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  1. Thompson looks lost out there. He isn't even hitting his recievers terribly well. Some of those passes feel like they were more to an area of the field than an actual recievers.
  2. Stanford knows they can get away with beating up in the ducks a bit and they are playing pretty rough now. Refs are happy to look the other way for the most part.
  3. There's the reffing problem again... No flag for that? The whistle was blown and they picked up wittington and threw hint it he ground? I'm sorry that's a flag for unnecessary roughness.
  4. Dorrell by a long shot. Stanford's problems are beyond what Shaw can actually fix. Stanford loses to the transfer portal and due to their academic enrollment policy they do. It gain from it. Stanford players used to be able to enroll in a frad program by just staying now they have to apply and get in along with anyone and everyone else. So they just transfer out..
  5. It is when the refs need to help Stanford get back in the game.
  6. Those refs had to pick up that flag for gonzo being too physical after not flagging Stanford blasting Seven like they did earlier..
  7. There is another series of downs where Dillingham went away from the run and it was a mistake.
  8. That and they are going to try and get Stanford back in the game.
  9. The biggest loser of Cristobal leaving for Miami (arguably more so than Miami)... Stanford.
  10. I'm starting to think Nix has a vendetta against Stanford's best corner... First sneaks a pass into Franklin for a touchdown and now ran on him for one.
  11. These are refs at an Oregon v Stanford game... You can go back ten plus years and find a Stanford bias in the reffing. Besides that... We are playing pretty sloppy right now.
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