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  1. I find the end/off season antics very interesting to follow. Coaching movement, next week's signing day, the Portal, and even the final champioship games. There is seldom a dull moment. This begins the first full off season cycle for coach Lanning. Will he win this chess match, or gamble and lose? Will Martin Malchow and the added off field staff begin to pay off? I hope they earn their keep with blue chip recuits and proven playmakers from the Transfer Portal.
  2. For me the season is defined by the entire 12-game body of work beginning with the Georgia game and culminating with today’s match against the Beavers. The Civil War is yet another data point, albeit with added emphasis given the rivalry between the teams and the impact of winning on the Pac-12 North crown and statewide bragging rights, not to mention beating a ranked team for national SOS effects. Go Ducks. Beat the Beavers soundly.
  3. Very sloppy uninspired play throughout. Horrific passing. Lots of talent to work with, but need coaching and practice. Go WBB Ducks.
  4. Bo knows.. how to put lipstick on a pig! Credit the Defense.
  5. Ritchey's days of reign as AD were at the tipping point between the collegial days where P.E., Intramural sports, and major sports intersected. The athletes were present in classes and campus activities. and time and training demands not nealy as demanding as they are today. AD Ritchey served during the war protest period of the late '60's into the 1970's as football came under scrutiny and attack by students and The Daily Emerald. I have great respect for Norv Rithchey and the contributions and career he devoted to the University of Oregon.
  6. Watch him play tonight on Prime. From SI: "The way he conducts himself on the field is very easygoing, reassuring but also very assertive at the same point," offensive lineman Chris Lindstrom said. "He's incredible to play for and play with. You just have a love for him because you love the person and the player he is, you have an appreciation for the way he goes about attacking work." How Marcus Mariota has helped the Falcons become a playoff contender Marcus Mariota has helped the Atlanta Falcons become a playoff contender WWW.ESPN.COM Mariota's calming demeanor has meant everything to this young team, and his legs have fueled a surprisingly...
  7. I was reviewing the team statistics yesterday at www.Pac-12.com, when It was noted that passing defense ranked lowest for Oregon in the comparative statistical categories. There was only a small difference in passing yards allowed, and average yards per completion, but it stood out becsuse Oregon was either in the first or second position in most of the other catagories. With the Duck's prolific offense they can overcome points allowed by outscoring the opponent. This is the time of the season when the going gets tough. I hope that the Ducks defense, especially the passing defense, steps up for break ups, tight coverage, interceptions, and prevents chunk yardage gains.
  8. I am not saying MSU will dig deep, but they could should they so choose. They anteed up big for Tucker, $95M fully guaranteed. Mat Ishbia gave $32M for a basketball facility. Mat Ishbia, 41, is CEO of Pontiac-based United Wholesale Mortgage with over 8,000 employees. The company was previously known as United Shore Financial Services. He is already a billionaire on paper and ranked 188th place on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, which puts his net worth at just under $12 billion.
  9. Close to home. A school that he has been familiar with his entire life. A booster with very deep pockets who is willling to go deep into the well to revive Spartan football. Are the Ducks Dante's best option? Yes. Are Lanning, Dilly and staff going hard to keep Dante? YES. Go Ducks.
  10. From SpartanTailgate.COM As for where Michigan State plans to go from here, sources tell me that several targets will emerge and the staff won't limit themselves. With that said, I'm hearing that MSU will begin by going to great lengths to attempt to flip 2023 five-star QB Dante Moore, a Detroit (MI) King product who is currently committed to Oregon. Obviously, this won't be an easy task and expectations should be tempered. Not only are there justifiably enticing incentives available to Moore if he were to enroll at Oregon, but the Ducks have also had a lot of success during the 2022 season. On the other hand, sources emphasized that MSU won't go down without exhausting every resource here.
  11. Beavers by 6-7 on the backs of their run game strength and defense. O/U 50-55.
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