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  1. jrw....I've given a lot of thought to this--since it is the premise of what I offer people respite from. At times recently, I would blame the terrible behavior on the web to Social Media, and then to the divisive political climate of recent years. But when I think back to long before Social Media and the political divisions--I recall how people on message boards were still horrible to each other. More of Social Media and Politics has not necessarily escalated the nastiness on their own. It comes down to what you wrote whether 20 years ago or now: "Anonymity and the lack of consequences are, for many people, the curse of the web." Those two elements will always remove the sense of responsibility to others, and bring out the worst in each of us. And that....is why the need for a GREEN REFUGE will never go away.
  2. David, nice article to remind us of how we arrived at this moment. Haywarduck, that is another killer post you wrote--a ton of wisdom within it. But I disagree on something you both wrote and is a running narrative out there; Oregon fans are unhappy with 5-1, and the implication is that "this just materialized and it is puzzling how Oregon fans can be so fickle after losing just one game." No, this has been building up over the last three years and only now has achieved critical mass among enough fans. Most fans,....and I would imagine both of you wrote going into this season that, "Cristobal needs to give full control of the offense to Moorhead, and be a CEO." Now everyone sees that it has not happened, coupled with starting Brown against Cal after he had a couple of poor games culminating with a loss at Stanford....the fans want to see progress--and are not. We are not unhappy with 5-1, but the way we arrived at 5-1 and the implications going forward from what we have seen. Again....this is a fan base that is not always given the credit for being as intelligent as we are. We have been giving Cristobal credit for the great things he has accomplished, while most fans have not articulated their growing concerns until recently. It looks like it is sudden and shallow, but it is not IMHO.
  3. Hello My OBD Forum Friends! Lets get these predictions started today and remember I look for the spread with then the closest score that has the spread correct. The data I need from you is: (entries without all the information are invalid, and predictions on other threads don't count as I am not going to hunt them all down) --the winner --the score, and the tiebreaker information needed from each of you is... --the amount of turnovers Oregon creates --the number of sacks Oregon records on Cal --the number of passing yards. My guess is: UCLA, 38-24, 1, 3, 224 If you are new to this forum--I highly suggest you also read this post right here, as it is very important to you.
  4. I could not believe what was happening...was this a revolt? I had to get up twice in the last week in the middle of the night to delete posts and ban the OBD forum member--which is something I almost never do on the first offense. (One is permanently banned and the other is suspended for a week) I hadn't banned anyone since March, and that was only one, but two in this last week? I've deleted six posts within a few days when I went seven months of deleting only two? New members quit and remove their profile when approached the first time about a violation? Two political posts removed within 24 hours when we survived COVID articles with a couple hundred posts with no casualties in the past? What in the WORLD is going on? I was befuddled, confused and frustrated with such a torrent of bad behavior that I had to deal with behind the scenes. (That you never see, thankfully) I began to look at the analytics of the forum and realized that this is actually good news? The number of page views between FishDuck and the Our Beloved Ducks (OBD) forum were double our best with FishDuck in the past when we had been in the Top 1% of all active sites in the World. You see, we have over 2,500 posts written already in October and a 1% deletion rate would have been 25 deletions, but all these deletions have only been half that. So while our number of deleted posts have gone up--the half-of-1% deletion rate remains; I have more to contend with because we have so many more posts than before! Are you NEW? Better Read THIS! OBD is not like any forum you have been on, and you better read the rules. Not only do we insist upon civilized behavior, we read every post and enforce the rules immediately. Break the rules? You will hear from ME. Leave in a huff because I dared to suggest you have to operate with decorum? I will not chase you, as I would rather have fewer people of quality than tons of Trolls. But fewer members is not the reality...in the first 20 days of October we had signed up 89 new members of the forum beyond the hundreds that were on it before. So I am fine with sorting out those who wish to be mean to others, because I serve the 99.50% of the members here who want the culture maintained. Are you sincere about being a part of this amazing community? We welcome you and your opinions--and do consider helping us out. I provide the platform at no charge to you, so everyone else do your part too! Long-Time Member? Read THIS... You have my promise to keep our GREEN REFUGE pure, as we have four moderators (and I) who are dedicated to having fun in the forum and preserving what we have. You will not have to read the awful posts that the moderators have hidden and I've deleted--and the ensuing nasty back-and-forth arguments I have in emails with a few of these incorrigible individuals. I am your classic Duck swimming; cruising along above, but paddling madly below. Bottom line is that I will adjust my attitude and manage the new growth we have without compromising the amazing debates and discussions we have among us. The Best is Yet to Be!
  5. So we're talking about "bad-or-bad."
  6. The antics on-stage with him and the Duck have become legendary.... The Duck and Lee Corso!
  7. I think it is the worst uniform ever, and I am working on name for it and below are my choices thus far: --The Dalmatian uniform --The Chocolate Chip Ice Cream uniform --The Washing Accident uniform This does not bode well...
  8. Wowsa. A year to heal, and frankly--I thought he was gone to the Portal as season's end. So I am thankful that he is back and the ICamel posted this. Everyone...do your part and post articles and news too! Want to learn how to post stuff? Go to the Directions right here...
  9. (Press Release from Oregon Athletics) ATLANTA — Mario Cristobal is one of 16 coaches in the nation to be named to the midseason watch list for the 2021 Dodd Trophy, officials from the Bobby Dodd Coach of the Year Foundation and Peach Bowl, Inc., announced on Thursday. The Dodd Trophy is college football’s most coveted coaching award, celebrating the head coach of a team that enjoys success on the field while also stressing the importance of scholarship, leadership and integrity – the three pillars of legendary coach Bobby Dodd’s philosophy. “Each of these coaches embody the scholarship, leadership and integrity that Coach Dodd stressed every day of his coaching career,” said Jim Terry, chairman of the Bobby Dodd Coach of the Year Foundation. “This award is more than just winning on the field, and every one of these coaches cares deeply about seeing his players grow and mature as young men, in addition to winning football games. That is what The Dodd Trophy is all about.” Cristobal has guided the No. 10 Ducks to a 5-1 start to the 2021 season, including a 2-1 record in conference play. Oregon defeated then-No. 3 Ohio State on September 11, becoming the first road team to win at Ohio Stadium since 2017. Under Cristobal, Oregon has won back-to-back Pac-12 Championships, as well as the Rose Bowl following a tremendous 2019 season. Oregon leads the Pac-12 with 30 total wins since the start of the 2018 season under Cristobal, including a 19-1 record at Autzen Stadium. The 2021 Dodd Trophy Midseason Watch List presented by PNC: Jamey Chadwell – Coastal Carolina Dave Clawson – Wake Forest Mario Cristobal – Oregon Ryan Day – Ohio State Dave Doeren – NC State Kirk Ferentz – Iowa Luke Fickell – Cincinnati Jimbo Fisher – Texas A&M James Franklin – Penn State Jim Harbuagh – Michigan Brian Kelly – Notre Dame Lincoln Riley – Oklahoma Nick Saban – Alabama Kirby Smart – Georgia Mark Stoops – Kentucky Mel Tucker – Michigan State
  10. Wow! So cool! I'm happy for him and for Dana... Thanks!
  11. Actually, this is one game where the fans would understand a close one and grateful to get the win...
  12. Haywarduck....you are KILLING IT with the memes. That is darned funny! We gotta have a lesson on creating memes from you....
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