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  1. I only watched the Championship Game last year because Dan Lanning was coaching otherwise I wouldn't have had any interest. The SEC thinks of themselves as the minior league for the NFL and in many ways they are but so is the rest of College Football. If they broke off on their own they would still make money but probably not see much more growth than they are currently seeing, and might actually see a decline in their revenue. After all how relevant would Alabama if they were contained only in the SEC fish bowl?
  2. Or Dyer was down... Or any of the other messed up calls in the 2010-11 championship game against Auburn. But those weren't Pac-12 refs.
  3. Exactly! That is the key to winning big is depth... Well and luck. I don't think lsu would have won their last championship if Burrow was hurt. Bama keeps on winning because injuries rarely doom their seasons.
  4. Another big one can be 2013 when Marcus Mariota had a partial mcl tear from a cheap shot when playing against UCLA. MM stays healthy Oregon goes undefeated that year and probably faces FSU in the national championship game.
  5. Sorry to bring up that memory it always pains me as well. And yes our starting center was lost as well in the first half that made everything worse.
  6. Dennis Dixon will always be the biggest "what if" for Oregon football and a missed opportunity. Though in truth I didn't follow Oregon football back then... Though oddly enough I do still remember where I was when he suffered his season ending injury. I find that Adams and the 2015 season really just sat at such a cross roads. For program history... That is another article for another time that has been brewing in my mind as that year is so fascinating.
  7. I think the spring game shows off quite a bit of receiver skill being coached up. Players are getting open or just making plays in traffic. Spring games are always dubious but I think the receivers love him and I think we will see some impressive results.
  8. I'm just going to put out a little advertisement here... My Tuesday article this week does take a look at Vernon Adams and the 2015 season. It was a wild season and Adams is probably one of the most fun and exciting quarterbacks of all time. He made those passes look easy. An incredible player.
  9. I think the recorded chainsaw is slightly better because at least it is original. It is kinda adorable in it's own way... A sort of "look at me! I'm different" sort of thing... Both are bad though.
  10. The foghorn is great ... It.has an ominous feel to it... Like impending doom for the other team. Bettet than a siren which is just loud and obnoxious.
  11. I mean we saw first hand how the Willie Lyles incident at Oregonay have only been seen as a "slap on the worst" but a reduction in offical visits really did hurt Oregon's recruiting in th Helfrich years. Even now with some of the best recruiters in the country say that they need to get kids in campus to stand a chance. Then we have the USC Reggie Bush sanctions that demolished their program. Between the sanctions and Carol leaving USC that really was the kiss of death to the program. USC hasn't recovered from that blow...
  12. On his thoughts about pac-12 coaches having an intense back and forth and "sparing" if you will... I think Lanning v Riley is where all eyes will be in that regard. I think Lanning is going to crush some USC fans when his defense keeps Riley's offense in check and Dillingham's offense is too much for USC to handle. So I think we are looking at the early stages already of an intense coaching rivalry in the PAC. There is already a rivalry brewing between the two in terms of recruiting, just wait until they play each other. I do think the fans will make a bigger deal out of it than the coaches but still.
  13. NIL is pretty much all under the table or can be anyways. So how is anyone to actually know unless we see tax returns or something of the like.
  14. I think Cristobal deserves to be on the list due to his recruiting ability and though we feel he has underperformed at Oregon, he did win a rose bowl and a couple conference championships. I think Riley is a bit high. I don't think he warrants a top 5 position on that list, top 10 sure I suppose.
  15. If I were Camden Lewis I would be pretty intimidated by all these specialists coming in to compete. This has been a weakness of the program for too long and it is good to see the kicking side really getting the attention it deserves both in recruits and in practice.
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