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  1. I think this year we had a chance to see the SEC for what it really is... A bunch of cupcake lovers with a few good teams and one superpower. Don't forget LSU was so generous this year to self report some recruiting infractions and self "disciplined" by sitting out of a bowl game this year. Something stinks in the SEC and it will take some time for us to figure out just how bad it all is.
  2. I'm thinking Butterfield or Thompson. Though I really do believe the winner of the position will be determined by throwing ability over running ability. The priority with the quarterback needs to be making all the throws and not turn the ball over. Shough missed a lot of routes over the middle and those are must hit routes. Being able to run would be nice ... But a prostyle quarterback can still run the ball as Clemson's Lawrence has run the ball pretty effectively though he doesn't have anywhere near the speed of some of the typical prototypical duel threat quarterbacks.
  3. Honestly... Best position group... Receivers and tight ends. Solid blocking and they performed well when the ball was thrown their way. Worst position group... Safeties for most of the season. So much room to easily throw the ball. 3rd and long was dreadful as teams regularly converted in those situations.
  4. I remember MC saying at after the early signing day they were in position to pick up the best players they could.
  5. He seems to have been really hot early on but interest from multiple teams seems to have slowed or dried up. The Louisiana DC is interesting... he would be one of those up-and-coming guys in the mold of an Avalos which could be good... though are they a good enough recruiter? They might be I simply don't know. Recruiting to Oregon isn't as easy as Cristobal makes it look so ensuring a strong recruiter is critical to Oregon's continued recruiting strength.
  6. I wouldn't say Cardwell is a must win recruit ... But he is up there. We desperately need a big and FAST runningback. Cristobal wants to run the ball up gut... Which is fine lots of the major teams do this and do it well... But for this to work Oregon needs a bigger and faster back than what we have.... Verdell is too small, Dye and Dollars are change of pace or attack the edges backs... And Habibi-Likkio is just too slow.
  7. Get the right DC and it could be a possibility... Need a scheme that puts KT in one on one situations all game long with a secondary that locks it down so the qb has to hold the ball longer. Biggest problem with defensive players are their lack of tangible stats. Yes, tackles, sacks and forced turnovers are all well and good ... But how do you quantify the sheer havoc KT can cause. Yes, I am aware there is something called a havoc score out there but so much of what goes into that is subjective. Though... I'm all for a defensive player being included in the Heisman conversati
  8. Gotta expand that recruiting footprint. One of the biggest reasons why hiring from the outside is highly beneficial.
  9. I'm liking Schumann right now... Need a defense that stops opposing offenses in their tracks. If the offense gets rolling under Moorhead with a strong defense we will be going to the playoff sooner rather than later.
  10. Here is a grey uniform from a game Oregon WON but in a season Oregon were supreme losers! These were also some of the WORST uniforms Oregon has ever worn. They look like pajamas... there is just nothing good about them! Especially with an uninspiring victory over a bad UC Davis team.
  11. My leaning as well... though if Heyward was the one who formulated the plan against USC for the past two years I would feel more comfortable with his promotion than before. Not like the coaches care what I think.
  12. This does change I think how we all look at the defensive coordinator spot if we do choose to promote from within.
  13. Charles I had to go through the wonderful FishDuck photo gallery and find my favorite uniforms... COLOR RUSH! Uniforms from the Oregon-Oregon State game in 2013 and 2014.... I like the yellow helmets a bit more.
  14. USC ... Where high quality runningbacks go to sit. Especially with their air raid offense now that is reluctant to use their stable of highly touted runningbacks. Going air raid was one of the dumbest ideas USC has decided to pursue. Yes, USC has good receivers and have done well at quarterback and have gone all in on that strategy. In the process USC will probably be seeing lots of their runningbacks looking to leave in the coming years. USC has also been completely out recruited by Oregon on the offensive line and in the long run that will only help Oregon. Personally,
  15. And that is precisely why they didn't let Herbert run the ball because Herbert broke his collar bone because of a run. Now the coaches said they always gave Herbert permission to run... But we all know that wasn't the case.
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