort in this game, to get the ball to their play makers in space.
  8. That and our offense looks bad every week, struggling to win by 7pts. Today, we won by 3pts.
  9. Their team has gotten progressively better. Can you say the same for the Ducks? Although, we got KT back! I like to see how Shroud plays with KT smothering him.
  10. So do we root for Ohio State to win or lose? I think we want them to loose. Their fan base is so arrogant. They already jumped us in rank, despite loosing the head-to-head at home against Oregon.
  11. USC fans boards even acknowledged that Oregon is being picked on like USC used to. It's like Pac 12 is constantly trying to shoot down their best chance at making the playoffs or championship game, prior to the playoff era.
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