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  1. Sabrina rolls. Liberty score final 13 points, beat Sky in playoff opener. https://news.yahoo.com/liberty-score-final-13-points-022441163.html
  2. Georgia Has A Top Five Backfield? Georgia Bulldogs have the No. 5 backfield in college football per Athlon Sports 247SPORTS.COM .
  3. Renaissance or shambles? I'm not sure. There has been D1, D2, DIII, NAIA, JUCO, and other Divisions of college football. The new model will separate D1 further with an elite super division with 40-50 teams. A new semi-pro league may not be as revolutionary as it first seens or feels. Pay for play changes everything. The Supreme Court righted a wrong for players, but changed the playing field of college footbball in doing so. The next decade of college football may be more interesting off the field than on. Thank you David for the article.
  4. We can assume that enemies will be poisoning and attempting to lure QB's two and three away from Oregon.There are loose rules and little enforcement for tampering. Nix, Thompson, and Butterfield seem to be serious level-headed business-like players. That bodes well for the Ducks. The bait to pull transfers into trznsferring is stronger than ever. The large support teams at the elite schools and some wannabees have can identify and attract transfer portal targets. Stay tuned. Go Ducks.
  5. Thanks for another thought-provoking article previewing Ducks QB's. I look for improved metrics by the quarterbacks over Herbert's senior season numbers. He was limited by the scheme, play calling, and receivers with this year's team capable of improving in all those aspects. Could we see YPC near 10..0, completion rate of 67+, and QB Rating of 160+? Dilly continues to stress that ball security by avoiding interceptions and fumbles is paramount in the QB competition. This is the time of year when the effects of over-consumption of green kool-Aid begins to blur my vision. Go Ducks.
  6. I'm down with your proposition and rationale, DNC. I would love to see the end zone fade called often. Similarly, It would be useful to run some of the red zone patterns that Tom Brady and Gronk used successfully. Gronk used his wide body, speed, and great hands, along with body positioning to overwhelm the best DB's in football. With the end zone fade, and TE slants, crossing patterns, and jump balls, all the Ducks need is a QB with accuracy, good timing, and touch to be consistently formidable. The Ducks are loaded with talented Tight Ends. Go Ducks. Game day is coming.
  7. That's Fire! Go Ducks. Another great execution of concept.
  8. How could the AD's and University Presidents let this happen and continue? While Scott may have been the key perpetrator, the others were accessories to the crimes. Larry Scott would not have lasted so long on either "Yellowstone" or "Ozark".
  9. Congratulations and good luck to these two successful Ducks scholar-athletes.
  10. Justin Flowe is the real deal. Though Oregon fans have seen little of Justin Flowe, the eagle-eyed NFL scouts have undoubtedly identified his overflowing talent, speed, instincts, motor, and football accumen. Flowe is a highlight reel waiting to happen. Flowe's play this season should key Oregon's defense. The Ducks schedule will likely become Thunder Road.
  11. Thanks for the Op/Ed about DeBoer. He has a great offensive mind, and should create new interest in the Huskies football program, and field more competitive teams in the conference. As was highlighted, DeBoer is an offensive wizard. He is multi-faceted with schemes and formations, cadence, snap timing, and uses decoys effectively to consitently produce gaudy offensive statistics. To restore Washington's football will require more from DeBoer that a great offense. How long it takes to build his staff, convert the culture, recruit better talent, and get the President, AD, and boosters on his bandwagon, and get the players on the same page is unknown. The Transfer Portal will be DeBoer's friend for at least the early years of his tenure. There is much to watch for in the coming years inside of Husky football. I like the coach, but really hope the Ducks, and the Duck's defense will keep their webbed feet on the neck of the Huskies not letting them up.
  12. DAZENCONFUSED provided a robust summary of the defense and a forecast of what to expect. There are so many reasons to be optimistic about the Ducks players, team, and coaches. The defense has disappointed me the past few seasons when I expected more preseason than what happened on the field. The cards have been dealt and it looks like a winning hand for this season. It will be very interesting how the games play out, and to see coaches Lanning and Lupoi play their hand.
  13. Oregon is a softer road to the playoffs according to Fly War Eagle. Auburn football: Bo Nix offers awkward explanation on why he chose Oregon FLYWAREAGLE.COM Former Auburn football QB Bo Nix chose the Oregon Ducks in the transfer portal, and during Wednesday's Media Day, he...
  14. Stadia Magazine explains the new turf installed in 2019 on the field inside Autzen Stadium. Oregon Ducks install new turf at Autzen Stadium WWW.STADIA-MAGAZINE.COM This upcoming season, the Oregon Ducks will be playing on a brand-new artificial turf field that is said to be one... A refresher, or maybe you have wondered about the turf, but have never known.
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