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  1. Might need to make some shirts- “We won’t be Buffaloed!” With the Duck riding Ralphie.
  2. Jordan Burch had 0 tackles. Where was he?
  3. Ducko that is a great take. Maybe yours is a “half empty” and Charles is a “half full” but I agree with so much you said. Either way we are forced to take a wait and see approach with this defense and what Lanning sees in Tosh. Go Ducks!
  4. Thank you Charles for your deep dive into this defense. I must admit that when I saw that touchdown drive by Portland State, I said to my brother, “oh no, it looks like our defense has not changed from last year.” When you refer to, “defensive adjustments” that were made after that drive, would you say the adjustments were in personnel or scheme? Possibly guys getting coached up to be in the right position? Probably too early to tell, but aside from personnel, what makes this defense different from last year? Especially the Oregon State game when it seemed like no adjustments were made to the beavers pounding us all second-half with the run? Obviously more answers to come following this weeks game. As always, appreciate your take and glad to have someone help dispel some of my disquieting defensive thoughts.
  5. I will never be a fan of the Hurricanes, but I must say, I will be forever grateful!
  6. Great breakdown David. I agree that Irving can be as valuable as a piece to this year‘s team as Bo Nix. If there is no more billboard space left around the country perhaps we can get a Bucky banner up in the USC cafeteria.
  7. Love him but there’s some guys ahead of him, (Bobby Moore, DAT, to name an old and a new).
  8. I would love to see Thompson for the third quarter and Novostad for the fourth
  9. Am I allowed to say that I don’t like Lupoi? Never saw anything from him at his previous stops in the PAC 12.
  10. Nice post and welcome featherbutt. Like you, I moved out east, and relied on my parents to send me the Sunday sports section. In addition, when I was a kid, I used to race to the mailbox to beat my dad to the sports section before he got home from work as the guard used to be an afternoon paper delivery, believe it or not.
  11. Thanks Charles for providing a great place for me to get my daily, (often several times a day) Duck!
  12. I am a little worried. As many of you know there is plenty of history between Chip Kelly when he was with the Ducks and Tosh Lupoi when he was with Cal. Such as when lupois Cal Bears defense was getting boat raced and he had to fake injuries to slow down the Duck offense. How has Lupoi changed since then? Did his time at Alabama help him? What makes us think that things will be different?
  13. Agreed. Not good enough yet to be that loud. Reminds me of the guy who shows up for pick up basketball donning all the latest gear in bright colors and can’t hit the backboard. Stick with the “nightmare green”
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