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Spring Game Date & Time Set, Details from Lanning

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Ducks announce date and time for 2023 Oregon Spring Game


The date is important not only so that fans can prepare accordingly, but also because it comes before the second window opens for the transfer portal. Starting on May 1, players have 15 days to enter the portal if they would like and try to find a new school before the 2023 season starts.


The date and time for Oregon’s 2023 spring game have been announced.


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Dan Lanning provides more details on spring practice format


Oregon's spring practice format will look a lot like past ones, Dan Lanning explained on Wednesday.


The first two practices of spring will take place in mid-March (no exact dates have been provided), Lanning says, before spring break will interrupt drilling. The final 13 practices will be held in the month of April capped off by the spring game, which will be played on April 29.


"It's kind of good to encapsulate that break with a little bit of football on the front-end and some football afterwards," Lanning said on the school's in-house radio show.



Dan Lanning provides more details on spring practice format
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