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  1. Tyler was the epitome of the college scholar-athlete. He was an extremely hard worker and well-liked and looked up to by his teammates. He has a great arm, he’s a very good runner and he’s a hard nose competitor. So what happened? I think he was poorly coached as was Justin. There seems to be too much emphasis on recruiting versus COACHING! It’s OK for a 4th or 5th string player to transfer, but when a Starter leaves there is substantial damage done to the future of the program. Go Ducks!
  2. I agree with everyone arguing against “throwing Ty to the wolves”...he has to learn our much too complicated and voluminous playbook. My two main axions are: football is not rocket science and keep it simple stupid. The kids spend too much time trying to learn and memorize these ridiculously huge playbooks instead of learning the fundamentals like blocking, tackling, running routes, securing the ball, covering receivers, etc. Tyler and Anthony are very good QB’s that have been failed by incompetent play calling. A 6th grade Kidsports defense could anticipate the Ducks next play...run twice up the middle with an undersized back then throw. They would load up for the runs then blitz on 3rd down! Play calling has been particularly weak in the red zone...ex. ISU game...2 runs up the middle followed by a slot sweep...uh? It’s amazing that high school kids “in the good old days” were capable of learning the plays and calling their own in the games! Now college scholar-athletes are deemed incapable of accomplishing this feat. Many of these plays fail because of missed blocks, receivers running wrong routes, etc. because the players can’t possibly be proficient executing this huge number of plays! The only good play caller I’ve seen in my 30 years watching the Ducks is Chip Kelly.
  3. Reply to FishIceCream about defensive alignment: The basic concept of 3 down linemen makes no sense...typical OL has 6 blockers...so they double team each of the DL and their RB is “off to races”. On pass plays there is “zero rush”...QB looks around for 5 or 6 seconds until a receiver comes open! With only 3 there is little or no possibility of stunting! The 3-4 also requires 4 really good LB’s...difficult to recruit and maintain 5 or 6 (injuries, transfers, etc).
  4. I think we need stability at DC. Muschamp and Lupoi won’t stay long...Heacock and Leonhard won’t leave...Steele will miss “southern cooking” and the SEC and head home. I like hiring from within (ex. Cristobal). Salave’a or Heyward would be good DC’s. Heads up to Eric...the 4-3-4/4-2-5 alignment is my choice for the future! Go Ducks!
  5. I really like Mario Cristobal...he’s a man of outstanding character and a great role model for his team. He’s an excellent recruiter and I’m sure he’s was and is a very good offensive line coach. But now he’s a head coach and needs to let his OC and DC do their jobs. If they aren’t producing good results...make a change. I played in the early ‘60’s in southeast Georgia and coached on the 6A level in northeast Georgia...I know football. The Ducks have big problems in every area. Game time prep...lose to the Beavers and beat USC. QB & RB Management...Herbert?!...175# backs that fumble and can’t block! Shough...great potential...loses confidence. Play calling...1st & 10 at the 15...run up the middle twice with a 175# RB...nope...rollout pass to the right! 3rd & 7...4 yd pass...nope...8 yds! What has happened to counters, traps & screens? I’m a Shotgun guy...put pressure on the defense. No flat passes...no runs to the sidelines. Mario’s “toughness thing”....on defense yes...on offense not so much...trick’m! Fundamentals...receivers don’t know how to run routes or hand positions for receiving ball...d backs have no clue how to defend properly...backs are to the QB...receivers behind them! Linebackers & DL...overrunning ball carriers...arm tackling...we were taught to focus on the runner’s belt buckle, helmet across their body, deliver a blow and wrap up! Defense: 3-4...nope...if it was good why don’t the top college teams use it or any NFL teams?! Not enough pressure on QB...not good for stunting. Might need a change at DC. Football is not “rocket science”...keep it simple stupid!
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