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  1. To answer everyone's question....Penix was second and Bo was third.
  2. I found this article from seven years ago, where our Grizzled Ol' Coach told me at a spring scrimmage that Justin Herbert would Oregon's next First Round Draft pick. That article below was ridiculed, and people were laughing at the coach and I. Justin Hopkins of 247 Sports then, ScoopDuck now said of the article, "that is just plain silly." Greatness and Weakness Emerge Early, Baby Coach's Comments: "I know who will be the next NFL 1st Round QB... FISHDUCK.COM The Grizzled Ol’ Coach, Gageac, and FishDuck combine to offer thoughts about the players of the 2016 Oregon football team for FishDuck.com.
  3. No, he was a 3-Star, and EVERYBODY on the team knew what Marcus was as he redshirted in 2011, as Oregon had a fantastic team, and a proven starter in Darron Thomas who took us to the 'Natty the year before in 2010. But Mariota's first Spring Game in 2012? REMEMBER when he exploded? That was not development, that was GREATNESS epitomized as a raw freshman, who then led the team and MM's presence forced Darron to declare for the draft. Please do not mistake being overlooked in the recruiting rankings a decade ago as not having uber-talent to begin with as Marcus did. Ditto with Herbert. Overlooked in the recruiting process, and came in and took the job his freshman year. He was great from the beginning. I am not denying that development takes place with QBs, but often you know early-on what the deal is. We actually Johnny Manziel and Marcus here at the same time in recruiting trips, and when Manziel heard that Marcus was coming here? Johnny wasn't. Marcus Mariota | DuckSportsAuthority N.RIVALS.COM Marcus Mariota - 3 Star Dual threat quarterback for Oregon on DuckSportsAuthority
  4. No surprise, and is a great example of what a transfer can do for you. He played, but did not start at Alabama. Comes here, starts and flourishes to where he is now an NFL draft pick? I just wish he was not injured in the second half of the last game....
  5. If you did--your fault. I've told you umpteen times, that 90-95% of the verbals stick, but we lose some, and we end up flipping someone else's. No surprise as it happens every year. But this is different, as we have lost two verbals recently because better options materialized, and our coaches stopped recruiting the players. The recruits figured it out, got to save-face by de-committing, and now we have the scholarship openings. Oregon will be fine with recruiting...
  6. These are rumors and unconfirmed. But often when there is smoke...
  7. BTW...I have not been a Moore fan this year, but Dano knows best.
  8. Not confirmed, but a ton of smoke. Dante now sees the value of a year of development, (He realizes that being CFB QB is harder than he thought it would be) and wants to go somewhere to learn, and OREGON is a candidate. Rumor is...they are trying to line up an official visit for him to Eugene for next weekend. This would be QUITE the QB room at Oregon! And yes, Ty Thompson has been informed before any of this occurred, and he is considering his choices at the moment. No. 3? I wonder how Joey would feel about that...
  9. For those who do not know....Lanning does this when there is a verbal, signing, or an impending one.
  10. Huge, just HUGE for next year, for portal recruiting over the next month, for the Oregon Brand…so big. This could really start some serious recruiting momentum!
  11. I believe that was covered in the original article linked. All athletes would be paid.
  12. All times PST... At 5:00 PM on ESPN is the Heisman show with Bo Nix as one of the major candidates. At 5:00 PM on ESPNU is Oregon in the Elite Eight Womens Volleyball versus Wisconsin. At 6:00 PM on the Pac-12 Network is Oregon Mens Basketball versus UTEP. What a schedule, so set your DVRs! Whew!
  13. This article is extremely well researched, thought through, and written. I learned a ton from it and thank Mike (Grandpa Duck) for this article and some guest articles in the next month. Two retired attorneys writing for FishDuck.com back-to-back creates superb discussion and pondering. Thank you Jon Joseph and Mike Whitty Sr.!
  14. Best of luck in Starkville. The "Corvallis of the SEC?"
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