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  1. Instant Analysis: Ducks prove too talented to fall into Stanford trap DUCKSWIRE.USATODAY.COM Instant Analysis: Ducks prove too talented to fall into Stanford trap
  2. There are some GREAT tweets, humor in this article... Oregon Football: Social media reacts to Oregon’s blowout over Stanford DUCKSWIRE.USATODAY.COM After last year’s trauma, Oregon fans certainly enjoyed watching the Ducks blow out Stanford on Saturday.
  3. Oregon Ducks receiver Seven McGee ejected for fighting against Stanford WWW.OREGONLIVE.COM Oregon receiver Seven McGee was ejected from Saturday night’s game against Stanford for fighting.
  4. We have three objectives with the 'Feed: 1) Provide the one place that is free to everyone to get the news/articles about Oregon Sports, and 2) we are not bringing them all to you, as there is massive redundancy among all the sites. We curate the best of each Duck topic and bring them to you, in addition to the major news that all Oregon fans should be informed of. The final one, 3) We are bringing the tasty topics and tweets that can copied and brought to the main forum area for discussion with this wonderful community. We will restrict the number of articles to the FishDuck Feed to under 50, thus it may be 40-something, or the Focused Forty articles and tweets to be aware of for each day. News and articles updated throughout the day!
  5. Amen. He puts a ton of time into researching these schools, and then creating humor? Whew! Glad he's on our side!
  6. Here we are my friends, the thread for discussing the actual game as it happens. The vast majority of you are GREAT in this thread, but you must remember that this forum is different, as we like civilized discussion, and really don't want to read nonsense from other people. I have had to ban a few people in the past...simply because of this thread. They were fine during normal forum discussion, but turned into something ugly in this thread when things in the game did not go well. Posting negative is fine, but going dark on the entire program, the future of Oregon football, the IQ and tenure of Dan Lanning over one play, one decision or even one game is too far. Again, usual negative observations and opinions about the game are fine. No venting. Telling us you don't like the interception and adding some salt to it is fine, but hammering us many times in the thread about how stupid something is--will be deleted. This is a place to let go, but not vent. Can you tell the difference? When you write that Oregon is playing like crap, or sucks, etc....do you really think your astute observation is not already noticed by everyone else? When you are writing stuff like that...you are not adding comments or analysis, you are venting. Again....negative is fine! This is the hard part of moderating, and that is explaining how 95% of the negative written is just fine. What about being critical of the players/coaches? We can be critical of player performance and coaching decisions, but we cannot get personal on them. I really do want you all to have fun with this, and sorry for having to delve into it, but I know I need to spell this out for a few people. Now let's have some fun discussing this upcoming game of the Dan Lanning era!
  7. Agreed, as writing humor is hard, but boy Alan makes it fun for us!
  8. Today's game on Comcast is on Fox Sports 1, even though it is announced as on ESPN.
  9. The KING of the one-liners strikes again. (Referring to watching SDST vs. Boise State) Made me laugh...
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