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  1. On 1/6/2022 at 2:05 PM, MaiTaiDuck said:

    OK we've all complained about the degrading game we used to love so much. So are we going to jump on the band wagon or not? If Phil has to pay to get it done then so be it and like is slogan for Nike say's " Just Do It " and you may have all noticed I've been writing that in all my post's. I mean these off seasons are just getting to hard so if this is how they want it someone please get an interview with Phil and ask him the tough questions because I'm really interested in if he's 100% on board. Because if he's not then I'm done because I've got better things to do than this.


    Its what the world has come to and it's gonna be done here real soon anyways. The system of things cannot go on much longer with what we see unfolding in front of our eye's and I'm not just talking Football which is not competitive nation wide. Its the rich that get what they want and that's all gonna be going away soon enough. Anyways it's what it is and can we just pay for the best now that it's allegedly acceptable by the NCAA who were supposed to stop cheating a long long time ago and let the SEC seemingly get away with it.


    So lets at least challenge the big boys for the prize and if this is indeed the way it's supposed to go to pay to play then I expect some real great football players to start wearing Green and Yellow. I mean think about it people, what would people say if Oregon did just that? There is absolutely nothing they could say as now were just beating them at their own game and this time it's all allegedly legal. So Mr Knight it's all in your corner now.

    Hey MaiTai,

    it sounds like we need a governing body to direct things much like other successful organizations have used. They are certainly on the Broad Road these days.  

  2. Just curious to the grousing‘s concerning the national championship game last night. I’m sure Charles will get to this,  but I wanted to spit this taste out of my mouth.

    Mario Cristobal is a Nick Saban descendent, yet he seems unwilling to follow in Saban's footsteps concerning change. Survival means adaptability and obviously Saban has done that.

    Hiring Kiffin, then Sarkisian, being content occasionally to give up 30 or 40 points because he is going to score in 40 or 50.  No wonder 4 of the top eight receivers coming out of high school this year signed with Alabama

    Saban was quoted in USA today this morning saying to the effect that the ball game has changed.  Does Mario realize that?
    Will Cristobal see the light? I am hoping that he was sitting 6 feet apart from Morehead watching this game!

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