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On 3/30/2024 at 12:02 PM, Jon Joseph said:

How about an emphatic 'No!'  Wilner and Canzano cannot deal with capitalism sorting out athletic programs but both write for subscription sites.


In 2032, Oregon, UCLA, USC, and UW will be bringing in $100M+ in media and playoff revenue. There is no way any that revived 'Pac-Whatever' will be considered a Power conference or bring in close to what Power 2 teams will receive. 


Wilner and Canzano need to give this restructure nonsense a rest and stop congratulating 2 programs not deemed worthy by the marketplace on ripping off a bunch of Pac-10 suckers.


The Pac-2 are programs with G5 budgets that belong in the G5; or perhaps, the FCS with Idaho and Montana. 


OSU and WSU are dead to me except when I am forced to watch them play Oregon which I hope happens on rare occasions. 


As always, thanks fr the post.


It is so weird how so many people think that the name “PAC” will retain some kind of impressive value. Some of these people actually think if/when the ACC implodes, they’ll be holding all the cards and everyone will be lining up to join the PAC.


The name “PAC X” does not hold much future value in and of itself. It previously had value because of a rich history, P5 status, TV markets of members, and marque brands. The history is in the past and the current members have a terrible history, there is no P5 status, there are no tv markets, and there are no marque brands. It’s not as if they’re going to be re-elevated to P5 status simply by adding any 6 teams with the name PAC-8.


There’s still a WAC technically, and no one is confused thinking it has BYU, etc.


Delusions of grandeur.

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