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  1. We do not need to add a team (SMU) that has a stadium that holds 32,000 and we have to fly eight hours to play in it? We don’t need another OSU or WSU, at an enormous distance away… Sonny Dykes left SMU and went to TCU because they did not have the support and the upside that the Horned Frogs did.
  2. 10-2 with losses at Washington and it is very, very hard to win in SLC against the Utes. Catch an 11th win in a bowl, and that is my dream. But the Pac-12 teams will tweak each other....
  3. I really think the FIVE Million Oregon fans globally that cannot get the Pac-12 channel currently will ultimately make streaming games profitable for the Pac-12 and Oregon.
  4. What a fun feel-good story of another lightly-regarded Sheldon High School quarterback coming to Oregon. Great take to help us see it from the players' perspective Darren, as it makes us root for those stories all the more. Sheldon's Ryan Walk
  5. In my fantasy--Dan Lanning will be here until he wins a 'Natty. Then, he won't go to another college program because Oregon has never won one, thus he proved his college chops doing it here. I believe that when he leaves--it will be to take on the brightest minds in the NFL.
  6. The model of what we had under Belotti where coaches were here for 10 and 15 years is over. You do not hire coaches these days, you RENT them, and tell them they are either fired for poor performance or they will move up. It is the new reality that we as fans have to adjust to. That Lanning has had two coaches moved up from where they were to coordinator and head coach and another going to the NFL goes to show how good at recruiting of coaches he actually is. The best at it, Nick Saban, has ridiculous turnover nearly every year. It is the way of the world, and you could have mediocre guys on board for a long time, or you could have a turnover of extremely good talent. What is your choice?
  7. An element I did not cover in the article is how, in a few years when the athletes realized they are being used--being in the B1G will be used against USC and UCLA in recruiting, if not sooner. These issues are very real, and a player doesn't have to to live with it. (Makes it easier to come to Oregon?) Athletes Don't Like to be Played...
  8. This is a massive blow, no sugar-coating it. The young men he recruited are going to feel very betrayed.
  9. This is the DC who gave up 45 points (each) against Florida State, Duke and Middle Tennessee State? Only Mike Riley (to Nebraska) can fail upward as good...
  10. I really believe that if streaming is one of the main viewing options, that the equipment and instructions will be easy for somebody that can handle the technology. If you can’t, it does not cost that much to hire somebody for a couple of hours to install it, show you how to do it, and then you write down the directions. I am not tech savvy, but have painfully written down scads of different directions for all the different things with two websites. The primary component, was mental, in terms of my fears. I got over my reluctance by just accepting the following…I just assume it’s going to take me five times longer than anybody else to learn it, and 2 to 3 times longer than anybody else to actually do it, and I have my step-by-step instructions, so I get it done. The good news with things like this, is once you’ve learned it, then you’ve got it, and rarely changes much. My process and equipment going into this last football season for converting games to digital (for analysis) was completely different than the 10 years before, and I was very stressed out about it. But my tech guy got me through it, and once you’ve done it a time or two, it’s really not hard. Until it acts up...
  11. I had no idea there were so many transfers coming into Oregon who were stars at their former school. I read the other day how we got two superb pitchers, but the others in the infield and outfield sound impressive. Transfer Morgan Scott was a national leader in Strikeouts!
  12. Great topic, and superb layout for us Jon. Assuming a 50/50 split....we will lose viewers who won't go to streaming--at first. But we will also tap into a huge worldwide audience that are Oregon/Pac-12 fans, and that number will only grow. It will be incredibly handy for recruits to watch Oregon at any time online, as the games would be available. And there will be learning curve for everyone as we transition to a new technology. For example there are software programs that record a streaming game, and later everyone can use them to watch a late game the next day as they would using the DVR. I do not want Pac-12 to pass on streaming, and feel the Larry-Left-Us-Losing feeling again. The technology of televisions is so mainstream that hooking the internet into the TV is routine, thus it is just learning curve for most, or....do as I do, and hire tech people to help you get it set up. It is money well spent, IMHO. There is pain with either side of the decision; we go half streaming and lose audience for probably five years. Go 100% TV, and slowly die on the vine as times change. When do we want to take the medicine? There is risk with Avoidance...
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