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  1. I've been on a few design award juries over the years, and I think this is a good example of how the award-givers' criteria is different from the general public's. An award like this is really only considering new uniform designs, so any classic ones don't really count, or aren't considered. I'm not a big fan of this uniform, because as an old-school fan I don't like any faux patterning on jerseys. But I can see why it won an award. There are SO many new uniform designs that are just poorly executed. This one has real clarity from a design point of view. It distinctly takes inspiration fr
  2. I remember when Oregon played Ohio State for the national championship in 2015 (end of 2014 season), as the higher-ranked team the Ducks had the choice of uniforms. They chose an all-white away uniform that looked great, but as a Wall Street Journal article pointed out at the time, the team had very different records in different colors and combinations. The all-green outfit they'd just worn in the Rose Bowl against Florida State was one that the Ducks had a dominant record in, while the white outfits had the worst record of any look. I'm not at all saying that Oregon would have won the n
  3. I'm not too fond of any of these gray combinations, especially if it's all-gray. Sometimes Oregon has worn gray football pants with white jerseys, like in the game-clinching win against OSU in 2010 to finish 12-0, and those aren't too bad. What really makes me cringe the most is loud patterning on the jerseys, but I agree that it's hard to get excited about gray.
  4. One thing I really love is the winged helmets — everything except the O on the back. I realize the whole thing (both the wings and the O placement) are meant to evoke a motor cycle like the Harley used as part of the pregame ceremony. But I just think that O on the back looks silly, and negatively impacts the otherwise-great look of the wings.
  5. I agree with you completely, Charles — well, until you went and chose a uniform with wings on the shoulders for your second favorite! For the most part, I am all about the pre-1994 uniforms: not just the yellow pants and helmets, but with a stripe on the pants and down the center of the helmet. As newer uniforms go, I actually like best the look Oregon has worn for the past couple years, especially last season. All that faux gimmickry was finally gone from the jerseys and pants: the fake diamond plating, the fake wings. It looked RIDICULOUS. Only because we were winning so many games did
  6. Welcome to Our Beloved Ducks Forum.. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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