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  1. I'm waiting for the Ducks to earn and deserve a Top 5 ranking, not the third five. I will love the Ducks in the meantime and wait.
  2. Adjust. Chill. Observe. Hope. Repeat. A better day is coming. I hope the Ducks reach the Promised Land before Phil and Penny do.
  3. Short and simple facts. I like your analysis but not the trend or results. Formation? Play sequence? Talent level? The mix of plays? Penetration, sliding off blocks and lack of down field blocking? Another startling fact is that the quality of opponents was mediocre. All this with highly rated OL.
  4. Coach Graves finds exceptional workers who are unselfish. Mikesell is one of them. She will become a key piece in the puzzle of this team. It is nice to know some more about her. Thanks.
  5. Does this violate NCAA Student Athlete restrictions?
  6. I'm not enthused about expanding the CFP, though I realize it will occur. My reason is simple. Four is enough when you are looking for #1. Expanding the field will drag the process out over a longer time. In some cases it will open a less qualified team with a win to become higher ranking than they deserve. Anything can happen in a one bullet shoot out. I like it the way it is with a semi then the national championship game
  7. Some runs require a burst. Other plays produce better if the back rides the line, feels the push (negative or positive) and then finds the hole. The Ducks seem to use the former, but seldom the latter. There is not much finesse in the burst “hit the hole fast” approach. Somewhat off topic, I was very impressed with Dye’s cuts, jump cuts and speed on the corner this year. He has more upside potential.
  8. Transitioning staff by filling a vacancy is always an opportunity to move forward and improve an organization. Back filling a key position in an organization doesn’t normally often happen. Mario Cristobal’s hire will tell us much about his management skills and priorities.
  9. Or the coaching offices to match the OL? Did you see Sark's play-calling in the championship game defeat the Buckeye's vaunted defense? The play-calling made OSU appear to be more holey than the Pope.
  10. You make your point Coach. I feel otherwise, and would not hire KH because he's ready to move on and move up now. Especially with the Ducks turnover at DC during the past 5 years. That's too bad for Heyward, but favors the big picture. Do you want to have another DC turnover just as the Ducks are approaching the CFP (2-3 years)? Not me.
  11. Hear! Hear! Coach Bowden for President! (No, that's not a political statement. This is Football.)
  12. AA has learned from the Master. How long will it take him to beat the Master? I enjoyed and appreciated Avalos' time at Oregon. I enjoyed his pressers and appreciated the way he supported his players through the ups and downs of college football and life. Good luck to Coach Avalos and his family as they return to Boise.
  13. It is too heavy to expect Ty to come in and become the savior of Oregon Football. The Ducks for sure need a star QB to lead the charge, but there were breakdowns in 2020 within all the position groups. Each one must improve for the Ducks to become champions, and Oregon's in-game coaching must improve substantially too.
  14. I agree Coach that (projected) stability, the liklihood of continuing for 5+ years as Oregon DC, is one of the important screening variables for the hire. I would not have agreed with hiring internal staff two years ago, but after Avalos' impact, we may have a coach on staff who can be outstanding as DC.
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