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  • An Urgent Message for New Members

    Welcome to a forum unlike anything you have ever been on before. We have rules, and our Moderators read every post and enforce the rules immediately with the result being the best Duck Discussion anywhere. Among us “regulars” who post often—we use the Our Beloved Ducks forum, (OBD) as the GREEN REFUGE to escape the nastiness of the rest of the world.


    This is an exclusive membership, not based upon a subscription fee, but upon OBD member behaviors. (We keep the Trolls out for the good people of our forum!)


    New members are sometimes ejected immediately because they do not believe we actually have rules, and that we insist upon decorum. I highly suggest that you read our rules, and read this welcome page with tons of information. Do read this post and the comments below it by OBD members about the difficult transition to this forum, and the Impulse Control that is needed.


    Our 33 rules at the free OBD Forum can be summarized to this: 1) be polite and respectful, 2) keep it clean, and 3) no reference of any kind to politicsEasy-peasy! (Think Golden RulePlease know that while most OBD posts (Over 99%) do not run afowl of the rules–we are very serious about civility, as we delete posts every day, and ban people every week who do not fit within our community.  (Usually it is new members who cannot adapt)


    If you are like the majority of Duck fans who want Oregon Sports news, the press releases from the Athletic Department, and the only safe place to post and read about the Ducks anywhere—then we are delighted to have you join us.


    We learn so much from others through their opinions and analyses, we love the banter among us and the humor that makes it all so fun.  


    We want to read all opinions on topics, so we do want to encourage you to share your thoughts with us often.




    Our Beloved Ducks Forum


    P.S. The founder of the site, Charles Fischer, can be reached by email at charles@fishduck.com


    Charles, what do you provide us, the Members of the OBD Forum?


    --I provide the forum platform, (the thousands of dollars spent originally and now with reinstatement) along with a ton of work and time to get it back up and keep it going.


    --A free forum offering protection from those out there who are mean to others.  This is a big gift to so many, as the absence of aggression and tension is nice to read in all our posts.


    --Directions on how to do everything, which is something you don't see on other sites.  It is frustrating to me, in how easy everything is ... if you know how to do it. I am not "tech-intuitive," thus I need someone to show me. My directions are meant to help the vast majority, but you also have to do your part and check with them before emailing me please. (See link to Directions in upper panel on front page)


    --As Media Credentialed, I will pass along the official Oregon Sports press releases which will give you some of the “news” each day about Our Beloved Ducks.


    What to Know:


    --Everything is created for YOU, the OBD Forum member. So many of the rules, the methods with some of the tasks are all created to make your experience at OBD Forum that much more enjoyable and easy.


    --We have directions for using this forum where each task only takes 1-2 minutes to learn, and only seconds to actually complete the task—once you know how to do it.  It really is easier than you would think, and do check out our short intro videos coming out soon too!


    --Don’t have a picture for an Avatar/Profile Picture?  (What everyone calls an "avatar" elsewhere--this software calls "Profile Picture.") For those who do not have an Profile Picture--I will pop in an Oregon helmet, but there will be a ton of duplication. Yet it look will look better than the duplication of tons of capital letters for put in automatically for Profile Pictures. (A Profile Picture is the picture or letter next to your Posting Name when you post.)


    --The Moderators have light green colored posts, while your administrator will have light yellow colored posts.


    Forum Members: Will you do YOUR PART?


    --Know the rules and follow them. Make it easy on us as over 99% of all FishDuck members have.


    --Fill out your Profile and help me to help you. The public does not see anything but your Posting Name!


    --Bring Oregon Sports News to the forum for everyone else. Bring article links too!


    --Flag any posts that you see breaking our rules; you have to follow the rules, so let us know when someone else has broken them!


    --Start threads about interesting items you are pondering. Get a discussion going!


    --Post your opinion, don’t just read all the responses.  Jump in, as the water in this Duck Pond is just fine! 


    --Volunteer a little time.  I work during the day and I can only provide my part of this; can you do your part?  Are you retired?  Can you spare a few hours out of the 168 hours available each week to help this special site?


    --Frustrated with a loss?  Please read here, and remember we don't go after fellow devoted Duck fans who may disagree with you.


    Watch the Introductory Video below, as I GUARANTEE you will learn something!



    To see the full sized screen of the video...click on the "Watch on YouTube" above or click right here.

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